Leading For Democracy: A Case-Based Approach to Principal Preparation

Leading For Democracy: A Case-Based Approach to Principal Preparation


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ISBN-13: 9781607093503
Publisher: R&L Education
Publication date: 06/21/2012
Pages: 230
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Patrick M. Jenlink, EdD, is a professor of doctoral studies in the department of secondary education and educational leadership and the director of the Educational Research Center at Stephen F. Austin State University. He has authored numerous articles, guest edited journals, authored or co-authored numerous chapters in books, and edited or co-edited several books. His most recent books are Dialogue as a Collective Means of Design Conversation, Dewey’s Democracy and Education Revisited: Contemporary Discourses for Democratic Education an Leadership, and Equity Issues for Today's Educational Leaders: Meeting the Challenge of Creating Equitable Schools for All.

N. Lee Stewart, EdD, was a full-time assistant professor in the department of secondary education and educational leadership at Stephen F. Austin State University, where he taught in the doctoral program and the principal preparation program. He served in the role of administrative academic advisor, principal, and curriculum director in Texas public schools ranging in size from 1A to 5A. His research interests included school climate, bully prevention, school size, advisory programs, and schools within schools.

Sandra Stewart, EdD, is currently a full-time assistant professor in the department of secondary education and educational leadership at Stephen F. Austin State University, where she teaches in the principal preparation program. She spent seventeen years in public education as a teacher, administrative assistant, and principal. Her research interests include educational leadership, curriculum and instruction, educational reform, and social justice issues.

Table of Contents

Section I: Democratic Learning
Chapter 1 Teaching Democratic Leadership Through Cases
Chapter 2 Understanding Case-based Pedagogy
Section II: Social Justice Overview
Chapter 3 Special Education and Inclusion: A Social Justice Case
Chapter 4 Nothing Matters but School Ratings: A Social Justice Case
Chapter 5 The Teacher Assigned to a Poor Mentor: A Social Justice Case
Chapter 6 Billy’s Homework Woes: A Social Justice Case
Chapter 7 Compulsory Attendance or Marginalization?: A Social Justice Case
Chapter 8 Field Trip Denied: A Social Justice Case
Section III: Equity Overview
Chapter 9 Giving up Fine Arts for Core Subject Improvement: An Equity Case
Chapter 10 The Special Needs Student Who Was Moved: An Equity Case
Chapter 11 Drinking at the Prom: An Equity Case
Chapter 12 Two-Way Immersion: An Equity Case
Chapter 13 Privilege ISD: An Equity Case
Chapter 14 A Disheartening Decision: An Equity Case
Section IV: Diversity Overview
Chapter 15 The African American Who Was Not Hired: A Diversity Case
Chapter 16 The New Immigrant Who Could Not Pass the State Exam: A Diversity Case
Chapter 17 Summer School for All: A Diversity Case
Chapter 18 Program Segregation Woes: A Diversity Case
Chapter 19 Does Color Matter: A Diversity Case
Chapter 20 Questioning the Need for Bilingual Classes: A Diversity Case
Section V: Reflections on Democratic Leadership
Chapter 21 Implications for the Leader Educator and Practitioner
Chapter 22 Coda: The Obligation of School Leaders and the Promise of Democracy
About the Authors

What People are Saying About This

Martha N. Ovando

Leading for Democracy: A Case-Based Approach to Principal Preparation, by Jenlink, Stewart and Stewart, constitutes a creative departure from traditional textbooks for the preparation of school leaders. For the most part books tend to contain information, literature and research addressing the various roles a principal plays in today’s schools. On the contrary, Jenlink, Stewart, and Stewart take an innovative case-based approach that truly and effectively focuses on the highest goal of education, democracy. This book offers critical real-world cases that call for data-driven decision-making from highly committed and ethical school leaders who embrace equity, social justice and diversity. School leaders and professors of educational leadership will find an excellent and comprehensive treatment of contemporary social, curriculum and leadership issues that must be brought to the fore front and guide the preparation of future school leaders.

A. William Place

There are many calls to improve educational leadership preparation university programs. The book, Leading for Democracy: A Case-Based Approach to Principal Preparation, provides a great tool to assist in that effort. It covers material crucial to today’s educational leadership in an eloquent and powerful way. This book ought to be required reading for any program which professes to emphasize social justice.

Kathleen M. Brown

The major priorities that should guide the preparation of educational leaders for their work of leading schools in a democratic society are teaching leaders to understand the inequities of our society, to serve as agents for social transformation, and to help each and every student learn and succeed! Leading for Democracy: A Case-Based Approach to Principal Preparation is a powerful, rich array of eighteen complex, real-life scenarios that offers students a reflective catalyst to do just that (i.e., to develop the will and the skill to end oppression, to increase equity, and to make bold possibilities happen for all students)!

Julie Carlson

The timely arrival of Leading for Democracy addresses the long-recognized disparateness between theory and the reality of leadership in PreK-12 schools. This case-based approach is spot on for preparing educational leaders in relevant ways that embrace practice-driven leadership and principles of adult learning. Each case brings forth differing perspectives that invite lively dialogue and refinement of empathy, ethical reasoning, and compassion.

James Berry

Leading for Democracy: A Case-Based Approach to Principal Preparation is a resource for preparation programs as they explore issues of diversity. As a case-based approach to understanding diversity, this book challenges students to engage in, and think about, problems of practice through contemporary issues. As America’s schools become more diverse the authors challenge the reader to build a vision “for success on the principles of equity for all.”

Jim Ryan

The current obsession with testing and accountability tends to obscure crucial issues of democracy, social justice, and equity in our contemporary schools. But these issues continue to surface on a daily basis, and school leaders need to know how to meet the associated challenges. Leading for Democracy: A Case-Based Approach to Principal Preparation provides a much-needed instructional tool for both practicing administrators and students of leadership that will assist them to recognize these issues when they arise, to understand them, and to ultimately act in appropriate ways when dealing with them.

S. David Brazer

The art of leading schools in a manner that reinforces democratic principles is nurtured in this unique and inspiring book. The cases readers puzzle over demonstrate that school leadership is so much more than compliance with the No Child Left Behind Act. Bolstered by informative theory and research, each case presents real-world challenges from multiple perspectives, providing ample grist for follow-up analysis and discussion based on helpful guiding questions. Leading for Democracy: A Case-Based Approach to Principal Preparation meets a critical need for leadership preparation programs to help their candidates grapple with the fundamental social justice issues of our time.

William Tyler Page

For aspiring principals, Leading for Democracy, is a must read. The twetny-first century principalship offers more challenges than ever before. Schools are now guided more by policy than student learning. Important input from key stakeholders is often ignored as outcomes-based initiatives rule.

Engaging dialogue on issues of diversity, social justice, and equity are more than adhering to leadership standards or state mandates. And creating a transformative school culture that is inclusive is not just a moral imperative. It can provide a defining moment for leaders in terms of their core values, competing principles, and the real direction where schools should headed.

Cade Brumley

With the myriad challenges in an era of neo-accountability, democratic leadership will not happen by chance in American schools. In such a crucial time, this relevant discourse forces readers to reflect upon and adjust their practices to be strategic in the aim for democratic-mindedness and implementation. Democratic leadership, as supported through this book, is not an event—it's a way of life!

Clay Baulch

Principals need this timely re-examination of Dewey and democratic leadership in schools today. Too often, school leaders are being swallowed by a discursive path of unproven systematic panaceas designed to enhance numerical score achievement, devoid of human interaction and care. Reflection through scenarios, refocusing on social justice issues, and returning to teaching students, meeting their needs, will resuscitate and refresh education. Showing potential leaders these needs is our solemn duty in preparation programs.

Jim S. Vaszauskas

Leading for Democracy: A Cased-based Approach to Principal Preparation is a must read for anyone who aspires to be an educational leader. Patrick Jenlink, Sandra Stewart, and Lee Stewart provide essential introspection and growth opportunities with their framework for case study. This is an important book for educational leaders.

Dalane Bouillion

Perhaps more than ever before, instructional leaders must know how to deeply impact their schools in order to perpetuate our democratic society. Practicing democratic leadership requires educational leaders to be grounded in their beliefs so that dilemmas may result in purposeful decisions that reflect social justice, equity and diversity. Insightful yet practical, Leading for Democracy is a must read for both the aspiring and the seasoned principal.

John Mastillo

The case presentation allows the future educational leader insight into the 'dos' and 'don't' of decision making with respect to social justice, equity, and diversity within one's organization. Leading for Democracy: A Case-Based Approach to Principal Preparation enables an educational leader to experience the multiple lens of decision making without stepping into the arena. The authors have arranged real life situations that future educational leaders can gain knowledge in decision making prior to being placed in that arena. This knowledge is priceless in understanding the many lenses incorporated in decision making.

Lejf Moos

Lived democracy is a pivotal aspect of school life, and thus it must be also of school leadership, regardless of external pressure for measurable outcomes. In Leading for Democracy, we get a number of very inspiring cases taken from the complex lives of school principals to read and discuss and be better prepared to take on school leadership in the relational work with teachers, students and parents.

Nichole E. Bourgeois

The call of the educational leader is clear: to investigate, interrogate, and illuminate issues of social injustice, social inequity, and marginalization of diverse groups which threaten the prosperity of America's democratic promise. These are critical issues that the educational leader constantly bumps up against in one's daily work and must be prepared to address as public intellectuals while modeling democratic practice. Through the case study approach, the reader is challenged to bring theoretical and practical dimensions of one's leadership praxis into communion with the other to inform leadership decision making which results in socially just, socially equitable and liberating consequences.

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