Little Love Poems

Little Love Poems

by Janice A. Ramsay


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Little Love Poems by Janice A. Ramsay

A later in life romance opened author, Janice Ramsay’s exploration of what LOVE is all about. Time and experience had made her realize that LOVE is more than just those first romantic feelings.

But where does LOVE go from there? And what about other kinds of LOVE?

Thoughts and feelings about all kinds of LOVE are explored in this book of Ramsay’s LITTLE LOVE POEMS and PICTURES.

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ISBN-13: 9781641332095
Publisher: AuthorCentrix, Inc.
Publication date: 02/12/2018
Pages: 46
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.13(d)

About the Author

Janice Ramsay has had a long career as a lawyer, but she found a new outlet in poetry and photography. She liked both so well that she decided to combine the two. Jan captures in her poems the thoughts and feelings, happy and sad, serious and funny, about aspects of life that all of us experience. Jan combined the poems with pictures that make the experience a visual delight and convey additional meaning.

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Little Love Poems

Expressions of Love in Poems and Pictures
By Janice A. Ramsay


Copyright © 2013 Janice A. Ramsay
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-8491-9

Chapter One


Words are not sufficient
To tell you how I feel
Oh, I can say "I love you"
But that would not reveal
The bond I feel between us
That time and acts create
To make your place in my life
One that parting can't erase
And though we all, separately,
Must find our destiny
Our love for one another
Is quite enough for me.


The pictures of the two of us
I love to have and show
Should be a strong reminder
No matter where you go
That my love is always with you
On each and every day
Whether you are near me
Or very far away.


I love you when the day starts
And in the sun or rain
I love you when the day ends
When you feel good or pain

I love you when you're busy
And when things are kind of slow
I love you when you're dressed up
Or just in comfy clothes

I love you when you play or work
You're gentle and you're kind.
I love you when we disagree
I love you 'cause you're mine


If I could only tell you
The joy your love gives me
If I could only tell you
How good our life will be
If I could only tell you
Just why you make me glow
And why wherever you are
Is where I want to go
If I could only tell you
I would and you would know
How much you mean to my life
And why I love you so

Next To Me

I want to feel you next to me
In this cozy bed
I want to put my arms around you
And my head beside your head
I want to feel our bodies touch
And to keep each other warm
And spend the night in blissful peace
Until we see the dawn


Can love be tall as buildings
That are several stories high?
Can love be strong as archways
Built in times gone by?

Just how does one build love
I know that I can't say
I have heard from others
You must build it day by day.

Put each stone in one by one
With great thought and care
Each rock will test the mortar
That both of them must share.

If there is an earthquake
Turn the debris into art
Overlook the small cracks
Throw the rubble from the cart.

And if you help each other
And build with love and care
You'll find there is a stairway
To a LOVE that's always there.


I love to hear your voice
From any source at all
A message on my voice mail
Lets me know you called.

I love to hear your voice
When we are on the phone
No matter what you say
I know I'm not alone.

I love to hear your voice
When you are next to me
Your voice gives me pleasure
Whatever the words may be.

I love to hear your voice
When we are tucked in bed
A whisper that you love me
Are the best words ever said.


This little bird
Was on the bed
The hotel maid
Had shaped its head
She added flowers
And twisting her hand
Gave the towels
A way to stand.

Now, I know that
Love is believed to be
Only of the kind
That couples see
But I would say
There are other kinds
This special bird
Brought to our minds.

A stranger showed us
Some loving care
We looked at this bird
And became aware
That this little bird
She put in our room
Was a love that made
Our spirits bloom.


Do you love me in the morning
When my hair's a fright
When I seem to creak with each step
After the long night?

Do you love me in the morning
In my quiet fog
When my head is slow to respond
And all the world's a bog?

Do you love me in the morning
Before I take a shower
Before I put on makeup
And I don't smell like a flower?

Well, if you love me in the morning,
When all these things are true,
Then I know you really love me
And I can count on you.


From the first time that I met him,
I knew he was FIRST CLASS.
He seemed to be all BUSINESS
So I thought I'd have to PASS.
His love came at a PREMIUM
I would have to CARRY ON, too.
I did. So he's my SEAT MATE
And we're each other's CREW.


You are very far away
And unlike here, it's night, not day,
I know you must be sound asleep
In a slumber, oh so deep.
I think of how my sleep will be...
It's warmer when you're here with me.

I like to hear you breathing deep
Your breaths a steady rhythm keep.
I long to cuddle again with you...
Waiting a week will have to do.
Until then, have peaceful dreams,
I'll see you when the full moon beams.


A dozen red roses
Arrived here today.
I knew it was love
They were meant to convey.

The thorns were all gone
From the stems of the roses
So we would avoid
The pain a thorn poses.

The love they conveyed
Was stronger than words
For words can be lost
In air like the birds.

The flowers you gave,
Like our love, grow in stages
Their special beauty
Will last through the ages.


I'm breathless, yes, breathless
And happy once again.
I'm looking at the mountain peaks,
Oh, where do I begin?

They are so very beautiful
That they can make my day
If this is what true love is like
Please show me the way.


Today I watched the sunset and
Admired the evening sky
I know this happens every day
And so I wonder why
This particular fading sun
Gave me an empty sigh.

Could it be that you're not here
To share the evening's lore?

All sunsets have their beauty
They're something I adore,
But when you're here, their beauty seems
To mean, OH so much more.


Sometimes I find relaxing
A difficult thing to do
I know that such a problem
Does not challenge you.

So I find ways to calm myself
You may not understand
They do not change my love for you
And the joy of holding hands.

My need for you grows greater
With every passing day
I never like it when we fight
And I can only say:

"Please forgive me when I hurt you
It is not my intent
You are the most important gift
That life has ever sent."


Sometimes it's hard to please you
No matter what I do
And I know from what you've said
That you feel that way too.

We've both had the experience
Of being on our own
And find too much "mothering"
Is smothering and groan:

"Please let me do it my way."
"That's how it has to be."
Each of us is stubborn and
The other's way can't see.

But in time I've realized
Our differences are small
And fade in their importance
When we see things all in all.

So I'll try to just let go
And let you have your way
I will show you that I care,
By what I do and say.


Just being beside you
Is as good as life can be
A hug, a kiss, a touch from you
Are all wonderful to me.

So as you roam the earth, dear one,
No matter what you see
Remember that true love awaits
The next time you're with me.


It is morning and as usual
I am up and all about
And you, dear night person,
Who falls asleep upon the couch,
Are still under the covers
And happily in bed
With a couple of fat pillows
Tucked under your dear head.

So I will use this quiet time
To think sweet thoughts of you
And cherish our life together
No matter what we do
Nothing is forever
And I know that life is fleeting
But I can love you tenderly
While my heart is beating.


I love to look into your eyes
And see your lovely face
I love to listen to your voice
And fill our time and space

With lots of joy and laughter
But sometimes there'll be tears
Know that I will be with you
And help you calm your fears

I want to show you that I care
And make music for your ears
Tell me what can make you smile
And how to please you, dear

The moments that we share
Are the sweetest I have known
And I want to reap the harvest
Of the seeds of love we've sown


If I could catch a rainbow
I would do it just for you
And share with you its beauty
On the days you're feeling blue.

If I could build a mountain
You could call your very own
I'd build a place to find some peace
A place to be alone.

If I could know your troubles
And take them off with me
I'd gather them up quickly
And toss them in the sea.

But I cannot build a mountain
Or catch a rainbow from the air,
But I will be what I can be
A friend who's always there.


Do you know how much
I love to hold your hand?
A squeeze between our fingers
Is like a heart drawn in the sand.
It communicates so much to me
Though it's quickly washed away;
But the moments like these that we share
Show what a touch can say.
My heart hears that you care about me
In oh so many ways,
And I keep the thought inside me
As I go throughout my days.


Some days you're grouchy
Some days you smile
Some days you're mean
But just for a while

Some days you work hard
Some days you don't
Some days you'll finish things
Sometimes you won't

Some days you're lost
About what is in you
And some days you know
Just what you want to do

We all have some good days
We all have some bad
We all have some happy days
And some that are sad

But some days you glow
There's a star in your eyes
Those are special to me
They light up my sky


Excerpted from Little Love Poems by Janice A. Ramsay Copyright © 2013 by Janice A. Ramsay. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


More Than Words Can Say....................7
Still Together Wherever....................8
Because You're Mine....................11
If I Could Only Tell You....................12
Next To Me....................14
Building Love....................16
The Sound of Your Voice....................17
A Love Bird....................18
Love In The Morning....................19
Airline Love....................21
Love At A Distance....................22
The Roses....................25
Mountains of Love....................27
This Evening's Sunset....................28
Difficult Moments....................30
Two Independent People....................31
Being Beside You....................32
It's Morning....................33
Looking at You....................34
If I Could....................35
Holding Hands....................37
Special Days....................39

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