In the Middle of Somewhere

In the Middle of Somewhere

by Roan Parrish


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Middle of Somewhere: Book One Daniel Mulligan is tough, snarky, and tattooed, hiding his self-consciousness behind sarcasm. Daniel has never fit in—not at home in Philadelphia with his auto mechanic father and brothers, and not at school where his Ivy League classmates looked down on him. Now, Daniel’s relieved to have a job at a small college in Holiday, Northern Michigan, but he’s a city boy through and through, and it’s clear that this small town is one more place he won’t fit in. Rex Vale clings to routine to keep loneliness at bay: honing his muscular body, perfecting his recipes, and making custom furniture. Rex has lived in Holiday for years, but his shyness and imposing size have kept him from connecting with people. When the two men meet, their chemistry is explosive, but Rex fears Daniel will be another in a long line of people to leave him, and Daniel has learned that letting anyone in can be a fatal weakness. Just as they begin to break down the walls keeping them apart, Daniel is called home to Philadelphia, where he discovers a secret that changes the way he understands everything.

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ISBN-13: 9781949749038
Publisher: Roan Parrish
Publication date: 08/28/2019
Series: Middle of Somewhere , #1
Pages: 414
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.92(d)

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In the Middle of Somewhere 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I purchased this Nook book when l was looking at Goodreads not because l am lesbian nor gay but because it sounded like a good book and l am glad to say it did not dissapoint. The book has many funny sections (trying to cook) as an example but it is a very compassionate and loving story. It tells how people are abused verbally and physically (this does not pertain to just this subject matter) when you are different from others. It shows how even your family treats you even to not letting you be a part of the family because you are gay when they would accept you if you have gone to jail .. . So wrong. I believe we are all entited to love and be loved and it should not be a concern to anyone else. There is potential of future books from this one and l would love to read more from this author. Well written book if you have an open mind and love reading. I am a 64 year old woman married 47 years w children and grown grandchildren and l would like to think l would never treat them as these characters have been treated.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wonderfully romantic, with the perfect amount of depth to the characters. I loved the details in everything the author wrote. I loved the inner monologue of Daniel and the sweet, thoughtfulness of Rex. I enjoyed that it was longer than a lot of other romance novels, giving me more time to fall in love with the characters. My only complaint is that the book ended a little too abruptly, I wish we got to hear more about Daniel and his brother. That being said, it was still comforting ending. Would highly recommend this.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really loved this book and the next one. Can't wait to read the third. I'm also not gay but I really fell in love with the characters and story. I hope she's working on another one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm about to go buy the next book in the series. :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ChristyDuke1 More than 1 year ago
It most definitely was the description that drew me to 'In the Middle of Somewhere' as this is a new-to-me author. Something pulled at me and I suspect, oh who am I fooling, I know it was because of the potential for two main characters with serious issues. There are few things that I enjoy more than a book with heavy angst and pain, and damaged characters, finding each other and making it work. With that in mind I was eager to see what Roan Parrish had in store for me. Daniel is a fascinating man. He grew up in a "manly" household where his dad owns a garage and he's got three older brothers. His mom died when he was a kid and he's the only one not interested in being a mechanic or spending all his free time watching sports and drinking beer. He worked his butt off to get through college and then grad school. Not that his dad or brothers ever seemed to think it was a big deal. Although, at least he didn't have to worry about being thrown out or disowned when he came out as gay. His dad wasn't thrilled and he made no bones about it but he didn't abandon his son, even though his brothers gave him hell over it. It's as if Daniel couldn't even be related to them, somehow. Daniel has lived in Philadelphia his whole life so it's a bit of a culture shock for him to end up in a small town in northern Michigan where there's no delivery after nine p.m. And everyone has an opinion about the new "gay professor", although luckily not in a mean way. Daniel met Rex on his first trip when he came to interview and there's something about him that keeps Daniel off-balance and feeling vulnerable. Definitely feelings Daniel has never had for anyone before. Granted, Daniel has never been in a relationship before, either. Daniel has learned the hard way that if he lets his guard down then people will hurt him. "I feel strange. Shaky and out of control. No one’s ever touched me like this. Paid this much attention.....It’s like Rex is mapping my body, each stroke of his hand and touch of his lips learning me better. There are unfamiliar sounds clawing their way out of my throat. Vulnerable sounds." Rex takes a while to get to know, mainly because he's shy and doesn't seem to like to talk about himself. He grew up with a single mom who wanted to be an actress like the Old Hollywood black and whites. They were very close but she died when Rex was sixteen. Rex's first boyfriend was killed in a bashing that put Rex in the hospital, too, and definitely explains why he's so muscular and why he feels the need to protect and care for the people in his life. Rex may not have a lot of education in his background but he's remarkably intuitive, and very smart. I really loved his gentle, shy demeanor. "In some ways, he’s the type of guy I’ve always been secretly attracted to: guys who could crush me as easily as the beer cans they swig from, wiping their hard mouths with the backs of dirty hands. But Rex is inclined less toward crushing and more toward putting back together. If only he could tinker me into shape as easily as one of his busted clocks." It has been a very long time since I read such intriguing, fascinating, and marvelous characters. There is so much more to both Daniel and Rex than what you see on the surface. In fact, I can't even verbalize it other than to say I was dumbstruck constantly by the beauty the author wrote. Both of their characters are tested to the limit when an emergency sends Daniel back to Philadelphia.
Susan65 More than 1 year ago
Audio Review This was such an extraordinary audio book. The narrator, Robert Neiman, nailed it. He has this amazingly soothing voice that caught me by surprise and just wrapped me up in his stunning performance. His sultry voice wrapped around me like the softest cloak and carried me on a remarkable journey through this long, but hopelessly romantic story. I had not read this book in advance, so I really didn’t know what to expect, but Daniel and Rex are such incredible characters that a part of me was glad I hadn’t read it as it left me excited to see what would happen next. I found myself checking out Audible to see if the sequel was out yet; and even chatted with Jen about the book while I was listening. Hopefully that sequel is in the works, with the same narrator, because I am itching to get my greedy hands on that book and figure out what the heck was going on with Collin. I find that I am such a snob when it comes to audio books and am always bummed when the performance doesn’t live up to my hopes and expectations…but never fear, Robert Neiman gave the performance of a lifetime. This was my first audio by him, but definitely not the last (even though his voice will forever be Daniel, to me). This is not a new book, and I am very late to the party, but trust me, read Jen’s review, and then grab this audio book. I cannot recommend it enough. It’s romantic, heartwarming, heartbreaking, and did I say romantic? Honestly one of the most romantic stories, yet still very sexy (I would not classify it as erotica). Don’t get me wrong, I love erotica, but this one didn’t need it and it lost nothing in the translation, lost absolutely nothing in the sexy arena. So now I wait…and wait…and wait……
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really enjoyed the setting and characters. Anxious to read more abour
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Francesca and posted at Under The Covers Book Blog I will admit this was all about that cover! Gahhhh I needed to know more about those two in the cover immediately. So here I am reading a new author to me and I found I quite enjoy Roan Parrish. IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMEWHERE is the story of Daniel who is taking a professor position in a small town in Michigan. This is light years from the big city he’s used to and he’s not sure that it’s what he wants to do. But he has no other choices at the moment but to take this position. He looks the part of city boy, maybe even a bit of a wild bad boy with all his tats and attitude. But he’s hiding a soft and hurt inside. Hurt by his family, hurt by men. In a chance encounter he meets Rex. He’s got the masculine lumberjack look going but he’s also a bit of a loner. I liked the differences between these two in all aspects and how they complimented each other. And I think they had awesome chemistry! What made this book lag a bit for me was Daniel in general as a character. This book is narrated in his POV so at times all his insecurities and way of thinking was getting to me a bit. I think switching POVs would’ve helped here to get me away from his ramblings for a bit. I also think it could’ve been edited down a bit. I do like that the author didn’t let any one episode drag with angst which I find could’ve easily happened where Daniel was involved. He is socially awkward and sometimes you have to wonder how he even has a PhD in English. But overall, I enjoyed Rex and the story kept me interested. I will probably continue reading this series as well.
toniFMAMTC More than 1 year ago
This was exactly the story I was looking for at the time that I read it. I really understood Daniel, and I loved Rex. Several moments made me pretty emotional. It would just sneak up on me. Everyday life was happening for the guys, and then it would seamlessly become something deeper. Mmmm, what a beautiful couple they are.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this story. It was interesting to see these two men fall in love. A wonderful journey
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderful journey into developed characters. The story line (oh joy, there actually was one!) Takes us along the path of these two discovering each other's strengths and foibles. Yes, you don't know everything immediately, so you have to wait until the mc learns something himself. I loved that. Maybe it could get tightened up some by editing, but frankly, I'd have missed anything that could be taken out. Thank you for a well written, smart book, with lovely characters and a thoughtful story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Roan Parrish kept me interested throughout the entire book. The characters pull you into their world. I would love to see more of the secondary characters some day and get their stories. (As well as check in on Rexand Daniel)
CrystalMarie218 More than 1 year ago
I kind of have a love/hate feeling toward this story because I both liked it and was totally and completely frustrated by it. First off, it took until 40% of the way through the story to hook me and to finally figure out what the storyline actually was. Second, this was a slow read. Third, it was written in my least favorite format: 1st person present tense. Daniel, our protagonist and who is our window into the world of Holiday, is kind of all over the place. His family, well, what a bunch of jerks is all I can say, is one of the reasons he is who he is. While his best friend Ginger and his love interest Rex leapt out of the pages at me, Daniel was a little harder to figure out, which was kind of annoying at first considering he is the one telling the story. However, as ‘who’ he is came out around 40% of the way through, that began to make sense. If a character isn’t even sure of who he is and he is telling the story in 1st person, it makes it hard for the reader to know. My harshest complaint is that this story left the reader with a huge cliffhanger. If I’m already hooked into a series, then a cliffhanger doesn’t bother me as much, but in the first book which was difficult to get through in the first place? It does not make me want to read on. Instead, it makes me growl. There was no sense of completion, or that the hero and his man may someday ride off into the sunset. Instead, I was left with this feeling of “it’s all gonna go to H*LL about five pages after the book is done”. However, there is definitely an audience for this book – so if you enjoy 1st person present tense, a character who is all over the place and doesn’t know where he’s at let alone where he’s going, and a slow bleed of a romance which seems the lesser part of the story, then this might be the book for you. Get your own “The Daniel” (a coffee created in our hero’s honor by a local coffee shop), sit down, and prepare to read. Reviewed by a-nony-mouse for Crystal’s Many Reviewers *Copy provided for review*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## This could've been an excellent read. The characters were great and the sex was hot. BUT it was so long. This should've been at least 100 pages shorter. Too many detailed descriptions about scenery, students, jobs, family....just everything was too detailed. Ugh, I lost interest after about 5 hours. It just dragged too much.