Love Letters Volume 3: Wicked Whispers

Love Letters Volume 3: Wicked Whispers

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ISBN-13: 9781426895623
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 06/17/2013
Series: The Love Letters
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 168
File size: 237 KB

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"Are these your wedding pictures?" Annie asked, lifting a gorgeous sculpted velvet album off the bookshelf.

Yolanda set the tea tray on the coffee table, then looked over. "Mmm-hmm."

"May I look?"

Yolanda laughed—a husky chuckle that sounded like it should come out of a six-foot-tall dominatrix, not the tiny woman passing Annie a plate of miniature tarts. "If you wish. Don and I hired an artiste, don't you know, so almost all the formal photos are backlit or shot from some crazy angle. Luckily, our friend Tony had his camera with him. Most of what's in there is by him."

Annie ignored her tea as she turned the pages. "I see what you mean," she murmured as she flipped quickly through arty shots so pretentious and blurry she recognized Yolanda only by the large expanse of white gown. Halfway along, the photos started to show sun-filled historic architecture and people who actually had faces.

"The venue is gorgeous," Annie said, turning the pages more slowly. "Where is this?"

"The Lyman Estate in Waltham. Don's family is all in the Boston area, and we loved the venue."

"Ooh..." Annie pointed to one guest. "Who's this?"

Yolanda leaned over to check. "Stefan Cox? He's Don's boss."

Seriously? An architect could look like that? Somehow it seemed too plebeian a profession for a man who'd apparently left Mount Olympus to join the wedding party. Curly black hair, eyes so light Annie couldn't stop staring at them, and a gorgeous skin tone. Tanned?

"I thought you got married on New Year's Eve," she said.

"We did. Why?"

"Don's boss looks so tanned."

Yolanda glanced at the photo. "Oh, no, that's his normal skin tone. Multiracial background, I think. Don says Stefan's parents are quite colorful in their own right. His mother's Italian-Swedish, I believe, and his father is English but with ancestors from the Caribbean."

Annie raced through the rest of the photos, looking for the luscious Stefan in all the group shots. She sighed as she closed the album.

"He's single," Yolanda said. Her knowing smile widened when Annie's eyebrows shot up.

"You're kidding. He's gorgeous."

Yolanda shrugged. "Gorgeous but picky, I gather. Don says Stefan won't date anyone in the office, won't date their clients, suppliers or pretty much anyone else. I think he'd like you, though," Yolanda said, giving Annie a once-over.

"Me?" She was pretty, but Stefan Cox was in a class by himself.

"You. He likes your work."

"How—I mean, when did he see my work?" She'd been one of Yolanda's jewelry designers for barely eight months. A few of Annie's pieces were on display at the store, but they weren't labeled as hers specifically.

"I wore your black keshi pearl earrings to the firm's Christmas party. Stefan remarked on them." Yolanda collected shortbread crumbs with the pad of her pinkie. "I explained that you'd graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and had your choice of employers. He wants to meet you."

Annie sipped her tea to mask her interest in meeting Stefan Cox. It wasn't like her to lust after a man based solely on his looks, but could it hurt to be introduced? Just to see if he was as stunning in person, of course.

"Okay, but it can't be an obvious hook-up," she said. "Maybe I can run into you guys someplace."

"Darling, absolutely not. I'll throw a dinner party." Yolanda looked smug, as though she'd already planned the menu and made out the seating chart.

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Love Letters Volume 3: Wicked Whispers 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. It was a fast read, and the plots were different enough so that I wasn't bored by reading the entire book like happens sometime with the compilations. I did really like the premise of the third story. The last story was not really my style but it was alright. The first story was my favorite though. The stories were really short and ended rather abruptly. For me, I would have had the stories a bit longer and more fleshed out. But for a fun, fast read it was pretty good. I would possibly be interested in reading the rest of the installments. Rating 2 out of 5