If I Speak True

If I Speak True

by Jessica L. Brooks


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ISBN-13: 9781494308926
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/20/2014
Pages: 458
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.93(d)

About the Author

Jessica L. Brooks is a lover of books, coffee, and all things owl-dorable. She writes young adult books about near-future dystopia and magical realism, and loves to serve virtual cookies. Connect with her on her blog at coffeelvnmom.blogspot.com, on Amazon at amazon.com/author/jessicalbrooks or anywhere else on the interwebs by doing a search for her username: coffeelvnmom.

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If I Speak True 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Melissa_Robles More than 1 year ago
Actual rating: 4.5 stars I had never read a book written by Jessica L. Brooks before even though I have “known” her for a while now through social media. And, I have to admit, I was terrified of reading If I Speak True. Terrified because I was afraid I wouldn’t like it as much as I wanted to, and I was afraid of hurting her feelings. But honestly, I should have never worried about that. If I Speak True was an amazing read and so intriguing and full of butterflying feels. Most importantly, I had FUN reading this book, and that’s what I was hoping for when I decided to pick it up. If I Speak True is about a girl who has been dreaming of a world called Ambrosia, which had been a total mystery until she turned 16. Now, every time she dreams about it, she meets a tall, dark and (possibly) handsome stranger who holds an unexplainable connection with her. But, as Dahlia tries to get answers about every single thing that seems off about this surreal world, Rowan refuses to give in. It’s not safe for her, and apparently for him too. And yet, not only Ambrosia is a mystery, but the real world is beginning to get stranger as well. This book is seriously cool. I loved how much it kept me in the dark and it had me guessing the whole time. When things were revealed they would either make me all excited or get me extremely suspicious. Even half-way through the book I had really no idea what was about to happen, but when it did, holy chocolate chip cookies, it was great. The characters were interesting people. I enjoyed Dahlia’s character a lot, but I loved Rowan’s the most. I think it had to do with THAT thing that Jessica would probably kill me if I reveal. Big spoiler, you see. What I can say is that I loved how every character (at least from Ambrosia) are named after flowers and trees. On a personal note, my family also likes to name members after flowers, and my last name means oaks in Spanish, so maybe I’m from Ambrosia as well. Wouldn’t that be cool? The one thing I wasn’t much into was when Dahlia was in the real world in the first half of the book. I got a bit bored then, but it may or may not had to do with my eagerness to get to Ambrosia and Rowan. Later on, I didn’t mind it as much. Overall, If I Speak True is an awesome beginning to what I believe is an awesome series. I’m grateful that this book does not end in a cliffy and left me feeling happy and satisfied, but I’m still glad that I have the next books in the series (thanks so much, Jessica!) so I can keep reading and find out what comes next.
Madi3 More than 1 year ago
I really like If I Speak the Truth. I thought it was real and honest. It made me laugh but at times it was slow. It was really creative and just a fun story to read. I would really recommend it.
itsraymarie More than 1 year ago
Can I start by talking about the cover? I don't know what it is, but I just really love it. Anyways... If I Speak True was a unique, creative, and fun story. Dahlia is turning sixteen when the story opens. And like every year for the past ten years, a dahlia appears. She doesn't know from whom, she doesn't know why. But every year, it is there. That night, like most other nights, she dreams of a different world. A world she thought was just her overactive imagination...until Rowan appears. Now, Ambrosia is so much more than Dahlia ever thought. Since I liked this book (obviously, since I gave it a 4), let's start out by getting the things I didn't like out of the way. First, the freaking out. I realize that all that's going on is pretty weird. I know that she said she's lived with her mother's paranoia for so long, it's affected her too. But there was a lot that seemed unnecessary and childish. Also, her mother. Some of it was explained by her going crazy after their father died, but some of it I just didn't understand. And her sisters. Did they like her? Not like her? Were they jerks? Not jerks? I was really confused as to the whole family dynamic here. Next, Dahlia. No, not her in general. But there were times when she was really immature and...annoying. I realize she's a sixteen-year old girl, but sometimes she would just get on my nerves. The whole getting-mad-at-Rowan-and-stomping-away act got old real fast. And the pacing could have been done better. The story lags a lot in the middle, only to pile information on at the end. I think it definitely could have picked up, explained more in the middle instead of what seemed like nothing happening. But other than that, this was actually a very good story. The world-building in Ambrosia was done very well. The characters were well-portrayed, especially Rowan and the Queen. The banter between Dahlia and her Shaver friends was fun and humorous. I liked the relationships between the characters, both in Shaver and in Ambrosia. The characters were believable, because you could relate to them. (But can we get more Briscoe in the next book?) Although it does have some flaws, If I Speak True was a very enjoyable read, one that I would definitely recommend.
Reading-is-My-Treasure More than 1 year ago
If I Speak True went well for me! Early on, I could sense that it was going to be good. The writing, the characters, the story--they all felt good. There wasn't much that I didn't like about it. CREATIVITY This book was definitely creative. It mixed the real world with a dream one--one with a queen and other royals I loved the explanations behind the conflicts happening in Ambrosia and I really liked certain elements (for example: all the males were named after trees). Most of the specifics about the world were revealed towards the end of the books, so all I'll tell you is that I really liked how it was put together. It was a very interesting world. THE MAIN CHARACTER Dahlia is one of that stood out to me the most. More specifically, it was her POV. Her narration and thoughts . . . they just made her seem real. She wasn't anything too special (well, aside from the fact that she could travel to a different world in her dreams), but was instead a completely normal teenage girl. Dahlia reminded me a lot of many girls I have conversations with, both online and offline. She had her awkward moments (a certain frosting scene comes to mind), and she had her funny ones (many of them). She also had to deal with many friend, family, and school issues, just like a lot of other teenagers. I know I'm not describing it well, but the things Dahlia thinks and does . . . well, they're things I can see (and have seen) others her age thinking and doing. For some reason, this really stood out to me. WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE My interest level in this book dropped in the last ten percent or so. As I mentioned before, many of the details of Ambrosia were revealed towards the end. A lot of them. It was a bit of an info dump. The details were a lot to take in. I still really liked them--I just wish they were a little more spread out.  Also, the climax of the story fell flat for me. I barely noticed it. The highest point of the story is one of my favorite parts of a book, and the highest point of this book just didn't feel very high. OVERALL I really enjoyed this one! Along with its creativity and realistic main character, I loved the humor in it. There were a few laugh-at-loud moments that I absolutely loved and there was an entertaining POV that I enjoyed. While the ending didn't leave a huge impression on me, the rest of the book was really good--good enough to make me interested in continuing the series. Source: I won an e-arc in a giveaway. This has not affected my review.