I Can Get Paid for That?: 99 Creative Careers to Live a Life Less Ordinary

I Can Get Paid for That?: 99 Creative Careers to Live a Life Less Ordinary

by Jo Stewart


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Stuck in a career rut—or finished studying and not sure which direction to take? This book will give you a path to a creative career.

This book is both an inspirational and a practical guidebook, and it profiles 99 interesting, unusual, and relatively unexplored creative career options—from smoke jumpers to fortune-cookie writers, truffle hunters to food stylists, and golf-ball divers to perfumers. While some of the featured careers may not be for everyone (taxidermy, anyone?) others may be the perfect fit for someone’s skill set, interests, talents, and curiosities. This book is an uplifting, positive guide for those that like to think outside the box. Think of it as the alternative career guide your guidance counselor was too afraid to talk about.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781925418422
Publisher: Rizzoli
Publication date: 04/10/2018
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 513,828
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 7.80(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Jo Stewart is a Melbourne-based writer whose words and images have been published widely, including in VICE, International Traveller and Canadian Geographic. From filing stories from a yacht in Antarctica to writing features from a desert, Jo has worked on expeditions to some of the world’s most isolated places, including the Shackleton: Death or Glory documentary project screened on Discovery Channel and PBS.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6

Airplane repossession agent 10

Animator 12

Antarctic postal officer 14

Archaeologist 16

Art conservator 18

Art therapist 20

Ballet dancer 22

Body farm, researcher 24

Body pain! artist 26

Brewer 28

Calligrapher 30

Celebrity agent 32

Celebrity stylist 34

Certified ethical hacker 36

Champagne consultant 38

Chief sniffer 40

Chocolatier 42

Cigar sommelier 44

Clown doctor 46

Cocktail writer 48

Comedian 50

Composer 52

Conductor 54

Contortionist 56

Cosplayer 58

Costume designer 60

Court sketch artist 62

Graft beer historian 64

Creative coach 66

Criminal profiler 68

Crown jeweller 70

Cryptographer 72

Custom coffin maker 74

Diplomat 76

Discovery Channel camera operator 78

Doll doctor 80

Drag queen/king 82

Film critic 84

Fine art and antiques appraiser 86

Foley artist 88

Food stylist 90

Food taster 92

Forensic artist 94

Fortune cookic writer 96

Futurist 98

Gamer 100

Glassblower 102

Globe maker 104

Golf ball diver 106

Golf course designer 108

Greeting card writer 110

Heli-ski guide 112

Human scarecrow 114

Instagrammer 116

Laughter therapist 118

Letterpress printer 120

Life drawing model 122

Location scout 124

Luxury property caretaker 126

Magician 128

Master distiller 130

Matchmaker 132

Milliner 134

Mourner 136

Movie body double 138

National Geographic photographer 140

Negotiation consultant 142

Panda handler 144

Parkour instructor 146

Penguin keeper 148

Perfumer 150

Personal shopper 152

Pet nanny 154

Poker player 156

Political decoy 158

Puppeteer 160

Reader 162

Screenwriter 164

Skydiving instructor 166

Skywriter 168

Sleeper 170

Smokejumper 172

Snake milker 174

Spacesuit design engineer 176

Speech writer 178

Spoken word poet 180

Sports psychologist 182

Sports statistician 184

Storm chaser 186

Street artist 188

Superyacht captain 190

Tattoo artist 192

Taxidermist 194

Tracker 196

Travel writer 198

Truffle hunter 200

Volcanologist 202

Weaver 204

Wig maker 206

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