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This is a book to savor ... Stories such as this are too infrequently encountered. Grady Harp, Top 50 Reviewer

In 1968, four thirteen year old boys of diverse racial background meet on Cape Cod and form an unlikely bond which lasts a lifetime or two or three - two Wampanoag twins, Amos and Vern (poor townies), an Irish Catholic kid from Southie, Timmy (middle class summer cottage people) and a WASP, Brett (of rich second and third home snobbage). You would never find these four's parents socializing together at a cookout. But in the summer of 1968, the boys were inseparable. They did things, which led them to try other things and as a result, find something, which ultimately leaves them having opened Pandora's Box, a box which will take them 24 years and two lifetimes to close ... or so they think.

The boys unleashed a little known Wampanoag Indian legend, Pukwudgees - evil, vicious, homicidal, dwarf Indians that brought down giants, fed Wampanoag babies to crows and whose stories were used throughout the ages to keep Wampanoag children close to home. Their leader, Pomarat is a skilled killer. If he engaged you in conversation, he would send a cold chill of unease up your spine. He oozed evil and his swift, unanticipated actions soon after would confirm it.

Simple story line? No, not quite. Enemies become friends and friends become enemies. Poor become rich, middle class become dead, and the rich, well ... stay rich. It is a story of human nature, be it evil little Pukwudgees, Wampanoags, Irish Catholics or WASPS. It's a story of diversity before there was social media, cell phones or the manufactured term "diversity". Broadcast media was limited to 'The News' at 6:00 and 11:00 on the three major networks and PBS. The wonder of this story is you get lost in it and don't want to come out. The characters embrace you through dialogue. You become attached to them. You ultimately empathize with protagonists and some of the antagonists alike and understand their point of view and ask yourself, "What if I were in their shoes?"

Buckle up for a fast pace thriller that includes, the golf shot of a lifetime, a sunrise fishing charter, an alleged witch, Bill Cosby, the former Wharf Tavern in Boston, Rockefeller Center in NYC, a shillelagh and a sling shot, up and coming Southie mobsters, pro football, Samuel Bellamy, and of course, mom, blueberry pie and the girl he left behind. This story is whacked.

ITCHIWAN - everybody loves a good bedtime story. But now that you're grown up, nobody reads them to you anymore. Treat yourself. Let me tell you a story ...

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781078775519
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 02/12/2020
Pages: 398
Sales rank: 653,476
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.89(d)

About the Author

Joe and his wife Nancy have lived year round on the Cape since 1984. However, according to local customs, only their daughter Kaylyn can be considered a native Cape Codder.
Joe has engaged in numerous occupations and activities from paper boy, to bag boy, to laborer, to metal fabricator, to bank examiner, to CFO, to COO, to ghost youth sports writer, to entrepreneur, to movie extra, while writing along the way.
His roots were in Marlboro, MA and he’s been replanted in Boston, Washington DC, New York, San Juan, Houston and finally Cape Cod where he expects to remain firmly planted barring any climatic catastrophes … “knock on wood.”
Learn more about J.J. Cunis and the origins of Itchiwan at and @jjcunis on Facebook and Instagram.
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