Katie and Spirit Wolf: The Spirit World Does Exist

Katie and Spirit Wolf: The Spirit World Does Exist

by Littlewolf Griffith


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Lorraine Griffith better known as Grandmother Littlewolf has always had her feet part in the white mans world and part in the Native American spiritual world.

She has traveled through out the US with her husband a Retired United States Marine with 30 years of military service behind him.

During their travels she has come in contact with many Native American Indians of different tribal affilations through the country.

She has seen and talked to many shaman and others who have ventured into the spiritual world and who have been willing to share their knowledge with her. While seeking their help in her travels she has seen and heard many stories from her Indian people of the here and now and the spiritual aspects of the Native world.

While growing up in the Bear Mountain and Danville, Virginia areas of Virginia she had the opportunity to see and observe first hand what the healing aspects of Indian life is like. Her mother Pauline and her grandmother Lottie Johns were both Monacan Indians, who spent many hours among their people helping them and keeping them well through spiritual prayers and Native herbs.

They always knew when someone had died because the person who passed would appear before them and let them know that they had passed over to the Creators side.

She had heard her mother talk to the spirits as if they were in the same room with her.

Grand mother Littlewolf herself has seen and talked to those in the spirit world many times. she is a seer and has seen many things that has happened before they happened.

Lorraine, has been in her time a Private Detective owning her own L & G Detective Agency while living in Arab Alabama.

She traveled to the Gulf Shores area of Alabama where she and her husband raised two beautiful wolves for a period of time, one her favorites was named Spirit a huge wolf that was part Kensington Timber and a part European breed that she raised from a pup.

So with this experience under her belt and her psychic abilities one can understand why after her travels she decided to author Kate Cody Private Detective and Spirit Wolf an amazing wolf that could read your mind and talk to you. Who together became a crime fighting team with Mama Blue the old Monacan Elder who lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Characters who were in a sense a part of her past.

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ISBN-13: 9781432779221
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 01/26/2012
Pages: 64
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