Lies and Liars: How and Why Sociopaths Lie and How You Can Detect and Deal with Them

Lies and Liars: How and Why Sociopaths Lie and How You Can Detect and Deal with Them

by Gini Graham Scott


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Approximately 12 million Americans, or one in twenty-five, are sociopaths. But what does this statistic mean? What exactly is a sociopath? What do they do to be labeled as such? And how many people are affected by them? While everyday lying has become acceptable and even socially necessary, it is often difficult to discover when someone is manipulating you through lies or other actions. Since a sociopath has no conscience, he or she feels no remorse about piling lie on top of lie until, eventually, the façade comes crashing down and he or she is exposed.

When Dr. Scott was warned about a film producer she had hired, she confronted the woman, only to be fed explanations and excuses. Eventually, Scott found that she had been the victim of this sociopath for five years, along with many others. In this book, she delves into medical research on sociopaths as well as interviews with sociopaths and victims alike to provide a comprehensive picture of this mental disorder. Lies and Liars also includes information about:

The types of lies told by sociopaths in different situations
The relationships between sociopaths and victims
Recognizing when someone is lying
How to deal with a suspected or discovered sociopathic liar

The odds are very high that you know a sociopath already, so figure out what signs to look for to prevent yourself or your loved ones being manipulated or harmed.

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ISBN-13: 9781634503822
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 03/01/2016
Pages: 184
Sales rank: 403,370
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Gini Graham Scott, PhD, JD, is a nationally known writer, consultant, speaker, and workshop leader who has published over fifty books with major publishers dealing with social trends, popular culture, lifestyle, criminal justice, work relationships, and professional and personal development. She is also an indie filmmaker who has written and produced over sixty short videos. She lives in San Francisco, California.

Table of Contents

About the Author ix

Introduction xi

Part I Introducing the Lies of a Sociopath 1

Chapter 1 Lies and Damned Lies in LA 3

Chapter 2 The Language of Lying 9

The Pervasiveness of Lying 9

Identifying the Lie: The Intention to Deceive 10

Why the Lie? 11

Lying in Different Situations 13

Distinguishing Different Types of Lies 14

Personality and Telling Lies 16

The Many Possibilities for Lying 17

The Continuum of Lying 17

Assessing Yourself and Others: What's Your Lie-Q? 18

Chapter 3 Understanding the Sociopathic Liar 23

Understanding the Compulsive Liar 23

Understanding the Sociopathic Liar 25

The Characteristics of the Sociopathic Liar 26

Studying the Sociopath 30

Defining the Sociopath: A History of the Term 31

The Differences in the Way Sociopaths Lie 35

The Traits of a Sociopath 35

The Many Varieties of Sociopaths 40

Distinguishing Between a Sociopath and a Narcissist 42

How Sociopaths Stay Out of Jail and the Mental Health System 43

Some Examples of Sociopaths at Work 44

Chapter 4 The Many Sociopaths Among Us 51

Who Are the Sociopaths? 51

Analyzing How Victims of Sociopaths Become Victims 52

Introducing the Victims 53

The Behavior Patterns of the Sociopath's Victims that Lead to their Victimization 55

Chapter 5 How Sociopaths Trap Their Victims 61

Introducing the Sociopaths 61

The Behavior Patterns of Sociopaths that Lead Them to Victimize Victims 63

Chapter 6 The Relationship of Victims and Sociopaths 73

The Predator-Prey Relationship 73

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim 74

Part II The Many Faces of the Sociopath 79

Behavior and Lies 79

Behaving Like a Sociopath and the Views of Others 81

Chapter 7 Living With a Sociopathic Liar 85

Ben: The Innocent Artist 86

Cherise: Caught in a Family of Sociopaths 95

Trudy: Afraid to Leave a Dangerous Relationship 101

Living with the Lies of a Sociopath 104

Chapter 8 Having a Work and Personal Relationship With a Sociopath 107

A Woman Whose Husband Took Over the Business 107

An Entrepreneur Conned Out of His Money and His Wife 111

The Wiles of a Sociopath 120

Chapter 9 Strictly Business 123

A Film Producer Who Raised Money Through a Boiler Room Operation 126

A Publisher on a Rampage Against Any Critiques 128

A Marketing Promoter Who Promised a Lot and Ripped People Off 131

Working for a Boss Who Acts Like a Sociopath 135

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 136

Part III Understanding and Dealing With the Sociopathic Liar 143

Chapter 10 Understanding the Sociopathic Liar 145

The Lack of Empathy and Feelings 147

The Ability to Lie 148

Seeking Satisfaction and Stimulation, Having a Lack of Responsibility 148

The Vulnerability of Victims 149

Chapter 11 Why Do Sociopaths Do It? 153

Fred: A Sociopath Seeking Help 153

Sociopaths Satisfied With Their Position in Life 154

Chapter 12 How to Recognize and Deal With the Sociopathic Liar 157

Recognize the Major Traits and Behaviors that Characterize a Sociopath 158

A Summary of the Key Traits and Behaviors 159

Dealing with the Sociopathic Liar 165

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