Man's Best Friend: Book One - Binaltro

Man's Best Friend: Book One - Binaltro

by LJ Stamm, RJ Evanovich

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For Amos Kent, it began as a relaxing evening sail on Puget Sound. But in a matter of minutes, a violent storm erupted, threatening life and limb. A blinding flash of violet lightning exploding over his skiff turned everything to glowing neon, making time stand still. Then there was only blackness and silence. When he awakens, Amos is in a very different world, where a telepathic dog named Grick becomes his guide to a fantastic realm filled with strange creatures and deadly danger. Their encounter with the sorceress Balera of the night dwelling Karaxians leads them into a beautiful but chilling landscape. Amos and Grick have to make their way to the ancient city of Binaltro in hopes of finding a way out of this bizarre world. Is it a dream, or has he really been transported to this strange world? Amos must find the answer to that question. His life depends on it.

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ISBN-13: 9781620958414
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 04/25/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 244
File size: 472 KB

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Man's Best Friend: Book One - Binaltro 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
KrisSpor More than 1 year ago
An Amazing Read Together authors R.J. Evanovich and L.J. Stamm have created an amazing story with Binaltro book 1 in Man's Best Friend series. From the moment I picked up Binaltro book 1 in Man's Best Friend series I couldn't put it down. R.J. Evanovich and L.J. Stamm don't give the readers time for a break because with their writing their is never a dull moment to cause the reader to pause. The characters and the world Binaltro take place in are so well described it's as if artists themselves have drawn on the pages for the world to see. In the world the authors have created readers run into characters they will become close to and other that they will love to hate. I was floored to find out that the idea for Binaltro book 1 in Man's Best Friend series was developed in the early 70's, then sat untouched for all this time before being brought out into the light. Authors R.J. Evanovich and L.J. Stamm show their great talent by weaving suspense, fantasy, science fiction, action and adventure together creating an amazing story. In Binaltro the war wages between good and evil and sometimes that line you cross is small and hard to define. Binaltro book 1 in Man's Best Friend series is a great read that will capture the hearts and minds of readers of all ages. I cannot wait to read The Awakening book 2 Man's Best Friend series by authors R.J. Evanovich and L.J. Stamm. I have a feeling of more great things to come.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anne B. for Readers Favorite "Man’s Best Friend: Book One – Binalto" by L.J. Stamm and R.J. Evanovich began with a flash of lightning, the beginning of a violent storm. Amos Kent was an experienced sailor and knew he was in trouble. Suddenly he felt a tingle, his body and boat seemed to glow, then nothing but blackness. The next thing he knew a dog named Grick was talking to him telepathically. Somehow Amos knew he wasn’t in “Kansas” any more. Grick told Amos about the other creatures in the realm including sorcerers. The ancient ones had provided for the realm by building the kark and a method to produce light and darkness although the source could not be seen. Grick and Amos found Lam, a Blue Ronel trapped in the metal teeth of a kark, and together they worked to free him. Returning with Lam to his village, Amos and Grick discovered the village served Mistress Balera, a powerful sorcerer that demanded one third of the harvest and hunt. The evil Balera could enter the minds of the villagers and cause them to hallucinate. She would send her evil soldiers to gather the harvest and to keep strict rule. She would not allow them to have weapons, nor allow their culture to advance. The evil Balera was searching for our two heroes. Could they escape the fate she had in store for them? I absolutely love this book. It is entertaining and fun. The authors have skillfully woven threads of suspense, fantasy, science fiction, action and adventure together to form a tapestry where a battle of good vs evil is played out. The conclusion is open ended, leaving the promise of more good things to come from this series. Kudos goes to L.J. Stamm and R.J. Evanovich.