Luck of the Draw

Luck of the Draw

by B. J. Daniels

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He may get a second chance at his one true love—if someone doesn’t kill her first

When Garrett Sterling leaves for a horseback ride through his family’s sprawling Montana property, he’s expecting a relaxing break from the construction at the Sterling guest ranch. What he gets is something far more sinister. It all happens so fast that it’s hard for Garrett—and the authorities—to sort out the facts. Two things are certain, though: someone is dead and the killer knows there was a witness.

But when the one woman he could never forget emerges as a key suspect in the investigation, Garrett will do anything he can to help clear her name. She’s still keeping secrets from him—that much is clear. But Garrett won’t rest until he uncovers what really happened that day, how she’s involved—and why everything she’s ever told him is a lie.

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ISBN-13: 9781488098932
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 05/21/2019
Series: Sterling's Montana
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 3,899
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author B.J. Daniels lives in Montana with her husband, Parker, and three springer spaniels. When not writing, she quilts, boats and plays tennis. Contact her at or on Facebook at or on twitter at bjdanielsauthor.



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Luck of the Draw 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
bookreviewersue 20 days ago
B.J.Daniels once again captured the reader with suspense and a plot that takes the reader on a fun filled adventure.Garrett Sterling is a witness of a crime and upon further investigating discovers one of the people involved was a person of his past. Joslyn was a woman Garrett was deeply in love with over a year ago before she disappeared. Now she shows up but not alone but in a conflict with another person. Upon further investagating a man is found dead. Joslyn is found but has no memory and Garrett fears she is in grave danger but from who. This was another great book by B.J. Daniels, I received the book from the publisher to give my honest review and these are my opinions only. B.J. Daniels' books have never disappointed me and I have read many of her books. I higly recommend her books.
whatsbetterthanbooks 2 days ago
Steamy, twisty, and action-packed! In this second novel of the Sterling’s Montana series, Luck of the Draw, we head back to the mountains of the northwest and into the life of the ruggedly handsome, dependable Garrett Sterling as he inadvertently finds himself a witness to murder and helping the one woman who stole his heart and previously left without a trace. The writing is crisp and tight. The characters are mysterious, multilayered, and persistent. And the suspenseful plot unravels and intertwines into a fervent tale filled with twists, turns, secrets, lies, familial drama, greed, danger, romance, and murder. Overall, Luck of the Draw is a passionate, sinister, entertaining tale by Daniels that has all the elements you look for in a romantic suspense series and yet is just as satisfying as a standalone novel.
Momma_Becky 25 days ago
Luck of the Draw hits the ground running with the suspense and danger, then falters a bit. It moves along at a stilted pace until about the halfway mark, then picks back up for the rest of the book. That said, it felt like there was a bit too much going on with this one, which was distracting for me. I also had mixed feelings about the characters, especially Joslyn who I never did quite warm up to. There is a good suspenseful story at the core of this one, but the whole thing could've done with some tightening up.
SardisYS 29 days ago
Luck of the Draw by B.J. Daniels is a western romantic suspense that’s loaded with suspense. If you like cowboy heroes, you’ve got them. If you want a good blend of suspense, thrills, mystery, and romance, it’s here. This is a unique twist in a second chance romance that has a surprising end. Read it, you’ll like it.
MalkaShayna 3 months ago
Like the previous book in the series, this is a second chance, murder mystery romance. This book continues where the previous one left off. While Will and Poppy are on their honeymoon, Garrett Sterling is supervising the repairs to the ranch guest house, after the fires that occurred in the previous book. While riding on the ranch, he sees movement across a deep ravine, and watches an armed man dragging a struggling woman behind him. He shoots into the air (never a good idea, because that bullet will come down) to let the man he is watching. He then hears 4 shots and sees running movement and a leg, not moving. With no cell reception, he must return to the lodge to call the sheriff. When he and the sheriff return to the scene of the crime, it is the man's body they find, but the fleeing woman ends up in a car crash and into the hospital. When Garrett goes to the hospital to see if it was the woman that he had spotted, he finds it is the woman who he had thought was the love of his life, the woman who he was going to ask to marry him eighteen months ago, before she suddenly just disappeared. She claims amnesia, but he doesn't believe her, but he also still cares enough to wants to keep her alive. Will he give her a second chance? Will she tell him the truth? Who is trying to kill her and why? Like the previous book, wonderful characters, a riveting plot and again I staying up much past my bed time to finished it. I received a free, advanced copy of this book from This is my unbiased and voluntary review
Splashesintobooks1 3 months ago
This is an action packed, second chance romantic suspense which starts with bang and keeps on speeding along! Garrett Sterling hadn't anticipated witnessing a murder, nor had he expected to see the woman who he'd loved be the chief suspect! Actually he hadn't expected to see her at all after she disappeared from his life but she's keeping secrets, telling lies . . . including pretending not to recognise him. Can he uncover the truth and keep her safe? This  is another enthralling read from this fantastic author. She is so skilled at developing the characters - some you'll love but others you'll definitely not! In this story, the mystery centres around just who is trying to murder Garrett's love and why. There are plenty of suspects, a riveting plot full of twists and turns to keep you guessing as well as a heartwarming second-chance romance in this enthralling read. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading intriguing murder, mystery and romantic suspense. I requested and was gifted a copy of this book via NetGalley and this is my honest review after choosing to read it.
KIJERO 3 months ago
He's a witness to a death. She's on the run and can't remember why. They knew each other and fell in love years ago. He's shocked and hurt that she disappeared with out a trace. She needs to tell the truth and earn is trust back. Can they find their way back to each other? Will two people who don't believe in luck find the Luck of the Draw and solve a 25 year old murders? Garrett Sterling is out for a horseback ride, when he comes across a man and woman in a struggle. He realizes that she's in danger and he fires in his pistol as a distraction. When he looks through his binoculars again all he sees is part of a leg laying unmoving on the ground and someone running away. Since the family's resort ranch is isolated and has no modern conveniences like cell towers and internet, Garrett must go back to the ranch to call the sheriff. They meet up and head to the area where the body should be. Rain and tall grass hamper the investigation. They go up thinking that the body is a woman only to find her abductor dead. The sheriff receives a call about an accident involving the car that sped away from the scene. Garrett goes back to the working ranch house and relays the story to the housekeeper and his younger brother. A call from the sheriff brings Garrett to the hospital for a ID of the woman that he saw on the mountain. He arrives only to realize that its the same one who he fell in love with 2 years ago while attending law school and was planning to marry until she disappeared from his life. He's adamant about helping her with her problems and doesn't believe when the sheriff tells him she doesn't remember anything, because he realizes she recognizes him. He want answers. He tells the sheriff the whole story about their past together. Her family has tracked her down and is insisting that she be turned over to her guardian. Garrett and the woman he knows as Joslyn Charles are staying at the resort ranch and she loves it there. They realize that they still love each other and Joslyn realizes she needs to tell Garrett the truth about who she really is. As he's trying to deal with that information the sheriff comes to take her away saying she's mentally unstable and that she's being sent back to Seattle, Washington to a sanitarium for treatment. Garrett's gut is telling him she's in danger and he won't see her again if he let's her go. With the help of his best friend a PI they hatch a plan to save Joslyn. They catch up to the ambulance that is transporting her and abduct her. The sheriff buys them some time. Joslyn is tired of running from her past and decides she needs to find out the truth. A trip to the man who went to prison for killing her father and stepmother sends them looking at her so called family. A trip to another prison to confront the man who tried to kill Joslyn years ago has her making a plan to bring out the killer. She invites her family to the guest ranch for her 30th birthday. They all show up. The sheriff is going to be there only a last minute call and a hit and run put him out of commission. While Garrett's family head to the hospital to look after the sheriff. Garrett and Joslyn are dealing with the members of her family. Garrett's best friend shows up to help out. Her step brother wasn't coming shows up at the last minute. Minutes before the deadline an attempt is made on Joslyn's life again. The suspects are revealed. A last minute rescue is made. Garrett and Joslyn learn about the the sheriff's accident. Joslyn decide
jkmeaux 3 months ago
I enjoyed the plot of the story although I found it difficult at first to connect all the characters and the author's writing style. Once I got into the story I was drawn into it from beginning to end. The mystery and intrigue was great and I loved the surprise ending. I also appreciated the fact that the story was foremost about who was trying to murder Joslyn/Monica and less about what would happen between Garrett and her once the culprit was caught. This arc was given to me by the author and publisher through NetGalley, although all thoughts and this review are my honest opinion.
Amigagal 3 months ago
Loved this book! I really enjoyed the characters and the story! I have always liked the way this author writes, with multiple storylines going. It is fun to see lots of things going on at once and how they all tie together in the end. It's fascinating to me. Garrett Sterling is just out riding his horse near his family's property one day and can't believe it when he sees a woman being dragged along in the woods by a man with a gun! When he looks away for a moment, he hears gunshots and then sees a body and he thinks it's the woman but......well, you'll just have to read the book and find out what happens! Garrett calls the sheriff to meet him at the crime scene and there begins a whole crazy investigation that spans several states. I was so wrapped up in the story that I didn't want to quit reading but eventually I had to put the book down! This author knows how to weave a story and how to make you feel invested in her characters. Don't forget to read the last chapter - she saved a whopper for the end!!!
onemused 3 months ago
LUCK OF THE DRAW begins with a bang- Garrett Sterling witnesses a murder. He sees a man and woman struggling and the man hitting her with a gun before he fires a warning shot. He then hears four rapid shots and sees someone fleeing the scene. He reports the murder to the Sheriff, but when they look, he is shocked to find a man's body. When the woman turns up in the hospital after a car accident without her memories, Garrett is able to identify her as the woman he saw. However, he also recognizes her as the woman he was about to propose to until he disappeared on him two years ago. Joslyn Charles, as he knew her, was the love of his life. The scene he witnessed made it look like self-defense, and he is eager to help protect her and learn more about why she left him. As he takes her into custody after posting her bail, he learns that there is more to the story than he knew or suspected, and Joslyn is hiding many dangerous secrets. Joslyn is actually Monica, a wealthy young woman who is about to receive a large inheritance and who has been on the run from her family for years. She supposedly witnessed her father and stepmother's murders when she was 5, but she has no memory of who did it. She also has a step-brother and step-sister who are collecting from their inheritances. The mystery of who the man was that she killed plus who is after her keeps the pages turning quickly in this suspense/mystery. The romance really takes a backseat to the murder mystery plots with little more than a kiss or two until the end of the book. Although I expected more of a romance, I really enjoyed following the clues to figure out the murder from 25 years ago (when Monica was 5) as well as the plots against Monica/Joslyn now. There's a lot to keep the plot moving quickly and pull you into the story. The secondary characters will be notable if you have read the first book in the series, and they add some fun quirks to the story, even though they take a backseat in this book. I liked seeing them again though in this book. This is a strong mystery/thriller with a very light touch of romance, and I enjoyed following the clues down with Garrett and Monica/Joslyn. I definitely recommend if you like fast-paced murder mysteries and/or suspense/thrillers. Please note that I received a copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own.