Lemuria (Mu) The Mysteries of Khan Gu: The Great Initiation

Lemuria (Mu) The Mysteries of Khan Gu: The Great Initiation

by Signet IL Y' Viavia: DANIEL


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This book is a detailed book based upon an earlier version of a short play that was written in 1978, adapted as a rewrite of a very short play presentation written by Ralph M. Lewis, Imperator of The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. This book is a legend, but its purpose is Self-education . The format is written as a novella initiation for the Akshaya Patra Series.

There is a magical poetic elegance to the tone in the book that comes from a deep imagination that follows the Tree of Life. It is ceremonial as well as catechistic. The creation of the initiation and the ceremonial aspects are simple and they are evocative or invocative, for their purpose of suggestion.

There is a deep integration into the Mysteries of the Word and those aspects of chivalry that deal with death and resurrection. The language is meant to be melodic and is at times poetic.
It is written for oration as a creative method to make the language come to life, for integrating the mind, breath and voice. It forms many prescriptions for autosuggestion.

This method gives it a place that is not "common" but provides a sacred purpose by revealing its suggestive language, it is a prescription for the mind and the subject of seeing into, or beyond the world of senses to provide a mental and spiritual medicine.

To one a stone may be a rock to another it is the crowning achievement of excellence. It is not alone imagination. This truth is hidden in it.

This book is written not for today, but for the entry into the Golden Dawn during the Golden Age of Man.

The play itself was used by the members for demonstrating Rosicrucian Principles and practices on stage, as a magical theme and demonstration, and it was acted out on many levels of human reality, that are unseen and unreported.

The original sound and light methods used when staging the magical demonstrations were based on those principles taught by Frater Watermeyer at The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC

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Publication date: 04/26/2017
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