Introduction to Electron Holography

Introduction to Electron Holography



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ISBN-13: 9780306449208
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, LLC
Publication date: 04/28/1999
Pages: 350
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Valid Conventions throughout the Book. 1. The History of the Electron Biprism. 2. Principles and Theory of Electron Holography. 3. Optical Characteristics of a Holography Electron Microscope. 4. Practical Electron Holography. 5. Quantitative Electron Holography. 6. The Reconstruction of Off-Axis Electron Holograms. 7. Electron Holography of Electromagnetic Fields. 8. On Recording, Processing and Interpretation of Low Magnification Electron Holograms. 9. High Resolution Off-Axis Electron Holography. 10. Off-Axis Stem Holography. 11. Focus Variation Electron Holography. 12. Applications of Electron Holography. 13. Electron Holography using Diffracted Electron Beams (DBH). 14. Electron Holography at Low Energy. 15. A Plus or Minus Sign in the Fourier Transform? Bibliography. Index.

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