Linger (Masked Emotions Book 1): BDSM Dark Erotic Romance Love Story

Linger (Masked Emotions Book 1): BDSM Dark Erotic Romance Love Story

by V.E. Campudoni

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WINNER: Best New Author and Best Dark Romance - International Latino Book Awards!

This series compares to Patterson or Koontz. Linger is an experience. This is a true gem, so read it now!!! – 5 stars

It all started with a contract signed by her, and then by him, the top Dom at an upscale club known as The Looking Glass. She was barely an adult when she met him, and she had no business being there, but she was mesmerized by the man in the mask, though ill prepared for his demands. There was no line he would not cross.

But don't ever make the mistake of crossing him. Ask the men who raped his sister. They know. Don't raise a hand to the woman he loves. You will pay, with your body, your money, and your life. And if you think you can double cross him, think twice. He's harsh with his enemies, and the Mafia is also watching... and waiting.

Years ago, Grand Mistress Montenegro sacrificed everything to keep the Master's Society in the Montenegro family, and she believes that Enzio Salazar is the man to bring the Society to the next generation. She taught him everything. Now he is King of The Looking Glass, and Grand Master of the Master's Society. But he still has a lot to prove, and it seems everyone is trying to take him down.

But make no mistake. If you want to get your rocks off, this isn't an orgy club. If the only thing you want is sexual intercourse, be a whore somewhere else. This is for Subs and Doms. Informed consent is crucial and certain etiquettes must be followed at the highly respected Looking Glass, which costs nearly a million dollars yearly to be a member.

Be Advised:
The Masked Emotions series is a dark romance. It's a love story with strong sexual themes, violence, dark Mafia activities, and alternative sexual situations. Some readers may be offended. Others, however, will be aroused beyond their wildest imaginations!

"Hello, Dom," she said in a low voice, but he said nothing. He just looked at her inquiringly. She expected him to open the door and let her in, but instead he just stood there. She looked down, "I wanted to see you."

He nodded slightly, "And?"

She answered by looking around first, then looking back at him.

"Tell me," he calmly spoke.

She blushed and looked down. "You know," she muttered.

"I want to hear you say it."

Still looking down, she said, "I want you to..."

"Look at me."

She kept her face down but raised her eyes to meet his and spoke in a near whisper, "I want you to... tell me what to do..." She waited for him to reply and when he continued to look at her, not saying a single word, she continued, "I want you to do something like we did last night."

He looked at her in silence, but raised an eyebrow. She didn't know what else to say. She started to speak a couple of times, stammered and fell silent. She was trying to figure out what she was doing wrong.

He leaned down and gently took one of her hands while placing the other one along the side of her face. He pulled her close and calmly said, "Lana, if you had read the contract correctly, then you would have known that requesting a scene was forbidden and an action that will result in a punishment."

She looked at him and smiled. "Really?" she said in disbelief, "You would actually punish me?" There was a smugness to her voice, and she figured there was no way he would do anything of the sort.

But he just looked at her with a hard cold stare, placed his hands on her shoulders, pushing her down until she was on her hands and knees.

He turned around and walked back into his room, leaving the door wide open, and she just stood there. He walked to the middle of the room and then faced her. He wasn't saying a word, and as embarrassing as it felt, Lana began crawling into the room. "Close the door behind you." She turned and did as she was told before continuing to crawl toward him. She felt so humiliated, yet at the same time invigorated. Watching Enzio standing over her with a towering stare was making her wet. It was a feeling that she didn't get too often when she was around him, but since that day when he had made her model that outfit for him, it had been a constant feeling whenever she was near him, and that alone scared her.

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Publication date: 07/28/2016
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About the Author

V. E. Campudoni lives in Liverpool, N.Y. with his wife and five children. He is a film enthusiast, a history buff, and a true geek at heart. He has written over twenty-three books. The “Masked Emotions” series is his personal favorite.

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