Lady Rode Bucking Horses: The Story of Fannie Sperry Steele, Woman of the West

Lady Rode Bucking Horses: The Story of Fannie Sperry Steele, Woman of the West

by Dee Marvine


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The Lady Rode Bucking Horses depicts an era of the American West when capturing renegade horses from the hills above the homestead served as training ground for extraordinary horsemanship. It documents the life of the outstanding girl who outrode them all at stampedes and roundups and the woman she became, her spirit undaunted throughout a life marked with courage and adventure, triumph and heartache.
Born on a Montana homestead in 1887, at the age of two, Fannie Sperry declared "I gonna catch me a white-face horsie." A remarkable woman who became a world champion, she raced thoroughbreds with a women's relay team known as the Montana Girls, twice won the title of Lady Bucking Horse Champion of the World, rode with Buffalo Bill Cody and other top western performers, became the first woman in the state of Montana to be granted an outfitters license, and was named a charter member of the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

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ISBN-13: 9781493017300
Publisher: TwoDot
Publication date: 10/05/2015
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 762,911
Product dimensions: 5.97(w) x 9.04(h) x 0.78(d)

About the Author

Dee Marvine spent fifteen years in Chicago as a corporate and magazine writer/editor before she moved to Montana to devote her time full time to writing. Her first book, Last Chance, a historical novel set in 1875 Montana, was nominated by Western Writers of America for their 1994 Best First Novel award. Her second novel, Sweet Grass, was published in 2003, and she has also written short stories, articles, and poetry. A member of Western Writers of America and a founding member of Women Writing the West, she is a former resident of Big Timber, Montana, and currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

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"Ladies and Gentlemen. The Lady Bucking Horse Champion of Montana! Fannieeee....Sperry!"

The roar of Helena's Fourth of July crowd accompanied Fannie to the platform in front of Central Park grandstand at the Lewis and Clark Anniversary Celebration. Clasping both arms above her head in a victory salute, she looked out over the faces of her fellow Montanans. Those who had cheered her for years now applauded their new state champion. A judge pinned a small gold medal to the knot of her neckerchief and shook her hand earnestly. "I've known a lot of fine bronc riders, Fannie, but you're the best." The other judges, too, stepped forward and clasped her hand. "Congratulations, Fannie."

Fannie felt a lump rising in her throat. No use pretending this was just another exhibition. These were her people, Montanans, declaring her their state champion. Walter and Christine broke through the crowd around the platform, followed by Rachel and Datus. When she saw her mother's misty eyes, she had to blink back her own tears. "Ma, I want you to have this." She took the medal from her scarf and pinned it on Rachel's dress collar. "You're the real champion of Montana." Rachel held her head high with pride, happy tears streaming.

Table of Contents

(1) Homestead and Horses (2) Riding with the Cowboys (3) Wild Horse to Bucking Bronco (4) A Horsewoman's Dilemma (5) Relay Racing (6) Winter on the Homestead, Summer on the Track (7) The Montana Girls (8) Touring the Midwest (9) Montana's Lady Bucking-Horse Champion (10) A Peer among the Best (11) Competing at the First Calgary Stampede, 1912 (12) Lady Bucking-Horse Champion of the World (13) Romance on Horseback (14) The Newlyweds (15) Defending Her Championship (16) Sharpshooting and Bronc Stomping (17) Disappointments at the Miles City Roundup (18) Wild West Headliner (19) A Place to Call Home (20) Big Cities and Buffalo Bill (21) A Troubling Revelation (22) The Fading Dream (23) More Bad Luck (24) Dude Ranching on Arrastra Creek (25) Packing into the Wilderness (26) Loved Ones Lost (27) Life with Beloved Horses (28) Broken Promise (29) Survival and Contentment (30) Hitting the Trail for the Last Time

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