In the Mood Fur Love

In the Mood Fur Love


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Three hot stories about sexy shifters from a trio of today's hottest paranormal romance authors, headlined by bestselling authors Eve Langlais and Milly Taiden!

Bearing His Touch by Eve Langlais

When Becka manages to escape her kidnapper, she finds herself asking help of the man with the nice brown eyes. Stavros can’t say no, not when he knows Becka is his mate, but he does have one dilemma when it comes to claiming her. He'll have to find a way for her to bear his touch.

Fake Mated to the Wolf by Milly Taiden

Looking for a mate to bring to a party? Wedding? Holiday gathering? Mates Fur Hire is right for you? But what happens when your fake mate ends up being your real one, from New York Times bestselling author Milly Taiden!

The Witch, The Werewolf and The Waitress by Kate Baxter

For centuries, Lowman, Idaho has been Ellie Curtis's prison. A vengeful witch cursed her with immortality and locked her within the confines of Lowman's borders, sealing Ellie off from most of civilization for eternity. She's learned to make the most of it. But when she meets a cocky werewolf who's part of the elite supernatural law enforcement group, all bets are off...

Colin instantly knew that Ellie was his mate, but when he discovers her secret, he's determined to help set her free. But in doing so, he might just lose the one thing he knows he can't live without...

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ISBN-13: 9781250166722
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 10/02/2018
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 752,606
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

EVE LANGLAIS is a New York Times bestselling Canadian author who loves to write hot romance. She enjoys strong alpha male heroes, shifters, and a happily ever after.

MILLY TAIDEN is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the renowned Paranormal Dating Agency, the Sassy Mates books, and the Federal Paranormal Unit novels.

KATE BAXTER is a die-hard romantic with a thing for Shakespeare. She lives in the great northwest and writes about all things fanged, furry, and undead.

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The slap rocked her, and not for the first time Becka tasted blood. The pain, however, no longer touched her. It would take more than a "well-deserved tap" — his words — for her to cry out.

Actually, crying was a proven waste of time. Tears never helped. Pleading never halted the abuse. And praying for hell demons to rip a hole between the dimensions and drag his ass into the flames of the pit never came to pass. Submission appeared to be the only way to survive.

But that was when I still had hope. When she believed someone might actually be looking for her, giving a damn about her disappearance. A hope dashed.

Her poppa was gone, dead in the fire that had taken her home, her things, her very existence. He'd had no choice but to tell her when she finally agreed to obey but only if she could see her beloved grandfather. A dead man, though, couldn't reassure Becka that everything would be all right. Nothing would be all right, never again, but at least her poppa never knew of the abuse she now suffered. A month now, and counting, with no end in sight.

No one cared about the bruises on her body or the fact that, when he dragged her out of one of his many hidey-holes, she piled on the makeup, dressed in long sleeves, and then faked that everything was okay. It was pretend or pay the price later. Becka got the impression he rather enjoyed the punishment part.

Bastard. I wish he would die. She would even love to help. Show her a cliff and she'd shove him off. Hand her a gun and she'd shoot him. At this point, she'd settle for a butter knife and a running start.

Becka hadn't been raised to be violent. Becka didn't understand violence. He'd taught her. Usually with his fist. But she preferred that to the other things he did.

Where was justice when you needed it? Apparently, saving other orphaned women.

A second slap landed atop the first, and she barely noticed.

"Have you learned your lesson, wild rose?" He used the nickname he had for her, a supposed term of endearment. She'd never believed it, not when his eyes always regarded her with such coldness. When she'd first met him, by chance when on a coffee and donut run, she'd turned down his request for a date. He didn't take no for an answer. He didn't accept the word "no" for anything.

"I hope you get hit by a bus." A swollen lip didn't change her sentiments.

"So fucking stubborn." Uttered with irritation. She braced for another slap. She'd earned the first one for refusing to eat her dinner, the second for not reacting. "I'll deal with you later. I've got business to attend to."

Ah yes, his mysterious business, which had brought them out of his last hidey-hole in Seattle to California. The land of sunshine and beaches. Not that she got to enjoy either. He kept her locked away even here. But she found it interesting to note they stayed in a hotel and not a reinforced bunker like before.

Why do we keep moving? Who does he hide from?

"Watch her." The order was tossed to his second-in-command, a big brute of a fellow named Brian. She hated Brian almost as much as him. Think Neanderthal mixed with dog and you got a hairy, hulking moron with absolutely no moral compass, and with rough hands.

She kept hoping he'd choke on a chicken wing. He ate them, suicide hot, by the pound.

"Rest. I'll be back later for our session."

No. No more sessions. She didn't know how many more she could stand. If it didn't kill her, then the madness might just win.

With her back turned, she stood and stared at the wall rather than acknowledge her kidnapper leaving the suite. She hoped he tripped and smashed his face in a wall. Or that the elevator would plunge him to his death. She'd even take him getting mauled by sewer rats. The door clicked shut, and she didn't hear any screams.


Time ticked, and her guard shifted restlessly at his spot by the door, the leather of his jacket creaking. Boredom made her want to do something, but what?

Turning on the television didn't appeal. Seeing people laugh and smile was too hard to bear. She didn't recall the last time something had made her giggle. To her, laughter equaled freedom.

One month. One month a prisoner. How much longer would she last?

She licked her lip, tasting the copper still coating the swollen surface. That would be hard to cover with makeup. Of late, he had gotten more careless with his slaps. It used to be she had to pretend for his staff and he took care to only leave bruises that could be covered by clothes. Not anymore. Something had changed. Has he gotten what he needed? Is this a sign I'm about to be discarded?

A girl could hope.

She stared out the window, the city vista awash with lights. For this trip, he insisted they stay in the heart of town at a high-end hotel — the kind that looked the other way when rich patrons skewed the rules.

It still blew her away how he moved among regular people without any of them realizing what kind of monster hid underneath the suits. Evil had a face, but no one seemed to recognize it.

Evil should be ugly and wear a dark cape. But no, he bore the face of a chubby accountant and the body of a pear. Add in a unibrow and she mocked him mercilessly, which peeved him to no end.

A knock at the door took her and her guard by surprise. Room service had come and gone, leaving behind a tray she refused to touch. At this late hour they expected no one else. The fewer people who saw her, the better.

Her guard, Brian the bastard, ignored the pounding.

"Shouldn't you answer that, Lurch?"

A glare and a grunt were the reply.

Whoever it was outside in the hall didn't leave. Someone knocked again, firmly. "Hotel security. We've had a report about suspicious activity in this room. If you're in there, please let us in."

Brian didn't budge, and she had to wonder what he'd do if she yelled Save me! Hit her for sure. But he also had strict orders to not cause any permanent or meaningful damage. Must protect the investment. However, whatever innocents stood beyond the door might not fare so well. Only once had she begged a stranger for help. He tried and got rewarded with a bullet.

She held her tongue.

The lock clicked as the hotel employee used a key, and she whirled in time to see Brian facing the door, hands empty. Guns were noisy and brought trouble. Besides, Brian claimed the personal touch was always more fun.

The door swung open, and Brian snapped, "Get ou —"

He never did finish the sentence, as a shotgun blast hit him in the chest and pushed him back. As if that would stop Brian. All the guards wore body armor and were tough as nails, tougher actually, and they filled the rooms on this floor. But how many of them were here, and how many had gone with their boss?

The attacker in the doorframe was dressed head to toe in black combat gear from his mirrored visored helmet to his black combat boots.

"Give us the girl."

Brian got to his feet, his brow furrowed. "Like fuck, asshole."

The guy with the shotgun tossed it to the side and pulled a knife from a sheath at his side. That didn't daunt her guard.

With a snarl of rage, Brian went barreling at the attacker, taking the scuffle into the hall.

From her spot in the suite, Becka could hear them thumping and banging. The door slammed shut, muffling the sounds, and for a moment she stood there as if frozen. What should she do?

Move, you idiot.

She flew to the door, opening it and darting through, only to hit the wall hard as a pair of grappling bodies bumped into her. The force of it knocked her down, but she didn't let that stop her from scrabbling on the carpet, moving in the direction of the elevator.

A hand grabbed at her ankle, and she peered over her shoulder to see Brian gripped her tight. Her free foot kicked out and connected with his nose. He yelled but didn't release her. The visored assailant managed to loosen Brian's hold on her with an elbow to the back of his head.

As soon as the fingers gripping her ankle loosened she yanked, freeing herself. She got to her feet and ran toward the bank of elevators, only to halt abruptly as someone stepped into view from around the corner, taking up a position between her and the elevator. Given he also held a gun and wore a black helmet as well, she immediately distrusted him. The weapon rose and she squeaked and ducked, but he wasn't aiming at her. The shot went wild, hitting the ceiling and showering the hall with plaster because someone, another guard dressed in jeans and nothing else, hollered "Drop the weapon, asshole" before tackling the fellow.

The distraction got her moving again, only she didn't get far, as an arm curled around her waist and hoisted her off her feet. "Come with me." She recognized the voice as being that of Brian's usual partner in crime, Jim. She'd thought he'd gone with the boss, but apparently he just guarded from another room.

Like hell was she going anywhere with him. She struggled like a wildcat, squirming and twisting, hearing her blouse rip as seams gave way.

"Stop fucking fighting me," he snarled, turning to slam her into a wall. Old bruises screamed at the impact, and new ones surely formed.

"Let me go!" Becka yelled.

Instead, the grip tightened, but only for a moment. Jim grunted as someone hit him. More than one person, actually. More black-clad bodies wearing the concealing helmets filled the corridor, and one of them shouted, "Don't shoot. You might hit her!"

Good to know they didn't want to kill. Bad to know they wanted her. But the guards on this floor knew better than to lose the master's prize. Several doors were open now, and his minions filled the hall, wielding fists and, in one case, a metal rod.

She wanted to shout at them to go away. She didn't need more people standing between her and freedom, but at the same time, the distraction proved her salvation. Jim lost his hold on her, and she stumbled away from him, streaking past an attacker grappling with Brian. She could have cried in relief when the elevator doors opened and disgorged hotel security, adding to the general chaos. She darted into the cab and slapped the ground-floor button as the hotel guard yelled, "The police have been called!"

"You shouldn't have done that." One of the attackers, his face an expressionless mask of black plastic, twisted Jim's neck. Crack. Jim dropped like a rock. The hotel security guard fumbled for his weapon, and as the elevator doors closed, Brian yelled, "Get back here, you little bitch!," and the attackers shouted, "Don't let her get away!"

The doors sealed shut, and the elevator descended, rendering her safe for the moment, but that would prove fleeting. Brian and the others would surely take the stairs, and if the elevator stopped for even one floor she might not arrive before them.

She hyperventilated in the cab, her palms sweaty as the ride to the main level took forever. Her heart pounded so fast she feared dropping of fear.

When the doors slid open to reveal the lobby, she fully expected to see someone waiting for her and wasn't disappointed. She came face-to-face with a hotel manager, whose eyes widened upon seeing her. "Ma'am, are you all right?"

"No." The word bubbled from her, edged with hysteria. She stepped out of the elevator, shying away from his hands when he would have touched her. "Don't. Just leave me alone. I have to go." Go before her brief stint of freedom ended.

She burst through the glass doors of the hotel, hitting the sidewalk, where the noise of cars passing, mufflers belching, engines roaring, and at times cars honking muddled her already-frantic mind. She didnrt know where she was. She had no clue where to go. Where could she hide where he wouldnrt find her?

Nowhere. He'll find me wherever I go. But she had to try. Had to make an attempt.

She ran, choosing a direction at random, ignoring the prying glances of those she passed, the evening hour still early enough for pedestrian traffic. That was good for her. It would make following her that much harder. However, blending in might prove hard, given her bare feet and ragged appearance. I look like a woman running from something. She should have trained for this day — done a few laps around the bunker room they kept her locked in — then maybe she wouldn't huff and puff so noisily.

The first street corner she stumbled on she turned, sprinting its length before making another sharp right. Sirens wailed in the distance, the cavalry to the rescue. Cops wouldn't stop Brian or him, and she had a feeling it wouldn't stop those that also came after her.

Everyone wants me, and I've yet to figure out why.

The next street she turned on had blaring neon signs, noise, and more foot traffic. Welcome to the club district. The thump of deep bass from more than one spot provided a cacophony that masked her own panting breaths, but it couldn't mask the distant yells of people.

Someone chased her, but she didn't want to be found. I won't go back.

She ducked into an alley and ran the length of it, only to cry out in frustration at the dead end. No escape. She headed back to the mouth of the alley but hesitated. Out there, anyone chasing could see her, but what if she were to hide? Hide where, though?

There were some doors lining the alley, none with handles, all locked from the inside, but the alley wasn't completely bereft of hiding spots. Between the trash bins, she spotted a wedge of space, big enough for her. She ducked in, the miasma of garbage almost gagging her as the hot, humid air rendered the scraps rancid.

Ass hitting the ground, she hugged her knees and huddled, wondering how she'd gotten here. What bad thing had she done to deserve this?

I did nothing. She'd been just a regular girl, with a regular job, living with her grandpa, when he entered her life. From that day on, her world changed, for the worse.

For a moment the music trying to hum through the building walls got louder as someone opened a door. She tucked tighter into her hole. No need to freak. Probably someone having a smoke.

The door shut, muting the music, and she heard nothing. Not even the scrape of a shoe or a hint of cigarette smoke. Had they left? Just in case, she ducked her face, hiding it in her tucked knees, hoping to make herself invisible.

It didn't work. Her skin prickled, and she couldn't help but peer outward. She saw a man staring down at her with the most curious brown eyes, and for some reason she blurted out, "Save me."


The coppery undertone of blood hit him as soon as he entered the alley, the unmistakable scent waking his inner beast.

The heavy metal door clanged behind him as he tucked his cigarettes back into his pocket. Nasty habit that he kept trying to quit. He didn't smoke much anymore. Often, he'd light one only to stare at the smoldering tip before tossing it to the ground to stub it out. And yet he always kept a pack on him. They provided cover when he needed an excuse to lurk in places he shouldn't, like dark alleys at night.

Never know what you'll find.

His nose twitched at the bloody scent of violence, but his bear didn't rumble in warning, nor did he sense any danger. He let his refined sense of smell lead him, his shifter side stronger than most, even in his human shape. It was what made him such a good detective — before he got kicked off the force. Who knew they'd care about the baggie of weed he took to make brownies? The stuff was legal in just about every other state.

The loss of his legal career didn't bother him too much. There was plenty of work in the city as a private eye, so much work that he could pick and choose his jobs. He often chose the ones that took him to strip bars where wives suspected their husbands of cheating. The eye candy was fun, even if the beers were kind of pricey, but that was where creative invoicing came into play.

Given he stood in the alley of Bubble Butt Babes, he wondered if that was who hid out here: a stripper looking to make a few bucks, only to end up with a client who got rough.

The bass of the music emerged in a muted thump in the alley. While it was close to the witching hour, the street out front still had a decent amount of foot traffic. If someone wanted privacy, then there were few places to hide. The alley itself was a dead end, finishing in a roll-down garage door, which was currently bolted. A pair of trash bins, tall suckers on wheels, were lined like sentinels along the brick wall. They might have been emptied that morning, but the smell clung, a miasma that made his inner beast grunt in annoyance.

Smells bad.

Yes, it did, and above it all lingered the sharper scent of blood. Something wounded this way came, and he couldn't leave it alone.

With a silent tread, he paced the alley until he found her wedged between two trash bins, her head turned away from the alley, as if by not seeing she could prevent being seen.

He crouched down and noted she stopped breathing, her body going still.

An anticipatory hush fell, and he studied her, studied her hunched frame, the tattered clothes, the scratches on her arms, the fading and fresh bruises.


Excerpted from "In The Mood Fur Love"
by .
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Table of Contents

Title Page,
Copyright Notice,
Bearing His Touch by Eve Langlais,
Fake Mated to the Wolf by Milly Taiden,
The Witch, the Werewolf, and the Waitress by Kate Baxter,
Also by Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden and Kate Baxter,
About the Authors,

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In the Mood Fur Love 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
closkot More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!! ***I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me!! Yes, I got a review copy of this book, but no one tells me what to think, feel, or write about any book! I haven’t bought this one yet, but I will, probably in paperback. This in the next book in the Fur series by 3 wonderful authors. I thought that last book I read with these 3 authors was the 2nd book in the Fur series, but now it says this is the 2nd book. It is always so confusing, but they are wonderful stories. Each story is a unique world created by the author. These stories are the 3rd stories in each of the worlds. In the first story, Bearing His Touch, Becka escapes and bumps into Stavros who realizes she is his mate. He enlists some help from the family to keep her safe. It was a fabulous story that I couldn’t put down. Lots of twists and turns where you didn’t know what would happen next. It was mysterious and Stavros’ family is just awesome! In the 2nd story, Fake Mated to the Wolf, it is rather comical how the two of them can’t see to get their acts together. There was drama, action, and danger. It was another awesome story in this series. I loved reading this story and couldn’t put it down either. In the 3rd story, The Witch, The Werewolf, and The Waitress, Colin and Ellie start with a bang in their argument. There is all sorts of drama and misunderstandings with these two, but they eventually figure it out. All 3 stories were a great read! I hope there is more to these series because they are all great worlds that I want more of! I highly recommend to any shifter fans especially if you already love these great authors! I love when you can get 3 great stories in one amazing book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed all the stories. I would recommend this book to mt friends and family
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Three hot stories about sexy shifters from a trio of today's hottest paranormal romance authors, headlined by bestselling authors Eve Langlais and Milly Taiden. This is a shifter anthology by some of the top paranormal authors today. I’ve read stories by each author so I had a pretty good idea of their writing styles. I’m not a huge short-story person, but the authors’ names were what made me want to read this. Each story was decent and for the most part, well-paced. Milly Taiden’s was by far my favorite story. I recommend for anyone that likes these authors or this genre. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
valerie holm More than 1 year ago
Nice Author Samples In the Mood Fur Love by Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden, Kate Baxter is a compilation of short stories centering on shifters finding their mates. I am torn when faced with short stories. Reading novellas are an excellent way to sample new authors. I enjoyed two stories out of the three. Bearing His Touch by Eve Langlais has charming characters. The bear shifters are quite hilarious, and there is a unique take on vampirism. Fake Mated to the Wolf by Milly Taiden was, unfortunately, not engaging to me. The dramatic undertone did not grip me. I felt the lack of full novel development most here. Perhaps if I knew these characters a little better, the struggle would interest me more. The Witch, the Werewolf and the Waitress by Kate Baxter was also enjoyable. I suspected as much, having read prior novels from this author, and her short story did not disappoint. A bonus was the setting takes place in my neck of the woods, which rarely happens in popular fiction. Every couple experiences what is close to love at first sight. The men are very alpha, and the women slightly subservient. These are not bad traits, but, short stories can lack substance leaving the genre cliches more prominent. Overall I did enjoy In the Mood Fur Love. I was provided an ARC copy of this book from St. Martin's Press through NetGalley. I encourage all readers to form their own opinions.
Hfowler More than 1 year ago
The first one was enjoyable. The pace was good until the very end. Once Vlad is dead and they wake up back at his parents place, the relationship that started out steady and authentic rushed like the author had to suddenly end the story. It was like the moment she was safe her personality completely changed and she became more aggressive. She came on strong and he just followed, where for most of the book, he was the aggressor and she followed. I got the feeling that the author had to suddenly end the story and in a blink she did. I would have preferred him to be the one to make the final move once she was safe. The role reversal made the whole story kind of lose it for me. And I don’t understand the whole tranquilizer part at the end on the roof. Why did her grandpa want both of them shot with tranquilizers when the danger was over? It didn't make much sense at that point and to the end.  Other than that, it was good. Book 2 was quick. It moved fast and definitely had a middle of a series vibe.  It also has a novella feel to it, but the concept and conflict were good.  The character development was good, though some things were clearly already established prior to page one.  I liked it but I would have liked a bit more build up and a few things explained more.  I didn’t realize she knew about shifters from the beginning, so I wasn’t sure how that was going to play out. The reader definitely needs to go in knowing some things which made it hard to fall in love with, because I did feel like I was missing out on some important information. Book three in the anthology I think was my favorite of the three.  It hadz strong characters, an entertaining plot, the conflict was believable and carried the story.  They definitely had some emotional tension to work out before they could have a happily ever after.  Their chemistry was strong and well developed and there was plenty of passion. Overall, best of the three stories all the way around and enjoyable.
gigiluvsbooks2 More than 1 year ago
Three hot stories about sexy shifters from a trio of today's hottest paranormal romance authors, headlined by bestselling authors Eve Langlais and Milly Taiden! Bearing His Touch by Eve Langlais When Becka manages to escape her kidnapper, she finds herself asking help of the man with the nice brown eyes. Stavros can’t say no, not when he knows Becka is his mate, but he does have one dilemma when it comes to claiming her. He'll have to find a way for her to bear his touch. Fake Mated to the Wolf by Milly Taiden Looking for a mate to bring to a party? Wedding? Holiday gathering? Mates Fur Hire is right for you? But what happens when your fake mate ends up being your real one, from New York Times bestselling author Milly Taiden! The Witch, The Werewolf and The Waitress by Kate Baxter For centuries, Lowman, Idaho has been Ellie Curtis's prison. A vengeful witch cursed her with immortality and locked her within the confines of Lowman's borders, sealing Ellie off from most of civilization for eternity. She's learned to make the most of it. But when she meets a cocky werewolf who's part of the elite supernatural law enforcement group, all bets are off... Colin instantly knew that Ellie was his mate, but when he discovers her secret, he's determined to help set her free. But in doing so, he might just lose the one thing he knows he can't live without... Review: So, the blurb pretty much hits the highlights for each of the novellas in this book. Each story is wonderfully written by three of the best paranormal romance writers. Each is super sexy with lots of heart. The biggest thing I have to say is that I wish each were full length because I did not get enough of each of the couples. If you are looking for a good shifter romances, then you should read this. You get some quick interesting reads and they might whet your appetite for more of these Authors. And if you like these, I recommend "The Big Alpha in Town" another anthology and stories from these worlds by these three worlds. 4Stars *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book provided by the publisher.*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I tend to enjoy longer fantasy stories with complex world building and was interested in taking a break when I found this short story collection. Three short stories by different authors all about shifters. This was a quick romance read and I enjoyed the last story , "The witch, the werewolf, and the waitress" the best. If you are looking for a light romantice, shifter read I would recommend these short stories.
Candace-LoveyDoveyBooks More than 1 year ago
In the Mood Fur Love is a collection of novella length paranormal romances from bestselling authors Eve Langais, Milly Taiden, and Kate Baxter. Each story focuses on mated pairs finding their one true love while facing personal trials or danger. I love the idea that in these romances a HEA comes from the most unexpected circumstances. If you'd love a quick walk on the wild side, then this anthology is just for you! Bearing His Touch - Eve Langlais (5/5) This is the cute read of the stories! Stavros is a humorous bear that finds his fated mate bloodied and bruised and hiding in a dirty alley. One touch and he's determined to save her from whoever is hunting her. Becka may have been held prisoner for two months but she wasn't afraid to fight for her freedom. She was more concerned about putting innocent people in danger, even if those innocent people were actually a clan of bears. I loved her attitude which contrasted with Stavros because she was so pragmatic to his fearless confidence. Bearing His Touch is the fun and humorous opening to the compilation! Fake Mated to the Wolf - Milly Taiden (3/5) I wasn't crazy about this story and out of the three it was my least favorite. It was interesting, but a little confusing in the beginning. I felt like I was dropped in the middle of a bigger story because all the characters seemed to know each other and there were a lot of pointed references to established friendships. Shawna was a little prideful, but her compassion for those in trouble made her a perfect match for Hawke, who also looked out for those in need on a grander scale. Even for a novella the story felt rushed. The Witch, the Werewolf, and the Waitress - Kate Baxter (4/5) The closing story of the novel has classic paranormal romance written all over it! Colin and Ellie don't have the greatest meeting, but once Colin's wolf recognizes her as his mate all bets are off. Ellie has been cursed by a witch and doomed to live forever in Lowman, Idaho, unable to age or die. But once Colin learns of her fate, he'll do anything to help her. I love that in order to save her they go off on a quest of sorts. There's danger all for just the possibility that they'll be able to break the curse. Even if Colin can help Ellie he still has to worry about his position in the pack. All in all, this was definitely a well-rounded romance! *ARC provided in consideration for review*
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
In The Mood Fur Love BEARING HIS TOUCH: Eve Langlais Becka has been held hostage and abused for a month when one day she manages to get away, run for her life and run into Stavros (bear-shifter) who immediately knows she is his mate and is compelled to do all in his power to keep her safe. This is a fun read that includes humans and paranormal creatures and is quirky and funny and definitely left me with a smile on my face. I am still smiling at the variation in fairytales that were-bears tell their children. FAKE MATED TO THE WOLF: Milly Taiden Shawna has family, work and money problems so when her inept and nasty boss fires her life becomes even more difficult. She does have good friends who stand beside her and a man who knows she is his fated mate BUT getting her to see it is so takes some doing on his part. Enjoyable read with a HEA for Shawna and Hawke. THE WITCH, THE WEREWOLF, AND THE WAITRESS: Kate Baxter This story had the feel of a fairytale with the princess cursed by a wicked witch. Ellie has lived for centuries after Witch Sarah cursed her. Her life has been long and lonely and she has endured but when Colin the werewolf shows up he realizes she is his mate and both their lives soon change bigtime. This story has a quest that if and when completed will impact both Colin and Ellie. Thoroughly enjoyed this story! Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the ARC – This is my honest review. 4 Stars
DianaInSC More than 1 year ago
Hilarious, adorable, intriguing, and exciting boxed set This boxed set has 3 never-before-published paranormal romance novellas that feature shifters. I am quite pleased by 2 out of the 3 novels, so I think it is an excellent anthology to buy. 1.) “Bearing His Touch” by Eve Langlais: 5 stars. I love this hilarious, adorable book! This is a real gem among shifter romance books. It is so funny and adorable. There are also some thrilling action scenes. The first chapter starts out dark and gritty (because human Becka escapes from being held captive by a psycho), but the atmosphere quickly lightens up after she gets rescued by Stavros. I adore Stavros. He is a bear shifter and a private investigator in a modern world where humans don’t know about shifters. Stavros' heart is like a big marshmallow when he falls for his mate, Becka. He is so careful to make her feel safe and not startle her. Also, his internal monologue and his matchmaking family are hilarious! I also like and admire Becka. The minor characters are pricelessly unique, and I am definitely tracking down any related books concerning Stavros’ family members. Moderately steamy. 2.) “Fake Mated to the Werewolf” by Milly Taiden: 2 stars. I have never read anything by Milly Taiden before, but judging by this story, I hate this Paranormal Dating Agency series. I can’t deal with a hero by the ridiculous name of Hawke Hawke. The hero and heroine were stupid and overly stubborn. The heroine even endangered her mother’s health by refusing to ask her capable, rich friends for help. I couldn’t connect with any character at all. 3.) “The Witch, the Werewolf, and the Waitress” by Kate Baxter: 5 stars. It is longer than the other two novellas, probably novel length. This shifter romance is out of the ordinary and intriguing. The heroine’s magical predicament is quite unusual. The author has a talent for vivid, relatable characters. I also love the descriptions of the rugged landscape of Idaho. I had never read Kate Baxter's work before, but now I definitely plan to do so again. I received a free advanced reading copy from the publisher via Netgalley, and I voluntarily wrote this honest review.
booknooknuts More than 1 year ago
These authors are back with more yummy reads. Bearing His Touch by Eve Langlais First up we get a story with a woman named Becka who is being severely abused and her rescuer Stavros turns out to be her mate there is only one issue. Becka is human and Stavros not so much. Stavros will have his work cut out for him though trying to find Becka's abusers while trying to stop Becka from running away. This story was all kinds of yummy we get suspense, funny and a lot of hot... Fake Mate to the Wolf by Milly Taiden Again another great story here. Matchmaker strikes again in this one. Loved it... The Witch, the Werewolf, and the Waitress by Kate Baxter I loved this one. We get a woman who is more and cursed. We get a male who knows he has found his mate and now he has to break the curse before he loses her.
Rainn2978 More than 1 year ago
Another great anthology by Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden, and Kate Baxter. These 3 have ties to the previous anthologies that these authors have released together. But you don't need to read those first in order to read these. Book 1 is Bearing His Touch by Eve Langlais. It's about Becka and Stavros. Becka had been kidnapped and abused. When the opportunity comes to try to escape, she takes it. And when she is almost caught by one of her jailers, Stavros steps in to save her. And realizes she is his mate. Now he not only has to keep her safe and get rid of her kidnapper, but convince her that he is the one for her. I love all of this author's book and this one is just another one to love! It kept me interested from the start and had me all over the place on what I was feeling. Becka went through hell and she is so strong that she still manages to not only stay sane but try to keep herself and others safe. Stavros makes me laugh so hard! The conversations he has with his bear alone were worth the read LOL! But I loved the way he was with Becka and with his family. Loved it! Book 2 is Fake Mated to the Wolf by Milly Taiden. This is Hawke and Shawna's story. Shawna has been working for Hawke's company when everything seems to take a turn for the worst. Not only professionally but personally. Hawke has to convince Shawna not only to come back to the company but to understand that she is his mate and let him get close to her. And help her family be safe and happy. I really liked this one. Shawna is dealing with so much and just struggling to survive when it just seems to get worse. And reading about her realizing that her friends will do anything and everything to help her is great. The chemistry these two have is off the charts and the way they treat each other is great. I especially liked the fact that Hawke helped someone she cared about just because it was the right thing to do. Stand up man! Book 3 is The Witch, The Werewolf, and The Waitress by Kate Baxter. This one is about Colin and Ellie. Ellie is a waitress that Colin meets when he stops to get breakfast. And realizes that she is his mate. But things don't go great from the start, and made me laugh quite hard! When Ellie finds him hurt in the woods, she does what is right and brings him back to her cabin. Not knowing that he is a werewolf or really anything about the supernatural world other than what she already knows. And Ellie has her own secrets and issues. Such as being cursed by a vindictive witch. I liked this one although it wasn't my favorite out of these books. I had a hard time liking Ellie. I really liked Colin and thought his actions to free his mate were great. And Ellie did redeem herself in my opinion. I just felt like she was one of those poor pitiful me women for a while. Once you get farther into the story it definitely gets better. And I would still read it again because on a whole it was a good read. And I am sure other people will probably love her. She just wasn't to my tastes. All in all this anthology was a good read. I liked some parts more than others but on a whole it is well worth the read!
469480 More than 1 year ago
This book is a treat for fans of both the authors and of the paranormal romance genre. Anyone interested in shifter romances must check out these latest novellas! Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden and Kate Baxter treat their fans with their latest romantic tales. "Bearing His Touch" by Eve Langlais begins with Becka, a woman held captive by a madman and his posse. She has no idea what is happening to her or why, and the readers won't either...not until the very end. The story starts off with a brutal action sequence and a mystery that remains part of the subplot until the end. Eve Langlais keeps up with the pace of her story using both action and humor. Everything gets resolved by the story's resolution making "Bearing His Touch" a worthy read. "Fake Mated to the Wolf" by Milly Taiden focuses on the online dating site, "Mates Fur Hire," and how running an online dating website is not as easy as it looks. Readers are introduced to Shawna Goode who has been abused by her jealous supervisor, Clark Benoit. Fired from her job and forced to work several jobs to help her family, Shawna does not even realize that she's captured the attention of Hawke Hawke, the CEO of the company. "Fake Mated to the Wolf" is a bit more cliche and is one of Milly Taiden's weaker ones, but it's still enjoyable and entertaining. "The Witch, The Werewolf and The Waitress" by Kate Baxter is about what it states in the title. Ellie is a woman cursed with immortality and confinement in Lowman, Idaho. She spends her time working at the local diner and concealing herself from everyone else. That is, until Colin, a member of a werewolf pack, appears. Colin knows what it's like to be inflicted with a curse, so he decides to assist his mate (unknown to Ellie) with breaking hers. The story contains all of the elements found in a quest and magic tale, with an ambivalent twist near the story's end that makes you recall everything about fairy tales. "The Witch, The Werewolf and The Waitress" is a charming shifter/fairy tale. "In the Mood Fur Love" is a great compilation of novellas for all readers of the genre and for fans of the three authors. Fans of the authors will love it; and, readers of the genre, like myself, will find the tales to be captivating and adoring. This set of stories is worth reading! “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
DarGee More than 1 year ago
4 stars Bearing his touch - Starvos, sweet bear, big family, helper of those in need, finds his fated mate. Becka has escaped from her evil tormentor, and finds Stavros. She has people after her, two groups it would seem, and a whole bunch of bears want to keep her safe. Lots of mystery, anticipation, and some laughs along the way! 2.5-3 stars Fake Mated to the Wolf - This story had more meat to it than I expected, with some real troubles for the people in it. It still had an overly dramatic heroine, but she seemed softer than she was presented. Our hero, Hawke Hawke, no really, that is his name, also isn't prone to dramatics, but isn't completely upfront with our heroine. Overall, not a too bad of a read 5 stars The Witch, the Werewolf, and the Waitress - I absolutely loved this story! Ellie tugged at my heartstrings and Colin was so protective of her. This story felt like it was being told in a mist, in the woods, surrounded by tall trees, and stars filling the sky above. A story of jealousy, loneliness, heartbreak, and survival. How even finding true love doesn't mean your trials and tribulations are over, it means you have someone there with you now. To help you through it all, and stay by your side even if things go wrong.
belllla More than 1 year ago
3.5stars All the books are stand alone and are a quick read. I loved Bearing His Touch t it was funny sweet quick and with a little bit of mystery and suspense. Becka and Stavros are easy to fall in love with and the chemistry is amazing. Really great read. I thought that all the stories will be equal but I was so disappointed in Fake Mated to the Wolf. The story did not appeal to me the characters not likable the story lacking. The Witch, The Werewolf and The Waitress was an interesting story with breaking the course and finding true love.
ViperSpaulding More than 1 year ago
Three fantastic shifter romances in one must-read set! Bearing His Touch Stavros rescues Becka after she escapes her captor during an attack by another group. He instantly recognizes her as his mate, and, with the unrelenting help of his family – his sleuth – he vows to keep her safe while eliminating all threats against her. The action is terrific in this story, but it is surpassed by the whip-smart humor and heartfelt moments between these two. Such a wonderful story, lots of laugh-out-loud moments, enough to make any girl want her very own growly teddy bear. Fake Mated to the Wolf Shawna’s life threatens to fall apart when she’s unjustly fired from a subsidiary company of Hawke’s corporation, just as he was beginning to figure out how to cross paths with her more so he could get to know her better. Her family is in deep trouble, and she needs all the money she can earn to buy their freedom. Hawke is not a man to take no for an answer or let anything stand in the way of what he wants, so he quickly gets to the bottom of things and sets out to find solutions for Shawna, and for the now-failing company under his umbrella. This story has a cast of truly memorable characters, including Shawna’s friends who are mated to Hawke’s friends, as well as Shawna’s sweet protector, Robbie and Hawke’s delightful tormentor, Rebecca. The connection between Hawke and Shawna shoots off the page like fireworks, and once she finally realizes what he’s known all along, the HEA is as sweet and satisfying as can be. The Witch, The Werewolf and The Waitress Colin and Ellie are so perfect together, yet separated by a centuries-old curse that threatens to destroy them before they even get started! Ellie has all but given up on ever finding someone to love, being cursed with immortality as well as the inability to leave her small Idaho town. Colin’s inner wolf instantly recognizes her as his mate, but his pack life – and his loyalty – lie outside of her restricted area. Together they embark on a quest to free Ellie from the curse so she can live the life she was meant to live, even if it means moving away from Colin. This was such a tortured, but romantic and sexy love story! The author does an amazing job of developing the characters despite the shorter novella length. I do wish their HEA had included a bit more closure, though I do understand the reasoning behind leaving that one thread hanging. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Momma_Becky More than 1 year ago
Three novellas, three authors, one entertaining anthology. All three stories revolve around shifters finding their fated mates. The beauty of a fated mates story is that instalove works, at least on the shifter side of things. I did like that the humans involved in these stories felt the attraction, but they didn't fall madly in love at first sight. Each story has a good mix of romance, danger, and action, and I also found a bit of wit and humor in Fake Mated to the Wolf. Some things could've used more development, but there is a lot of story packed into these reads. In the end, all three stories are well worth the read, mixing romance, a bit of steamy fun, and plenty of action, and of course, some yummy shifters!
Jolie More than 1 year ago
I know that I have mentioned in another review that I don’t like reviewing anthologies. Doesn’t mean that I like reading them. I find reviewing anthologies difficult. Depending on how long the stories are in the book, my review could go on forever. So, this review is going to be short and sweet. Bearing His Touch While I enjoyed this book, it did rub me the wrong way in certain parts. I didn’t like that it took so long for Becka to tell Stavros why she had been kidnapped and beaten. That frustrated me. But, that was the only thing that annoyed me about the book. Everything else I loved. Stavros was such a goof. I had a laugh over the pot brownies incident. I liked how everything was wrapped up. I did like the twist with Becka’s Poppa. Didn’t see that coming. Fake Mated to the Wolf I enjoyed reading this story. I did have an issue with Hawke not knowing what went on in his company. Including what was happening to his mate. I kinda went “Ummmm, ok” when I read that part. But, after that was resolved, I loved the story. I wanted to know more about Robbie and I hope that he is featured in more books. He deserves his happy ending. I did think that Shawna was kind of a jerk to Hawke for 90% of the book. I mean, she knew about how they found their mate. But, she still thought Hawke was two-timing his mate with her? Hello, use your brains girlfriend. I liked the HEA that the author gave to everyone at the end of the story. The Witch, The Werewolf, and The Waitress This was my favorite story. Ellie and Colin were such jerks to each other when they first met. I enjoyed watching them fight over that cinnamon roll. Gave me a fit of the giggles. I did feel bad for Ellie. I couldn’t imagine being cursed how she was. Talk about being restricted and lonely. I thought the whole quest to set Ellie free of her curse was great. Including the ending. I will never look at timber wolves, cougars, elk, and coyotes the same again. Shudder. Again, loved the HEA for Colin and Ellie. There is Instalove in this book but, and I stress this, it worked. Werewolves and werebears are able to find their mates by smelling them. So, I didn’t mind the Instalove at all. Because it fits in with the lore. The sex in all three stories were hot. I had to fan myself after a couple of scenes because they were that good. If I had to pick the hottest couple, it would be Colin and Ellie. Talk about some steamy sex scenes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've read several anthologies about shifters and indeed some stories from these authors so was pretty happy to sit and read this. All three of these authors excel at paranormal romance so something like this is always a great way to sample different styles. Bearing His Touch completely surprised me as it started very strongly with suspense and action. I loved that the bear shifter hero had an internal monologue going on and indeed his family greatly added to the mayhem that ensued. Plus the human heroine had a surprise in store for readers which I hadn't guessed so for me this was a fun read. Fake Mated To The Wolf had an easy plot to follow involving a shifter dating service. What made it different was the secretive situation surrounding the Shawnas family. It didn't drag me in as much as the previous story unfortunately with things left unexplained and honestly I just wanted Shawna to show she had a brain and realise that she was Hawkes mate. Now that being said if you enjoy heroines that ( usually) tell it like it is and absolutely own their sexuality then this author is one to follow. Finally I read The Witch, The Werewolf and the Waitress and really enjoyed it. I loved the unique curse that Ellie was under and understood exactly how lonely she must feel. Pairing her with Colin the Werewolf was inspired as they are both searching for that which would complete them and bring new life into their existence. So yes I recommend reading this book with its mixture of stories. There's steamy romance of course but also surprises and unexpected twists and obviously very happy endings or should that be beginnings ? This voluntary take is of an advance copy and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair.
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
In the Mood Fur Love is a great box set and is the second set in the Fur box set. This is a great way to find new author and take a chance on shifter type romances. I hope there are more sets like this...loved this. Here is a blurb of what you get: Bearing His Touch by Eve Langlais When Becka manages to escape her kidnapper, she finds herself asking help of the man with the nice brown eyes. Stavros can’t say no, not when he knows Becka is his mate, but he does have one dilemma when it comes to claiming her. He'll have to find a way for her to bear his touch. Fake Mated to the Wolf by Milly Taiden Looking for a mate to bring to a party? Wedding? Holiday gathering? Mates Fur Hire is right for you? But what happens when your fake mate ends up being your real one, from New York Times bestselling author Milly Taiden! The Witch, The Werewolf and The Waitress by Kate Baxter For centuries, Lowman, Idaho has been Ellie Curtis's prison. A vengeful witch cursed her with immortality and locked her within the confines of Lowman's borders, sealing Ellie off from most of civilization for eternity. She's learned to make the most of it. But when she meets a cocky werewolf who's part of the elite supernatural law enforcement group, all bets are off...
Charlotte Pawson More than 1 year ago
Three hot shifter stories Bearing his touch Eve Langlais takes us into the world of bear shifters but only the males. The females are the most feisty and keep the story fun. They are keeping Stavros on his toes if he wants to win his mate Becka. He also has the complication of vampires to contend with which makes for a exciting pace. Fake mates to the wolf Milly Taiden keeps you rooting for Shawna who all but runs Mate for hire but has to put up with sexist manager Clark. When she is fired she has to keep her life together for her mum and brothers who are been kept prisoners. Along comes boss Hawke who has been waiting to show Shawna she is his mate and the love she has been missing. The witch. The werewolf, and the waitress Kate Baxter brings us Ellie who has been cursed by a witch to be immortal but only in Lowman, Idaho. Her boredom is about to disappear with the arrival of cocky werewolf Colin. Love comes to the rescue for Ellie with Colin’s help her life can be changed forever. This trio of shifter love stories will keep you smiling and waiting for the next adventures. I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Monnie777 More than 1 year ago
Well these 3 ladies have put out another fantastic novella book. If you have read the other 2 novella books that they put out then some of the people will be familiar to you in these stories. If you have not you can read this novella as a stand-alone but the other novellas were so good I would suggest reading those as well. Each one of these stories the main man has found his Mate and has to convince her that she is his mate and also protect her from something. All of these guys are bad-ass and will do anything to protect their mates. The woman are not helpless or wallflowers but they do need some help. All 3 stories are quick read and hot as hell!! *I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.*
MusicInPrint More than 1 year ago
Three Short stories about shifters finding their mates. These are compiled by three talented authors that provide their skill at paranormal prose. Bearing His Touch by Eve Langlais has a bear shifter Stavros and his mate Becka. Fate Mated to the Wolf by Milly Taiden brings Shawna an underappreciated programmer and her boss Hawke. Witch, Werewolf & Waitress by Kate Baxter is a story with a unique plot. Werewolf Colin has found his waitress Mate Ellie but she is under a witch curse that keeps her from leaving the town she has been stuck in for three hundred years. "A copy of this book was provided by St. Martin's Press via Netgalley with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion."
Sunshine1006 More than 1 year ago
Three stories by three great authors. Bear shifters, wolf shifters, matchmaking shifters,a witch and a curse. Loved the uniqueness of all three stories. Love, !ove, love them. They were fun and sexy. I received this book from Net Galley and St Martin's Press for a honest review and no compensation otherwise.
nku More than 1 year ago
In the Mood Fur Love (Kindle) by Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden and Kate Baxter .. Thanks to the publisher and #Netgalley for giving me the chance to preview this book. Three great stories BEARING HIS TOUCH B.... FAKE MATE TO THE WOLF ... THE WITCH THE WEREWOLF AND THE WAITRESS these are all great fun stories with lots of steamy sex and action and all with HEA.