I Am Eternal 1: Cowboys, Vampires & Indians

I Am Eternal 1: Cowboys, Vampires & Indians

by Athanasios Galanis

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BN ID: 2940033202683
Publisher: Athanasios Galanis
Publication date: 04/26/2012
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 779,426
File size: 255 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Athanasios works in Montreal as a graphic/video artist, illustrator & writer in dvd production & film. He has been researching & crafting Mad Gods: weaving in factual & rumoured history for over ten years. Athanasios has been interested in religion & faith since childhood. This led to studying a bewildering variety of beliefs from pagan, wicca, judaism, christianity, islam, to hindu, buddhism, shinto, luciferianism & much more. The interest made its own momentum & brought Mad Gods. His other interests include most entertainment, from film, to television & books. He won't try video games for the same reason he doesn't keep his favourite booze in the house; he would do nothing else. There was a short time that he was into World of Warcraft but that became the obsession he knew it would be. He had to leave it for a deeper & more engrossing one: Mad Gods.

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I Am Eternal 1: Cowboys, Vampires & Indians 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Urthwild More than 1 year ago
An paranoid ancient vampire with a predilection for video games tries to assuage his loneliness by making a friend. Always looking over your shoulder and trusting no one is a terrible existence for anyone never mind a vampire who is a few thousand years old. It was not always obvious that our lead was telling his new friend a story or whether we had slipped back in time. I know now that there is a part 2 but this would have been better extended to novel format from the off. However despite the fact that I feel it should have been more fleshed out is I still enjoyed it. Urthwild
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed reading this. It's refreshing to discover that an author has gone against the current trend of teen angst in vampire literature, and even more rare to find that the author has pulled it off with style. Yes, it's very short; however, there is a deep layer of historical reference in there that acts like a much larger backdrop for it. The length is my biggest complaint - it feels like an extended prologue for a much longer novel and I found myself wanting to know more. The characters, although sketched in due to the brevity, were well drawn and realized; and although it was easy to be repulsed by the protagonist's actions, there was an underlying current of sympathy for him. I'd certainly recommend this to others who enjoy horror fiction, although I would be keener knowing that there was more of Simon's tale to be told
janetsbreeze More than 1 year ago
I have had the pleasure to review several stories by Athanasios, and this was the first I read. While this is somewhat of a short read, the setting is rich with history and Athanasios really paints a picture of the world we are meant to see. This is a much needed split from the current vampire literature, and very refreshing in that aspect. I am hoping that this is the first installment in a series as I think it's a fantastic intro to the life and times of Simon. Really enjoyed this!
ResidualWaste More than 1 year ago
Very rarely do I come across a story that I have a difficult time distinguishing fact from fiction.  I Am Eternal is one of those rare exceptions.  The story was so well written, it was evident of the amount of research that went into this piece.  Athanasios crafted an intricate web where folklore is blurred with history.  And he did it in an entertaining and engaging way. I admit, I'm not too well-versed in the contemporary vampire story.  The only vampire story I had thoroughly enjoyed was Dracula - until now.  I am aware of the pop culture infatuation with vampiric eroticism and forbidden love.  You won't find such themes in I Am Eternal.  Simon, the protagonist (and vampire), states he is a predator and that there is nothing romantic about it.  Simon preying on humans is as romantic as a lion feeding on a gazelle.  As a vampire, he points out fact and myth of stories of his kind that have circulated through the centuries.  Though Simon stated reason after reason of why people shouldn't like him, of what he's done in the past to survive, and his thoughts on humanity, I couldn't help but empathize (to a degree, of course) with him.  Despite his villainous activity, I like him.  Simon's character was strong.  I could see myself having a beer with him at a bar. The only gripe I could say I had with I Am Eternal was its length.  It was very short.  And it ended on a cliffhanger.  I hope that this is the first installment of a series.  I want to read more. Athanasios sculpted a strong, memorable character and intricate plot in I Am Eternal.  His style of writing is fresh and creative, tying elements of pop culture, folklore, and history into a well-crafted tapestry.