In Want of a Wife: A Sweet, Clean, Authentic Regency Romance Novella

In Want of a Wife: A Sweet, Clean, Authentic Regency Romance Novella

by Odelia Floris


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A country mouse does the London Season, with entirely unexpected results.

It is spring, the beginning of the London Season, and the beginning of what will be a season of surprising and far-reaching change for Hertfordshire sisters Rosa and Arielle Lane. Sent to stay with their London aunt for the purpose of finding suitable husbands, Rosa does not rate her chances of success very highly. She is a country mouse of the worst kind, with almost nothing to recommend her. She is small and slight, timid, chronically shy, possesses no fortune, and is afflicted with a mortifying stammer. All she has to bait her hook with is her girlishly pretty face and her sweet, obliging nature.

Beautiful, vivacious Arielle could not be more different. She is set on one thing: falling in love with the handsomest man in London. And she does not care whether or not he is a good match.

However, Rosa, one of the closest to the wall wallflowers of the Season, soon finds herself receiving interest from an entirely unexpected quarter. Torn between a marriage of convenience to a wealthy and eligible gentleman who makes no declaration of love, and her growing attraction to a sullenly mysterious man who makes no offer of marriage, Rosa has a difficult decision to make. To choose sense or sensibility, safety or danger?

Big-town rats, and the cats who know their ways, are to be found aplenty in London, and with Mrs Gently taking little interest in her two country nieces, they will have to navigate their first Season largely unaided. For the naive young sisters, it is a difficult and deceptively treacherous task...

Content: A sweet and clean, authentic, traditional (but with a twist!) PG 13-rated Regency romance (kissing only, no strong language).

Length: 33,000 words

In a book from the 19th Century Love Stories series you will find:

  • A swoon-worthy hero who knows how to treat a woman right
  • Real woman with real issues
  • Truly meaningful romance
  • Atmospheric, enticing settings lovingly rendered in poetic, image-rich language
  • Fresh, original writing, plots and characters
  • A rich and zesty mix of irony and wit, contrasted with poignant, heartfelt emotion and involved drama
  • A lively, dialogue-focused narrative style
  • An uplifting and entertaining read which will also leave you satisfied on a deeper level

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781535347631
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/31/2016
Pages: 148
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.34(d)

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In Want of a Wife: A Sweet, Clean, Authentic Regency Romance Novella 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Ksiddall More than 1 year ago
More please! Country-bred sisters, Rosa and Arielle Lane, are having their first London Season with the desperate goal of meeting and marrying husbands. They are desperate because their father died without having a son and their former home has been left to his nearest male relation – a cousin. Unless they make good marriages, they’ll be left to live with their penniless mother in a small cottage in the country. Arielle meets and falls in love with a handsome captain their first night in town. Rosa, shy, timid, and tongue-tied, longs to be done with it all and return home to her mother and the quiet countryside. Quite unknowingly however, she attracts the attention of one of the season’s most eligible catches, a widower with a special-needs daughter, who also prefers country-living to the excesses of town. Both sisters are soon wed to their admirers. However, Arielle’s love match doesn’t appear to be all that it should be. And what begins as a marriage of convenience for Rosa may become something quite different if she can just overcome her fears and natural timidity. I really, really like Regency era romances (starting with Barbara Cartland’s books), and I am partial to any romance where the characters in a marriage of convenience find true love with one another. Author Odelia Floris has written a sweet, clean regency romance with handsome gentlemen (some that turn out not to be very gentlemanly) and pretty heroines. Highly recommended for those regency readers that like sweet and clean stories and the marriage of convenience plotline. More please, Ms. Floris!