Intentionality, Cognition, and Mental Representation in Medieval Philosophy

Intentionality, Cognition, and Mental Representation in Medieval Philosophy

by Gyula Klima

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It is commonly supposed that certain elements of medieval philosophy are uncharacteristically preserved in modern philosophical thought through the idea that mental phenomena are distinguished from physical phenomena by their intentionality, their intrinsic directedness toward some object. The many exceptions to this presumption, however, threaten its viability.

This volume explores the intricacies and varieties of the conceptual relationships medieval thinkers developed among intentionality, cognition, and mental representation. Ranging from Aquinas, Scotus, Ockham, and Buridan through less-familiar writers, the collection sheds new light on the various strands that run between medieval and modern thought and bring us to a number of fundamental questions in the philosophy of mind as it is conceived today.

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ISBN-13: 9780823262762
Publisher: Fordham University Press
Publication date: 02/02/2015
Series: Medieval Philosophy: Texts and Studies
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 374
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About the Author

Gyula Klima is professor of philosophy at Fordham University, Doctor of the Hungarian
Academy of Sciences, director of the Society for Medieval Logic and Metaphysics, and
editor of the society’s proceedings. Among his books is John Buridan (2008).

Table of Contents


Intentionality, Cognition and Mental Representation in Medieval Philosophy
Gyula Klima
Concepts and Meaning in Medieval Philosophy
Stephen Read
Mental Language in Aquinas?
Joshua P. Hochschild
Causality and Cognition: An Interpretation of Henry of Ghent's Quodlibet V, q. 14
Martin Pickav
Two Models of Thinking: Thomas Aquinas and John Duns Scotus on Occurrent Thoughts
Giorgio Pini
Thinking About Things: Singular Thought in the Middle Ages
Peter King
Singular Terms and Vague Concepts in Late Medieval Mental Language Theory or the Decline and Fall of Mental Language
Henrik Lagerlund
Act, Species, and Appearance: Peter Auriol on Intellectual Cognition and Consciousness
Russell L. Friedman
Ockham's Externalism
Claude Panaccio
Was Adam Wodeham an internalist or an externalist?
Elizabeth Karger
The Nature of Intentional Objects in Nicholas of Autrecourt's Theory of Knowledge
Christophe Grellard
William Ockham and Walter Chatton on Objects and Acts of Judgment: or, How Chatton Changed Ockham's Mind
Susan Brower-Toland
'Intentio' in Buridan
John Zupko
Mental Representation in Animals and Humans: Some Late-Medieval Discussions
Olaf Pluta
The Intersubjective Sameness of Mental Concepts in Late Scholastic Thought (and some Aspects of Its Historical Aftermath)
Stephan Meier-Oeser
Mental Representations and Concepts in Medieval Philosophy
Gyula Klima

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