I Am Your Brother (Valancourt 20th Century Classics)

I Am Your Brother (Valancourt 20th Century Classics)


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Everything seems to be going right for Julian Spencer. The brilliance of the young composer's work is beginning to be recognized, and he is engaged to marry a beautiful woman. There's just one thing that stands in the way of his happiness. In the attic, behind a locked door, lives Julian's monstrous half-brother, the deformed result of a mad scientist's botched experiment, a creature with a ravenous, insatiable appetite for raw, bloody meat ...

G. S. Marlowe's bizarre horror novel I Am Your Brother (1935) was published to positive reviews from bemused critics, who admitted they had no idea what the book was actually about, and became a cult favorite in the 1930s. This edition reproduces the original jacket art by Rex Whistler and includes a new introduction by Phil Baker, who casts a new light on the book's obscure author.

"Genuine horror ... it will keep you from sleeping for some time." - New Yorker

"A story distorted into real horror ... Marlowe shows a new way to make flesh creep." - Time Magazine

"A piece of exciting lunacy ... The projection of a nightmare ... The book has a weird excitement of its own ... a very mad thriller." - Sunday Times (London)

"This is a remarkable novel ... the phantasmagoric writing ... leaves one with the impression of a sort of mad genius on the part of the writer. The story is indubitably rapid and vivid, and sometimes genuinely moving." - Saturday Review

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