Internet and Network Economics: First International Workshop, WINE 2005, Hong Kong, China, December 15-17, 2005, Proceedings

Internet and Network Economics: First International Workshop, WINE 2005, Hong Kong, China, December 15-17, 2005, Proceedings


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ISBN-13: 9783540309000
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 01/09/2006
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #3828
Edition description: 2005
Pages: 1106
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.40(d)

Table of Contents

Recent Developments in Equilibria Algorithms.- Partially-Specified Large Games.- Exchange Market Equilibria with Leontief’s Utility: Freedom of Pricing Leads to Rationality.- A Primal-Dual Algorithm for Computing Fisher Equilibrium in the Absence of Gross Substitutability Property.- Click Fraud Resistant Methods for Learning Click-Through Rates.- Experiments with an Economic Model of the Worldwide Web.- Coordination Mechanisms for Selfish Scheduling.- Economic Mechanisms for Shortest Path Cooperative Games with Incomplete Information.- Truth-Telling Reservations.- Inapproximability Results for Combinatorial Auctions with Submodular Utility Functions.- An Auction-Based Market Equilibrium Algorithm for a Production Model.- New Algorithms for Mining the Reputation of Participants of Online Auctions.- A Simple Characterization for Truth-Revealing Single-Item Auctions.- Prediction Games.- Walrasian Equilibrium: Hardness, Approximations and Tractable Instances.- On the Structure and Complexity of Worst-Case Equilibria.- Club Formation by Rational Sharing: Content, Viability and Community Structure.- Subjective-Cost Policy Routing.- Economic Analysis of Networking Technologies for Rural Developing Regions.- A Simple Graph-Theoretic Model for Selfish Restricted Scheduling.- A Cost Mechanism for Fair Pricing of Resource Usage.- A Delay Pricing Scheme for Real-Time Delivery in Deadline-Based Networks.- Game-Theoretic Analysis of Internet Switching with Selfish Users.- The Price of Anarchy of Cournot Oligopoly.- Incentives in Some Coalition Formation Games.- Enforcing Truthful Strategies in Incentive Compatible Reputation Mechanisms.- Strategy/False-Name Proof Prools for Combinatorial Multi-attribute Procurement Auction: Handling Arbitrary Utility of the Buyer.- Practical Zero-Knowledge Arguments from—-Prools.- Bayesian Communication Leading to a Nash Equilibrium in Belief.- The Bahncard Problem with Interest Rate and Risk.- Optimal Starting Price in Online Auctions.- Time Interval-Based Prepaid Charging of QoS-Enabled IP Services.- Mining Sk Market Tendency Using GA-Based Support Vector Machines.- Model-Based Analysis of Money Accountability in Electronic Purses.- Applying Modified Fuzzy Neural Network to Customer Classification of E-Business.- Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of E-commerce and Process Improvement.- Application of Integrated Web Services-Based E-business and Web Services-Based Business Process Monitoring.- A Note on the Cramer-Damgård Identification Scheme.- Formal Analysis and Improvement of the State Transition Model for Intrusion Tolerant System.- Secure Fingerprint-Based Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smartcards.- New Authentication Prool Providing User Anonymity in Open Network.- Effective Filtering for Collaborative Publishing.- Experimental Evaluation of an eBay-Style Self-reporting Reputation Mechanism.- An Architecture for Evolutionary Adaptive Web Systems.- A Collaborative E-learning System Based on Multi-agent.- A Class of Possibilistic Portfolio Selection Models and Algorithms.- An Empirical Study of Volatility Predictions: Sk Market Analysis Using Neural Networks.- A New Algorithm Based on Copulas for Financial Risk Calculation with Applications to Chinese Sk Markets.- Design of Anonymity-Preserving User Authentication and Key Agreement Prool for Ubiquitous Computing Environments.- An Efficient Identity-Based Key Exchange Prool with KGS Forward Secrecy for Low-Power Devices.- To Build a Blocklist Based on the Cost of Spam.- Total Dominating Set Games.- Local Flow Betweenness Centrality for Clustering Community Graphs.- Computerized Collaborative Support for Enhancing Human’s Creativity for Networked Community.- New Results on Online Replacement Problem.- Online Bin Packing of Fragile Objects with Application in Cellular Networks.- Online Algorithms for the Vehicle Scheduling Problem with Time Objective.- On Solving Coverage Problems in a Wireless Sensor Network Using Voronoi Diagrams.- A Computational Model of Mortgage Prepayment Options.- Efficient Algorithms for the Electric Power Transaction Problem.- Looking for Arbitrage or Term Structures in Frictional Markets.- A Framework on Compound Knowledge Push System Oriented to Organizational Employees.- Effective Decision Making by Self-evaluation in the Multi-agent Environment.- Overlay Based Mapping Egress Service Path Between MPLS Domains.- An Adaptive Group-Based Reputation System in Peer-to-Peer Networks.- A Comparative Study on Marketing Mix Models for Digital Products.- Optimal Pricing for Web Search Engines.- Pricing Strategy of Mixed Traditional and Online Distribution Channels Based on Stackelberg Game.- Packing Trees in Communication Networks.- Truthful Algorithms for Scheduling Selfish Tasks on Parallel Machines.- Incentive Compatible Multiagent Constraint Optimization.- Design of Incentive Compatible Mechanisms for Stackelberg Problems.- Proportional QoS in Differentiated Services Networks: Capacity Management, Equilibrium Analysis and Elastic Demands.- Can “Bill-and-Keep” Peering Be Mutually Beneficial?.- Design of P2P Grid Networking Architecture Using k-Redundancy Scheme Based Group Peer Concept.- An Integrated Classification Method: Combination of LP and LDA.- Cooperation Evolution of Indirect Reciprocity by Discrimination.- Fixed-Point Model and Schedule Reliability of Morning Commuting in Shastic and Time-Dependent Transport Networks.- Computing Equilibria in a Fisher Market with Linear Single-Constraint Production Units.- Majority Equilibrium of Distribution Centers Allocation in Supply Chain Management.- Traversal Pattern Mining in Web Environment.- An Analysis of Search Engine Switching Behavior Using Click Streams.- Study on Improving Efficiency of Knowledge Sharing in Knowledge-Intensive Organization.- Traffic Models for Community-Based Ranking and Navigation.- On the Efficacy of Detecting and Punishing Selfish Peers.- Semantic Web Recommender System Based Personalization Service for User XQuery Pattern.- Multi-unit Combinatorial Reverse Auctions with Transformability Relationships Among Goods.- Winner Determination in Discount Auctions.- On the Competitive Ratio of the Random Sampling Auction.- The Pricing Strategies for Agents in Real E-commerce.- Why Do Information Gatekeepers Charge Zero Subscription Fees?.- Cost-Driven Web Service Selection Using Genetic Algorithm.- On Modeling Internet QoS Provisioning from Economic Models.- Metadata and Information Asset for Infomediary Business Model on Primary Product Market.- On Protection of Threatened Unstructured Overlays: An Economic Defense Model and Its Applications.- Outsourcing Internet Security: Economic Analysis of Incentives for Managed Security Service Providers.- Secure Construction of Virtual Organizations in Grid Computing Systems.- A Graph-Theoretic Network Security Game.- Nash Equilibria and Dominant Strategies in Routing.- Atomic Selfish Routing in Networks: A Survey.- Heuristic Approaches to Service Level Agreements in Packet Networks.- A Fixed Point Approach for the Computation of Market Equilibria.- New Results on the Complexity of Uniformly Mixed Nash Equilibria.- Nash Equilibria in All-Optical Networks.- Price of Anarchy, Locality Gap, and a Network Service Provider Game.- Network Traffic Analysis and Modeling for Games.- Price of Anarchy of Network Routing Games with Incomplete Information.- General Equilibrium for Economies with Harmful Overconsumption.- Expectations, Asymmetries, and Contributions.- A Quantile-Data Mapping Model for Value-at-Risk Based on BP and Support Vector Regression.

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