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Know from Nothing

Know from Nothing

by Lawrence Sharpe


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My name is Lawrence Sharpe. This is the purest form of who I am. All in all, it really means nothing, but is intended to educate, entertain and inspire. I understand that one day I will die, and I hope the pieces of me you imbibe will help you on this upside down, holographic adventure we call life. I've given you the keys, it's up to you to find which ones fit. Good luck and I'll see you at the finish line.

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ISBN-13: 9781452056920
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/29/2010
Pages: 588
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.31(d)

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Know From Nothing

By Lawrence Sharpe


Copyright © 2010 Lawrence Sharpe
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-5692-0

Chapter One

A Chasm Roaming through vacant space Alone The emptiness is cold Vast, Though no sound made its way into the basin Nowhere to ricochet The echoes couldn't grow They just floated out and evaporated I held a steady pace ... But to where I didn't know And I really didn't care I write with the gloves off And share what's in me squared Bare bone and open Dared to venture up the stairs On and on and higher still Prepared to reveal my failures In the hope you heard my prayers Time cannot love anyone It's not allowed to share A Delayed Response My thoughts were clotted and blocked off ... Clogged up and stopped ... It cost me an evening Improbable cause Common flaws breed Phenomenal loss Inertia deposits A delayed response Echoes my consciousness Suspending ideas So none are acknowledged And nothings accomplished Intelligent squalor Illogical walls Laudable jib Notorious jaw Victory looms Astonishing webs New cocoons A suitable draw Unusual depth Incessant production Of formulated equations A bag full of assumptions Nothing escapes A Distinct Dizzy Pimp toe Skimpy vim Limited whimsy Flimsy grip ... A distinct dizzy Rhythm of the thin Brittle divots Dip and dimple Simple little spins ... Slim signals Ninja yin Grim shivers The wind ... Any given line shimmers Glitter in the glib ... Dribble ricochets Rinse away the ridge Double vision vividly mixed With nimble bits of vigour Nibble on the myth ... In the middle of the mist I mumble to myself and figure ... I think of all the slivers Of information I deliver I mutter softly And slowly flutter into flame It's so exhausting To be controlled by an offer It's like a voice talking Calling out to me And wanting more ... How much can I absorb? In such a short time What stress will it afford? If it overloads my mind It attacks me when I'm bored And forces my hand to glide A Generous Bustle North powder To the sands of red Lebanon Below hour First hand seclusion Moot overtones Under the moon Between writhing gusts of warm summer winds Stars melt through That royal blue expanse Carats skim the ocean Carats spin and dance And for the most brief moment The galaxy exhales A Genuine Draft Here's a new one Just for you Just in time It's been a while ... A wild ride Now and then I'll smile Slip and slide Arrive in style ... Now it's time Paradigms compiled Compilations rise Secret files ... Those are mine In separate piles Priceless works Of the highest calibre ... The finest words Piece of mind can buy ... Verses worth The years I've tried Tears I've cried To fulfill my purpose ... Cleared my mind And decided to write ... I made the choice to change I chose to fight And make it on my own With no assistance All alone I owed myself ... For your enjoyment A Local Synthetic The devil thrives on border towns Feeding on big dreams Chaos and disorder Alcohol and all that brings The devil's watching now As I expose him and his schemes There's nothing he can do But take revenge on my friends And infect my family My intelligence makes it enticing It's too terrific to pass by To damn an innocent to hell Anyway you can and fry them He gets into the very worst of a person Brings it to the surface Then he nurses it through pain It grows unbeknownst to the host Until it hatches Cracks open Is the devil catching up? Or am I slowing down? Is there somewhere I can go to figure out how to beat him? A New Day Holistic sleeves of light Funnelled into tunnels Of arid dream states That placid fabric of desire Its vintage application An almost holographic effect Virtual sensations Luminesce ... By dawn New incarnations Bless the milk of the waking world Nestled between fantastic allegories Fantasy intact At the mouth of St. Peters South delta prattle Ambrosia for the people Castles in their heart Chalice of the sleeping Visions to visionary vistas Olympia in the teaching A New Morning A cue from a new morning Soaring through the day It's the vagabond With mondo confidence Sudden fits of brilliance Bits of genius Hostile vim Probable galaxies At impossible speeds in fractals Zodiac hand Cumulus moustache Cold fall into shams Splashing in the dust Cousin of the storm Prayer finds anguish In the form of language torn A cue from the morning Brought a smile to my face Soaring through the day Serving innards on dinner plates So I let the music play And felt warm On bitter evenings A Noisy Stroll The ventriloquist returns Words fall behind me Bound from stirring anymore Forbidden to touch the air That once gave life to new worlds ... Hurled faith Out of familiar stories of the time Under my control Every single line composed Contains remnants of a super nova The ghosts of old agree No one even knows How powerful a thought can be The raw voltage thrown Grope the sky And clutch stone The husk of day dreams From the dust of nervous woes Perhaps I never left A Seedless Approach A seedless approach Closer to victory Appropriate slowness Is a part of my identity I wander alone Within caves That line each side of my mind Deep inside these cavities Is where I usually hide Or spend time rewinding memories That usually find me In the darkness My heart is on fire Realms are colliding Parallel doors open and close Thunder and lightning The striking silhouette of a rose Is undermining young women Hitch on to the rhythm And let one hand go The system bucks For trust and principle For bucks it's simple Lethal amounts of negative industry My apathy grows Aside from the misery Minuscule quotes And commercialized commerce A seedless approach In quarters Epiphany Glorious notes Eclectic electricity A Softer Approach Return my enthusiasm Chasms ahead Naked thoughts in empty canyons In the blackness addressed Tangles eclipse The last sacrifice At moderate length Watered down Another offering A nice bit of shank Cutlets divided up properly The right to be frank Is reserved for authors posturing In obnoxious displays Cacophonic deposits Of a foolish disdain Allotted illogically Fully automated effusion Blossoms beautifully often A softer approach In a common ballet A new orbit Its absorbency is more than enough Immortal ordinance An orchestrated formula flung To be the one And never know it That's reality's gravity A Translation The universe trying to understand itself Is God in an adolescent sense A pubescent vacuum, a single consciousness Omnipotent, a splash of inverted energy Reverse fantasy folding into itself Backward folds rolling in perfect symmetry An orb, the core of all animate and inanimate energy That it warps and bends light Breaks and pounds to atoms with a sexual rhythm This big bang you speak of That you feel so confident in Has always been and will always be a mystery There's no math equation for the universe that will fit on a T-shirt Just a flattering assumption that will keep us safe Keep us looking to the stars for inspiration Stay homogenous, great sweep of stardust Frosts our galvanic span of black velvet Dark matter, vast oceans of planets Stand obscure behind great tidal waves of radiation The dark side of my brain That illustrates while celebrating Valour and the baby steps it takes to unlearn All in all is all we are Climax, orgasm, sperm A Vicious Melody Time has a face I can no longer recognize Chunks of invisible space Integral to the working mind A symbol for weaker bones Of things to come What will be shown ... Those most elusive lessons You find at the very end of the road A compliment to rest When those questions guide you home An answer to a guess You know to be the truth Within that truth you find a blessing And every move it took to make Those revelations work for you Yet time has a face That I was never meant to see To have privy to such things Set they antagonize me Calling out into the night Through open windows into dreams A Welcome Smirk Let this be the one That distinguishes me from you Let this one show That there is a difference too Let my temporary worlds serve a purpose You can use them to hide or journey through For the recluse or new age hoodlum Let this one show my ability to infect The person reading my verses While it subconsciously connects The aloof sentences And loose images projected Reflected back to impress To extend the limitations To create with invisible paint While paying close attention to shape, texture and dimension A portal rips open Frozen all but time and space When you step out past the threshold No one is the same Because they're older Then when they came in Abide I'm not going to welcome you Into this new door With some arrogant passage on survival Or a depiction of heaven and hell Seen through the eyes of the protagonist My gifts have been limitless Some falling short of their original spark More than not, edible No I will not invite you in To decipher my symbols Leaving footprints on the window Immerse yourself in the cogs of astonishment It's myriad of froths Cut timely into shape The abyss crows withering As the boardwalk wobbles Running under par A hand full of stars Rosewater Abstract Mining Notions swivel Post up Indivisible principles Orbit the stipulation Transparent signals transport The solid visual Tissue exposed Aborted core minerals Plasma sacks Asiatic flax axis Sun wood codes A velvet bold Patented echo vacuum Brass maggot chow Metropolis watches Black champagne Necro logic Hollow hopes for swallowed grains Follow my vodka Rock dust from moth wings The cogs run, gun to swamp gas The advantage is to vanish Into something you've created To modify and make it more than yours The piece must stand on its own Completely foreign Supporting its own merit With original combinations No one stretches anymore Those stresses form pressure points If the message is too domestic Offering no light or life beside it We all become confined If not for abstract mining Acres My afternoons are taxing But the evenings fall evenly Easily Relaxing And soon I'll be asleep Sleeping so peacefully Dreaming the way I need to be Completely free frequently Dreams keep me buoyant ... Tending these fields Pulling meals from the soil Meals that have healed Healing as normal Normally heal Naturally formal Formed from the earth Formally peeled Action Valley Hospitals were posted By the soldiers in the trenches Wounded in the tents The blitzkrieg was relentless The enemies defence had retreated from the gunfire They pushed them back a mile ... the casualties had piled up With arms and legs and bile The blood ran thick downhill With shells and helmets Radios spoke to silent dog tags smoking Pins pulled, falling trees Helicopters volley Just offshore are submarines The navy waiting for its orders Five minutes away were the F-14's With the intention to even the score Prisoners of war Or missing in action Did they go back for those poor unsung heroes? Or were they sacrificed for the corps The red, white, and blue Apple pie And the importance of liberty For which it stands And no more Activity You've second guessed me Double jeopardy Telepathy quest Investigations Examined in sections Subtle yet sexually Carry the notes Notice the melody The medley it pokes Majestically floats To the apex impressively Aggressively strokes Intellectually smoulders It totally chokes Potently smoky Go with me Toke Absorb my emotion To control what you see To hold all the thoughts That you think ... those responses Africa Sleep Africa Sleep Your time will come again Sleep Africa Dream Your body is part of the land Sleep Africa Sleep God knows your pain and understands Sleep Africa Sleep Birthplace of the first man Sleep Africa Sleep Keep all the souls of Abraham Sleep Africa Peace Can only save us Sleep Africa Sleep There's no such thing as control Sleep Africa Please Wake up We need to fight again After You left me there Forgot about me Left me scared Never thought about me Pushed me aside Said a lot about me To make me cry But I didn't ... I've thought about this Mounted strength Found out that things Must take place They must unfold To shape your fate And wake you up Like I did alone that day Like I sit alone and pray Expose the ways we kill each other Like a life means nothing When it comes to money My real enemies loved me That's how I cut my teeth Afterlife On the wind Blowing shredded silk sheets Floats a woman With the most brilliant red hair Glowing, exploding across the sky A young soul on fire Falling flames onto the night A young lady that was too young to die Cries for peace But the stars never answer She glides over town Where she was born A heart torn apart by life Makes it impossible to sleep She flies free Impossible to see She has no place here anymore And if they saw her they would only scream There's no where left to go There's nowhere else she has to be She used to call this city home She never asked to leave On the wind beyond the trees Ghosts of home cooking Agents I had to go around the stone Look beyond the rock There can be no block You're as powerful as you want to be I will never stop Picking up where you left off Why even dare to pause? All of our dreams rest on your thoughts All of our hopes belong to you We're depending on you to lead us Actions speak while teaching We only ask you do your part We ask that you keep reaching For new heights and keep believing That's where we will start That's where we'll begin to Overturn the blackest heart The nastiest mind in curds Rotten, blurred, rank, and toxic I'll deliver them first I live to serve the most squalid Stocking volumes to the moon Aggressive Lids For the gold I can Go with open arms Into the heart of the city that charms me The same city that would disarm my motives Yet cause me no harm As I'm walking My favourite songs explode into my head And to the people walking by It looks as if I'm talking to myself And I was All at once Only my eyes would turn tail Scream them selves And tell it all if they could On two scales and cherry wood I've stored more lyrics under the porch With old journals of sorts And crippled essays Embrace the cold and devastate Everyone with molten snow


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