Marx's Theory of Politics

Marx's Theory of Politics

by John M Maguire


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It has often been said that Marx never achieved a comprehensive treatment of the specifically political area, but in fact there is far more, and far more coherent, material on the topic in his writings than has been assumed. This book brings together everything in Marx's work which bears on politics and treats his approach as a living, evolving theory. For every stage of his career it examines the theory he held, what were its inner tensions and weaknesses, how these were brought out in actual events and how Marx reacted to his successes and failures. A particular virtue of the book's approach is that Marx's views on, for example, the French Revolution or the events of 1848 are set against what historians now tell us of these events and the adequacy of Marx's accounts is assessed. This is an important book because of the exceptional combination of historical and theoretical perspectives Dr Maguire brings to the examination of Marx's theory of politics. Although he does not attempt to solve all the problems of applying Marxism to the twentieth century, he has provided a clear and comprehensive account of Marx's approach in, and to, his own time.

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ISBN-13: 9780521108041
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 03/05/2009
Pages: 260
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Table of Contents

Introduction; 1. The early theory of politics; 2. Perspectives on revolution: Marx's position on the eve of 1848; 3. Germany : revolution and counterrevolution; 4. Reflections on the reaction in France; 5. Problems of political action; 6. Politics in the mature economic theory; 7. The later political writings; 8. Aspects of the general theory; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.

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