Large Eddy Simulation of Complex Engineering and Geophysical Flows

Large Eddy Simulation of Complex Engineering and Geophysical Flows


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ISBN-13: 9780521430098
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 11/26/1993
Pages: 620
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 1.50(d)

Table of Contents

Part I. Fundamentals of Large Eddy Simulation: 1. Some historical remarks on the use of nonlinear viscosities Joseph Smagorinsky; 2. Subgrid-scale modelling Joel H. Ferziger; 3. Some basic challenges for large eddy simulation research Steven A. Orszag, Ilya Staroselsky and Victor Yakhot; 4. Some contributions of two-point closure to large eddy simulations Jackson R. Herring and Robert M. Kerr; 5. Stochastic backscatter formulation for three-dimensional compressible flows Cecil E. Leith; Part II. Large Eddy Simulation in Engineering: 6. Applications of large eddy simulations in engineering: an overview Ugo Piomelli; 7. Large eddy simulation of scalar transport with the dynamic subgrid-scale model William Cabot and Parviz Moin; 8. Renormalisation group theory simulation of transitional and turbulent flow over a backward-facing step George E. Karniadakis, Steven A. Orszag and Victor Yakhot; 9. Spectral large eddy simulation of turbulent shear flows Marcel Lesieur, Olivier Metais, Xavier Normand and Aristeu Silveira-Neto; 10. Anisotropic representation of subgrid-scale reynolds stress in large eddy simulation Kiyosi Horiuti; 11. Large eddy simulation of transitional flow Thomas A. Zang and Ugo Piomelli; 12. Direct numerical simulation and large eddy simulation of compressible turbulence Gordon Erlebacher and Mohammed Y. Hussaini; 13. Large eddy simulation of mixing layers Saad A. Ragab and Shaw-Ching Sheen; 14. A linear-eddy mixing model for large eddy simulation of turbulent combustion Suresh Menon, Patrick A. McMurtry and Alan R. Kerstein; 15. Direct numerical simulation and large eddy simulation of reacting homogenous turbulence Cyrus K. Madnia and Peyman Givi; Part III. Large Eddy Simulation in Geophysics: 16. Large eddy simulation in geophysical turbulence parameterisation: an overview John C. Wyngaard and Chin-Hoh Moeng; 17. Using the regional atmospheric modelling system in the large eddy simulation mode: from inhomogenous surfaces to cirrus clouds William R. Cotton, Robert L. Walko, Keeley R. Costigan, Piotr J. Flatau and Roger A. Pielke; 18. Large eddy simulation of turbulent convection over flat and wavy surfaces Ulrich Schumann; 19. The role of oceans in climate change: a challenge to large eddy simulation Greg Holloway; 20. Modelling the oceanic planetary boundary layer James C. McWilliams, Patrick C. Gallacher, Chin Hoh Moeng and John C. Wyngaard; 21. Diapycnal mixing in the ocean: a review Peter Muller; 22. Near-surface mixing and the ocean's role in climate Mark A. Cane; 23. Conjunctive filtering procedures in surface water flow and transport Keith W. Bedford and Woon K. Yeo; 24. Leonard and cross-term approximations on the anisotropically filtered equations of motion Alvaro A. Aldama; 25. Large eddy simulation as a tool in engineering and geophysics: panel discussion Thomas A. Zang; Part IV. Large Eddy Simulation and Massively Parallel Computing: 26. Parallel computing for large eddy simulation Cecil E. Leith; 27. Geophysical fluid dynamics, large eddy simulation and massively parallel computing William P. Dannevik; Index.

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