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Linkedin: Tell Your Story, Land the Job

Linkedin: Tell Your Story, Land the Job

by Jeff Norman


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Meet the World's Largest Career and Networking Site: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is dominating the world of business-based networking, yet many of its users don't know how to make the most of it, while others are hesitant to join yet another social network. Whether you're a job seeker, an employer in search of new talent, or a business looking to boost your visibility, make LinkedIn your social network of choice, this book your guide.

LinkedIn: Tell Your Story, Land the Job will help you: Learn tips and tricks for building a strong LinkedIn profile, optimized for discovery Write a concise professional summary, gather endorsements and recommendations, and highlight your skills Create a virtual hub for current and potential employees and customers Take advantage of LinkedIn's Company Pages to improve your visibility Dig deeper into LinkedIn's offerings, by getting the most out of introduction requests, advanced search, media tools, and professional groups Explore the pros and cons of the free vs. paid versions of LinkedIn

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ISBN-13: 9781623155766
Publisher: Callisto Media
Publication date: 06/15/2015
Pages: 102
Sales rank: 1,144,649
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.70(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Author Jeff Norman and the Big Sur Historical Society have collaborated to tell the complex story of Big Sur's origins and the social fabric that ties the community together to this day. Jeff Norman, a biologist, historian, and writer, has lived on the Big Sur Coast since 1970.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Skeptics: Why Do You Need to Be on the Network Anyway?

LinkedIn vs. Other Social Networks

LinkedIn's Value for Job Seekers

LinkedIn's Value for Businesses, Marketers, and Sales Pros

Paid vs. Free Accounts on LinkedIn

The Top Nine LinkedIn Tools to Explore

Chapter 2 A Strong Personal Profile

A Tour of Your Personal Profile Page

The Start to an Exceptional LinkedIn Profile

What's in a Name?

Make Sure the Camera Loves You

Writing a Headline that Pops

Location, Location, and… Industry!

How Contacts Get in Touch with You

The Value of Your Projects on LinkedIn

Privacy Settings: Can You Be Too Public?

Beefing Up Your Resume Through "Experience"

The Importance of the Summary Section

Additional Profile Sections to Explore

Don't Forget to Include a Recommendation (or Two, or Three)!

Skillfully Select Your Skills & Endorsements

Maximize Your Profile with Media

Final Thoughts

Chapter 3 Company Pages

Is a Company Page Right for Me?

Company Page vs. Personal Profile

Company Page Basics

How to Create a Company Page

How to Add Content to a Company Page

Adding a Company Page Banner

Careers Tab

Showcase Pages

How to Create a Standout Company Page

Field a Company Page Go-To Team in Your Company

Employ Excellent Branding

Inspire Engagement with Your Followers

Define Your Ideal Customers and Their Needs

Take Advantage of Video

Create a "Follow Us" Button for Your Company Website

Examples of Great LinkedIn Company Pages, Showcase Pages, and Career Tabs

Company Pages

Showcase Pages

Career Tabs

Chapter 4 Groups

LinkedIn Groups 101

Why Do Groups Matter on LinkedIn?

What Can I Accomplish through LinkedIn Groups?

How Many Groups Should I Join?

Should I Receive or Opt Out of Group E-mails?

Which Types of Groups are Right for Me?

How Do I Find My Best Groups?

LinkedIn Group Use Basics

The First Three Steps After Joining a Group

Posting to LinkedIn Groups

Conducting Successful Group Searches and Finding the Most

Valuable Group Members

Tools for Finding Great Group Material

Should I Start My OwnLinkedln Group?

Using LinkedIn Groups for Great Results

How to Use Groups for Amazing Networking

How to Use Groups to Find a Job

How to Use Groups to Generate Sales Leads

Groups to Consider Joining

The 14 Best LinkedIn Groups for Job Seekers

The 15 Best Groups for Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals

Chapter 15 Searching

How Keywords Work on LinkedIn

How to Keyword-Optimize Your Profile in Two Steps

How to Keyword-Optimize Your Company Page in Three Steps

Keyword Optimization for Job Searching

Company Searching

How to Search for and Nurture Potential Customers

How to Search for a Job

Openly Hunting for a Job?

Job Searching Under the Radar?

Advanced People Search

The LinkedIn Job Search App

Chapter 6 Connecting

How to Import My Contacts on LinkedIn

Whom Should I Connect with on LinkedIn?

Connecting with Competitors

The Importance of "Who's Viewed Your Profile"

Everything about the "People You May Know"

Referrals on LinkedIn

The Art of LinkedIn Recommendations

Getting Introduced on LinkedIn

How to Grow Your LinkedIn Connections

How Many LinkedIn Connections Should I Have?

When to Get Rid of a LinkedIn Connection

Chapter 7 Getting the Most Out of Your Connections

How Sorting and Filtering Your Connections Helps You Win on LinkedIn

Effective Messaging on LinkedIn

Effective Tagging on LinkedIn

The Art of Relationship-Building on LinkedIn

Final Thoughts: You Get Out What You Put In

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