Made in L.A. Vol. 3: Art of Transformation

Made in L.A. Vol. 3: Art of Transformation

Made in L.A. Vol. 3: Art of Transformation

Made in L.A. Vol. 3: Art of Transformation


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The stories and dreams we share with each other are ever-evolving. The ground shifts beneath our feet. We return to familiar corners and find ourselves out of place and time. Art of Transformation explores interior states of emotional drift and the evolving place we call home.

This anthology series showcases a diverse range of voices and genres. Like the City of Angels where these stories were born, nothing is off-limits. Literary or contemporary, fantasy or science fiction, each story in this volume invites you to view this urban landscape through a different lens.

Made in L.A. Writers came into being because local readers expressed their desire, en masse, for stories about Los Angeles. As a collaborative of Los Angeles-based writers who are dedicated to nurturing and promoting indie fiction, our work is both influenced and illuminated by our hometown and underpinned by the extraordinary, multifaceted, and often surreal culture and life in L.A.


Andrea Auten

Barry Bergmann

Sara Chisolm

DC Diamondopolous

Erik Gonzales-Kramer

Nolan Knight

Gabi Lorino

Karter Mycroft

Noriko Nakada

Lenore Robinson

Allison Rose

Cody Sisco

Roselyn Teukolsky

AP Thayer

AS Youngless

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780998760780
Publisher: Resonant Earth Publishing
Publication date: 10/05/2020
Series: Made in L.A. Fiction Anthology , #3
Pages: 316
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.71(d)

About the Author

The Made in L.A. indie author co-op is a Los Angeles-based group of writers dedicated to the support and appreciation of independent authors. While our styles, themes, and story locales differ, our work is strongly influenced by our hometown and underpinned by the diverse culture and life of L.A. Indie authors face formidable challenges: fragmented audiences, intense competition in a crowded market, and traditional publishers' deep pockets. Increasing the visibility of our books continues to be uphill climb. Going the independent route can also be lonely. We came together to offer mutual support, to raise our voices together, and showcase burgeoning indie author talent in the Los Angeles area and beyond.

Allison Rose is a novelist and screenwriter born and raised in Los Angeles. Tick, the first in her young adult science fiction series, tackles mental illness, artistry, and violence - themes close to Allison's heart. It has been followed by Vice, part two of the Tick Series, and is based in a versed interpretation of near-future L.A. While Allison's stories vary in genre, her focus centers on the struggles of complex female characters and the deconstruction of clichés and tropes about women. She has used her twenty years of graphic design experience to create her own book covers, including all three volumes of Made In L.A. She is a founding member of Made in L.A. Writers. Read more on Allison's website at

Gabi Lorino is a writer, editor, and ukulele player. Her first book, A Magical Time Called Later, was inspired by several conversations with a disgruntled 38-year-old bridesmaid and her own experience as a singleton. She is a founding member of Made in L.A. Writers and has contributed to all the Made in L.A. anthologies.

Table of Contents


Infamy • Noriko Nakada

Boots • DC Diamondopolous

#MillennialExistentialism • Lenore Robinson

The City • AP Thayer

Tell Me Your Name • Roselyn Teukolsky

Shark News • Karter Mycroft

The Good Life of Duke • Erik Gonzales-Kramer

Terminal Flight • Barry Bergmann

Empty Glass • Andrea Auten

Angels Live Here • Nolan Knight

The Fortune of the Three and the Kabuki Mask • Sara Chisolm

Unwanted Gifts • AS Youngless

Star Crossed • Gabi Lorino

Call Us Home • Cody Sisco

We Found Love as the Undead • Sara Chisolm

Night of Fires • Allison Rose


Made in L.A. Writers


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