Making Up

Making Up

by Lucy Parker

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ISBN-13: 9781488020193
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 05/28/2018
Series: London Celebrities , #3
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 42,334
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Lucy Parker lives in the gorgeous Central Otago region of New Zealand, where she feels lucky every day to look out at mountains, lakes and vineyards. She has a degree in Art History, loves museums and galleries, and doodles unrecognisable flowers when she has writer's block.

Her interest in romantic fiction began with a pre-teen viewing of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice (Firth-style), which prompted her to read the book as well, and the rest was history.

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Making Up 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous 8 months ago
This is another outstanding love story from Lucy Parker. The heroine is no stranger if you've read the 2 previous books you already know a lot about her. She was a victim of mental abuse in a previous relationship.I was glad Trix got her fictional HEA. As great as this book was it was also somewhat dark and angsty as befits the subject matter of abuse. It may be shallow but I prefer the lighter more comedic previous work, although Trix was one of my favorite characters. If you've read the other 2 books you must read Trix's story.
ElleyKat More than 1 year ago
“You know, when you’re not annoying the hell out of me, you might be my favourite person.” Good lord, the chemistry between Trix and Leo is dynamite. I can't even start to say all the things I absolutely love about this book. Trix is an amazing spitfire, pink-haired, little pixie of a woman, who has some scars and issues she's dealing with that make her that much more real. Plus she's an aerialist in this awesome sounding show that sounds like Shakespeare meets Cirque du Soleil, so what's not to love? (I have a weakness for the circus arts, I will admit.) Leo is also a gorgeous creature that I want to lick- wait, what? I mean, that is fully formed and wonderful. I love the way he cares so much about his sister (even when she's being a brat), and the way he calls Trix "Tinkerbell," and the way he's self-conscious about his hot body, and… Oh man, the list goes on. This is an AMAZING enemies to lovers romance that I just could not get enough of. And they're both such nerds, geeking out about the same show, drawing little barbed comics of each other and slipping them under each others' doors… Ugh, be still my heart. Fan of enemies to lovers romances, definitely check this one out right now. If you loved Sally Thorne's The Hating Game , definitely check out Making Up. This is the third book in the London Celebrities series, but can be read as a stand alone. Trix's best friend Lily is the leading lady in the second book in the series, Pretty Face , so there are some minor spoilers for that book in this one (but not really anything you don’t know from reading the back cover of her book…)
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
If there is a queen of banter award, it definitely should go to Ms. Parker. She's got the formula of making an enemies to lovers relationship have just the right amount of insults, with some honest digs that makes even the participants laugh. Wit, snark and a good comeuppance are a delight for fans of romantic comedies and Leo and Trix have that chemistry, one that eventually leads into some sexy scenes too. It's not all fun though, as Leo and Trix confront what happened in the past and the hurt that it caused, as well as current events. The damage to Trix's emotional stability from her last relationship is something even Leo can see in her occasional panic attacks and her lack of confidence in moves that she used to perform without fear. He is instrumental in helping her regain that confidence, though it takes her some time to believe in herself again. Her feelings about Leo are complicated by her fear of losing herself in another relationship, something that she must work towards healing in order to have a chance at a happy future with Leo. I really appreciated how Trix's anxiety is treated in the story, and that seeing a therapist to help sort out her feelings is put forth as a normal activity with no stigma attached, as it should be. There are some interesting secondary characters in this story. Trix's best friend Lily (from Pretty Face) is getting married and they share some emotional times together as Trix is still feeling guilty from how she was manipulated by her ex into almost destroying their friendship. The cast of the show she is in are also being filmed for a reality show, with her co-worker Jono shipped as her partner, making for some awkwardness off set since they are just friends. Then there is Leo's sister Cat, a young woman who clearly has some problems and isn't the nicest person to be around. It adds up to a lot going on in Leo and Trix's daily life to complicate their growing feelings for each other. Leo is steadfast in his feelings for Trix and it's up to her to choose where their future will lie. Fortunately, she makes the right choice and we get a sweet ending, and a lovely epilogue too. For fun, sexy romantic comedies I highly recommend all the books in this series, and can't wait to see what other romances Ms. Parker has up her sleeve!
MaBiche More than 1 year ago
I lovedlovedloved Making Up. I read it so fast, now I want to read it again. Well, after I read Pretty Face first. I've had that book for ages. Planned to read it after Act Like It while I was in England, but I never got around to it. I'm not sure if my opinion of Trix will change. We shall see. For now, I love her. She's feisty and vulnerable at the same time. Her confidence was shaken by a manipulative ex but she got past the insecurities, by herself and also with Leo’s support. I adore that she's fiercely protective of Leo and had the hero moment with the saboteur. Also with Cat, the biatch sister. And, Leo? I adore him. He’s everything a romantic hero should be. He's had many bad things happen to him, but he did not turn bitter. He's talented, witty, and oh-so-kind. His lines are swoon worthy. Happiness. She was, still unbelievably, happiness. "You make me happy. It's as simple as that. And I make you happy. Whether you're ready to acknowledge that or not." "Fight for me, too." Waaah, he made me cry. And laugh. Both of them did. Their banter was zingy and their sci-fi fandom is so endearingly geeky. What I adored above all is Lucy's writing. It's so visual. She described the acrobatics, the makeup, the actions, the feelings so incredibly well that the scenes played like a movie in my mind. What a great talent. If I have to look for something to complain about it has to be the numerous villains (Trix's ex, the show's stage manager, Leo's saboteur, and especially Cat). I just loved the romance between Leo and Trix so much to the point that it overpowered my objections over the antagonists completely.
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
Lucy Parker’s PRETTY FACE had been one of my favourite books last year, and I was thrilled when I saw MAKING UP. Now, I wish I had never noticed that Ms. Parker had a new book coming. MAKING UP was a colossal disappointment, and one of the most unpleasant books I have ever read. The way things stand right now, I will have to reconsider any book by Lucy Parker in the future. I think I finished it only to see if there were going to be any more clichés (and alas, there were plenty). It is an enemies-to-lover trope and there is so much insult-trading and bickering that, by 30% I was fed up with it. Trix was seriously disagreeable, while Leo was a very nice guy. Of course, there was the inevitable lie that had caused a misunderstanding TEN YEARS before. Yes, Trix had good reason to be mad at Leo THEN, but behaving like she did now was puerile. If the reason for the endless insult-trading had been explained earlier in the book, and if the whole unpleasantness had been much, much, much shorter, it might have worked for me. I didn’t find it amusing. At all. It was tedious, repetitious, and to repeat myself unpleasant. Had I been in her shoes, I would have simply accepted his apology, and he would have been sent firmly in the friend zone. Case closed. But of course not, because what better way to a HEA than hate and insult each other first? So, a little explanation ten years after the “big misunderstanding”, and sex, that inexplicable cure-all, makes everything alright. In my book, the only magic “wands” belong on Diagon Alley. So finally, after sex performs its magic, the bickering ends. For a while, until Leo’s sister Cat is introduced, which was totally unnecessary. Cat is basically a redux of Trix: ex boyfriend was a toad (Trix also had the ex from hell), she spews insults (at Trix) and the unpleasantness recommences. I don’t believe I have ever seen so many clichés in a single book by an author of Lucy Parker’s stature: everything except the stepbrother is in there. There is also another mean girl, added to the mix for more unpleasantness. By the time we got to Leo and Trix talking about their childhoods and life in-between the name-calling, I honestly didn’t care about the “romance”, I had had enough of the truckload of clichés. And I almost forgot: Trix is teeny-tiny and Leo is gigantic (when they dance, her head reaches his ribs and she’s wearing 5-inch heels!!!). MAKING UP felt like having to consume Christmas, New Year’s and Thanksgiving dinners all in one sitting. Thank goodness for brilliant secondary characters: Jono Watanabe, Scott and Ryan; I would have rather have spent my time with those two, Trix’s flatmates, than suffer through Trix’s romance. Lucy Parker is an immensely talented writer: as in her previous books, the exceptionally vivid descriptions of the art world are heart-stopping, be it the show in which Trix performs, quite similar to the Cirque du Soleil, the stunning SFX makeup championships that Leo enters; such eloquence is rare. Basically, if you enjoy a story where every twist and turn is predictable, if you like endless bickering, if you relish almost every cliché in the book, and of course steamy sex scenes, you will love MAKING UP. Otherwise, read PRETTY FACE.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
An aerialist and a makeup artist were classmates a decade ago. Something happened that caused their tentative friendship to become sharp and acerbic. Every time they have met over the years annoyance rather than pleasure has been experienced. The two are now working together as Trixie flies through the air and Leo works his artistic magic for the cast of a West End musical production. When Trixie is thrust into the limelight she has doubts…doubts that she never had before her self-confidence was rocked by a cretin named Dan. With her job on the line, her confidence iffy and Leo a thorn in her side it is a surprise to her that Leo steps in when needed, helps her through a moment then…eventually…they talk. This is a wonderful story that is uplifting and just the way a relationship should be. Leo is a wonderful man who has his priorities set as they should be. He knows what is important and is willing to do what is necessary to achieve his goals. That said, he is also able to assess, communicate and be there for those he cares about. I loved this story and hated to see it end. It made me smile and care and wish I knew people like Leo, Trixie and their friends in real life. Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin – Carina Press for the ARC – This is my honest review.
BananaTricky More than 1 year ago
Another winner from Lucy Parker. Once again set in London's theatreland, this story concerns an acrobat, Trix Lane and a make-up artist Leo Magasiva. Trix is playing one of the key supporting roles in a daring production called The Festival of Masks, part-burlesque, part rock concert, part carnival, part dark fairytale and maybe a leetle bit of a smutty night out (according to one critic). When the lead aerial performer loses concentration and breaks her arm in a nasty fall, live on stage, Trix as second understudy is suddenly catapulted into the role. What would have thrilled Trix a few years ago now fills her with terror, a relationship with a manipulative and controlling older man has left her doubting her own abilities. Just when the day couldn't get any worse, her school-girl crush, Leo, the boy who devastated her, turns up, having been given the role as make-up artist to The Festival of Masks. Oh, and he's got his bitchy little sister a dream internship with the wardrobe department and the stage manager Marco Ross is a bully! Leo's career is in tatters after an actor willfully neglected to mention an allergy to certain facial products, his little sister has come back after a year in New York at school a changed woman, he is forced to share theatre accommodation with three strangers and the woman he blames for the end of his promising career in rugby is one of the stars of the show he is working on. This could have been an angst and hate-filled novel where Trix and Leo fight for 75% of the book. Luckily, that's not the sort of book Lucy Parker writes. Instead what we see is two antagonists forced to work together and share a flat (of course) quickly settling their differences. But it isn't all plain sailing. Leo's sister is like the Wicked Witch, Trix is struggling with self-doubt and can't do some of the more difficult acrobatics, there is a reality TV crew filming backstage at the show and they have manufactured a romance between Trix and her co-star (and friend) Jono. On his part, Leo is desperate to retrieve his career and hopes to win a special effects make-up competition being held in London which might give him the opportunity to work in the USA. Despite his impressive good looks and fit body Leo is insecure and suffers fits of jealousy and his little sister is clearly unhappy but won't open up to him. This book also revisits Lily and Luc from Pretty Face who are getting married at a fairytale castle. I'm adding Leo to my book boyfriends. I mean apart from the good looks, the hot bod, the humour, the kindness and the drawing ability the man can do your make-up!!! Loved it, loved it, loved it. Same sparky humour as before AND a cute hedgehog - what more could you ask? I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.