Matter of Thoughts

Matter of Thoughts

by Edna Pressley


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ISBN-13: 9781490735962
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 05/28/2014
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.15(d)

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Matter of Thoughts

a (Collection of Poems) Volume 1 Number 1 Volume 2 Number 2

By Edna Pressley

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2014 Edna Pressley
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-3596-2


Words of Thoughts

Quotes by Edna Pressley

1. "It will work."
—Edna Pressley

2. "Some people have it and know what to do with it
some people have it and don't know what to do with it,
Common sense."

—Edna Pressley
3. "Is your light bulb on—does it shine or is it off."
—Edna Presslely

An Expression of Love to You Mom

—Callie (Trawick) Gamble Woods—
June 13, 1915—June 13, 1990

June 13, 1990

Mom, you meant so much to us in ways we just couldn't always express.
But somehow you could see between the who, what's and when's
You have given us more than money could buy—you gave us
your all—love unconditionally. You showered upon us all.

You gave us strength and hope, comfort and joy, love abundantly.
You gave us determination to succeed, dedication to serve
others, and you gave us the plan to accept Christ as our Saviour.
For this and more we're so grateful for the life you lived.

We know there was no job too small, no person to sinful, no
church ministry that did not get your all, your time, talent
and giving. No one in your presence went hungry or without
clothes or shelter. For you were a friend to the travelers and
the homeless and outcast. No one did you turn away.

You have been an inspiration to many, and
it shows. You have more adopted
children than I have ever seemed. You have touched
the young and the old with your smile and with your
loving touch to those who needed just such.

Your grandchildren all honor you, for your witty words. Such as
don't worry, don't hurry or don't let your dresstail/shirttail stop
popping, and/or the story about how you struggled to go to college
with a tied-up trunk and most of all for your love of the Lord.

We have a lot to do and to continue in the faith for we have not lost
you, because we know where you are and whom you belong—so
for this and more we are thankful to God because He shared your
presence, wisdom and knowledge with us and so many others. Thanks
for your unselfish love and concern about others and for the home
remedies, words of wisdom and your gift of herbal information.

Thank you for being a mother of many nations and a
shepherd's mother to others. And even to the end you were
still looking out for us. You are one of a kind MOM.

The Best A B C's

The riches of this world can not get me in
I was separated from the kingdom and
didn't know when Jesus would come for me
I had no hope within

So I wrestle with God's angel
that was sent from heaven above
I would not let him go
till he blessed me so

Once more I wrestle with God's angel
till he blessed me instead
I must receive my Jesus, I said
He's the conqueroring king
I surrender and gave Jesus my heart
I lift my hand to Jesus
and now I live for Him.

It's life everlasting my Saviour gives
to me accept—believe-confess
is the best gifts for me—A.B.,C.

The Cross of Calvary

The cross of Calvary
Is where my Saviour died.
It was my sins that Jesus bored.
His blood can running down
Where the soldiers pierced
him in his side.
He washed my sins away
when he hung there that day.
It was my Savior's love
The enemy thought Jesus was through,
but there was still more, he had to do.
Not until my Saviour said, "it is finished",
that the end of the beginning began.
Salvation began at the cross,
eternal life with Jesus Christ rose from the grave.
Jesus said, "all power is in my hands",
It was my Saviour's love.
Jesus loves you just come as you are.
He will save you, cleanse you and
give you a new start.
Yes Jesus loves you and me,
It is my Saviour's love.
He lives for evermore.

The Elevator!

Push the button
doors open wide
Step right in
what floor?

Here we go
up, up, up
The sound of the bell ringing
The signal this is it
time to step out
This is your floor.

Standing in line
waiting your time
Oh, I forgot—you must sign in
No one is there
to answer the phone or give you
information today

so many employees left early
and they have gone home.
What do you do?
the doors are locked
no use trying—don't start crying
no one to answer your questions or concerns
They don't care
they are not there.
Just remember it's just old Satan
on the clock
trying to block your progress and make you stop
He wants to try to trip you up
don't forget what the Bible taught
In other words tell that Devil to shut-up and get behind me
no get under my foot

Oh but the same doors that were locked
God can unlock
You've been down and up
and now it's time for you to shine
God is the source of all our needs
Your hungry soul he will feed
Go ahead push that button
Don't worry if you missed your stop
Try again this time you will win
Go ahead, go ahead I know now and you will
know then that "But with God nothing shall be impossible
if you only believe".
Going up—what floor?
You got it


"For You"

When life does not seem fair
and you feel no one cares. Just remember
God is there Just for you.

Go ahead and cry—be sad
things will get a little better
day by day
and remember
God is there just for you

I have been there where you are today
Just a little child like you
but I had to find strength as I journey on
in this little catchy phrase
God is there Just for you.

When it has been some days, some weeks,
some months, or years
continue each day to thank God
for what your parent meant to you and
know you can count on God because
He will be there
Just for you.

Hold your head up and continue to grow
and mature to be the best (boy/girl), man/woman)
that your (dad/mom) would be proud of.
Remember always
God is there just for you.

Just for you I wrote this poem to let you know
my thought are there with you. I send you the
very words to cheer you up and let you know
God is there
Just for you
you can call on Him any time, anyplace, always
Just for you.

God is Blessing Me

I am so glad God knows what's best for me
I am so glad God knows what's best for me
I am so glad God knows what's best for me
because every time I turn around

God is blessing me
When I am hungry
My hungry soul you fed
when I am sad—Lord

you make me glad
when I am weak
you give me strength
when I am thirsty

a cup you did fill
When I am lonely
my comforter you'd be
when I am naked

Lord you covered me
When I am in prison
you send someone to visit me
and every time I turn around

God you're blessing me
God you're blessing me.


H—Ha, Ha, Ha, say something funny.

A—Applause, applause, it wont hurt you.

P—Pass it once,

P—Pass it again,

I—It is contagious—pass it on to a....

N—neighbor and a friend,

E—express a silent thought

S—sharing a frown up side down,

S—smile of spirit, laughter, joy and fun
Go ahead—smile!

Holy is His Name

(Luke 1:6)

He'll hear you when you pray, He'll be with you all the way
Don't worry about your friends, He'll be there through
thick and thin.
He's waiting on you, He knows just what to do.
He'll forgive you for your sins, and give you joy within.
His peace passeth all understanding, His love is everlasting
His name is Jesus, Holy is his name, Holy is his name,
Holy is his name, Everyday he's the same.


Dear Father in Heaven, In the name of Jesus
I come to thank you for the answer you have the master plan.
Forgive me for my sins and wash me within. Cleanse my heart
from doubt and fear. Thank you now for healing me from all my
infirmities and setting me free. I praise you Lord—for you are the
only one the Son of the most high. I thank you now
in the name of Jesus—

"I Gave My Life"

I gave my life to Jesus
I 'm gonna praise Him while I can
I gave my life to Jesus
I can't stop praising His name
I gave my life to Jesus
That's why I sing
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Jesus lives in me
Let the praises ring.

When I gave my life to Jesus
I was broken hearted and in despair
Jesus stretched out His hand and said
Come my child, I'm right here.
I'll give you living water
you wont have to thirst no more.
I'll give you bread when you're hungry
that comes from heaven ou see
That's why I sing
I'm glad I gave my life to Jesus
He hears me when I pray
my needs—my wants—He'll provide Just for me
I don;t have to worry or fret
Just stand on His promises in the Bible
you will find
So I'll be a witness for Jesus
He's always right on time.
So, I gave my life to JESUS!

Is Your Light Bulb On (Watts)

(Matthew 5:16)

Is your light bulb on
What is your watt
10, 15, 30, 40, 60, 70 or higher
whether smaller or larger
your light can illuminate in the
darkness of the night
Be a light, it is Jesus you represent
who is doing right, this is the
true light that I meant
Without Jesus being born in the world
We would not have salvation
Our lives would be shattered by the storms
Remember, "let your light shine
that men may see your good works and glorify God:".
Then your WATTS can shine on and on, and on
What is your watts doing?

Is it on or is it off?

Lost and Found

Once I was lost and did not know the Lord
I was living in sin and did not have peace within
My life was in a mess and I did not know what was next
I found myself living in a world of shame
I was on my own no one came to find me
No one gave me hope to make meaning of these things
I was unbalance and suffering from guilt and despair
I felt that I was to far gone that God could not reach me there
But a still soft voice spake to my heart
and gave me a message that I hold so dear
"I am just a whisper away
I can save and deliver you TODAY!
Hear me when I say I left the ninety and nine in the wilderness
I have come to find you, repent and accept me as your Lord
you were once lost, but now you are found,
No more darkness, but walk in the light
diligently seek my face—pray, read my word—hear my voice
For there is joy in heaven over one sinner that repented
that was lost and now is found.
God found me—Yes he found me, I was lost in this old world
going on the wrong track, doing this and that
that wasn't right I needed Jesus to get back.
I was ashamed and down, I was bound by sin
Then I remember that old song I hear down through the years
It was "Amazing Grace" he found me
Oh yes he found me, now I am loose from the words of Satan
and set free from sins
Jesus rescued me when he found me.
I rejoice now and I can say—I was lost, but I am found
Jesus found me, and I'm so glad he did.
I am no longer the lost but now I am found
I'm out of the lost and now I'm found.
Lost and found!


(St. John 15:17)

Why are you looking for evil things
out of your eyes
why are you talking evil things
out of your mouth
why do you listen to evil things
that come to your ear
why do you touch unclean things
with your hand
why do you smell evil things
with your nose.
All you have ever done is planted
evil thoughts in the mind of people
bearing false witnesses against me
denying and twisting my words
sowing bad seeds and trying to destroy me
Asking for a sign to try and persuade other
that I am a false prophet
and even worst, saying that I am of the devil
I have been to many cities, villages and shore line
teaching the truth by the wayside, by the water waves
and in the synagogues and temples
by the grave side and in the homes.
I have done miracles after miracles
raising the dead, turning water into wine,
I fed the crowd on more than one occasion
healed the sick and mended the broken hearted.,
And delivered men from the curse
You seek to find a high place for yourself.
You are persistence in your endeavor
wrongly and deceitful as it may be
you continued in your wrongful fight
against God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.
Believers take note of this and stick a pin in it.

Loud noises constantly revisiting the goals—and
to what end do you want this to be?
On the right road or on the left behind road
Believers we must spread the word
as consistently as the Pharisees did against Jesus.
We must know for ourselves what Jesus did for us.
Be a witness—not a silent one
find the lost sheep-
Help the sheep to grow
Share the word of God to those in distress
This is your journey. Lead the lamb,
feed the sheep,
restore those that are lost,
so the word of God will forever grow(Flow)


R—real, Jesus is to me.

E—eternal life, He gives

J—joy unspeakable you see

O—oil anointing His spirit fill

I—I stand upon the promises of your word

C—consecrating, dedicating, supporting the

E—evening tides come and go, just keep
on rejoicing for evermore!

Rejoice, rejoice, and rejoice in the Lord.
And give Him praise for the things
He has done!

Song of Praise

(Psalms 86:12)

I thank you Lord Jesus for all you've done for me.
I worship and adore you in this Sanctuary
For you are worthy to be praise
with my heart I praise you
because you have brought me through
O Lord, I glorify your name
you are worthy—you are worthy
for your mercy endureth forever
So I say Thank you Jesus
Thank you Lord
you're worthy—you're worthy
your mercy endureth forever.

What Lord?

Lord hide not thou face from me
For I am weak and lonely
I have no one to call on
There is no one to call on but you
Day and night my burdens are with me
I don to know what to do
I cannot go on my feelings
or seeing things clearly
If I do—I will surely fall.
I cannot give up and I wont give up
even though it gets so hard to bear
but I'm still standing on your word
that you, "shall supply all my needs"
Others Lord—I do help—forgetting about myself
Even deny what I need to do for my own welfare
Time and time again—promises made by men are not kept
putting off—forgetting to do or saying I'll get to it
It puts me in a terrible fix
that only you can get me out of.
What do I expect from you
to take the pain of neglect away
to heal my broken heart
To provide for me as a woman should
To guide and direct me in your way
These are some thing that come to mind, I say,
I will continue to help others
Even when my needs are not met or in
a shut off stage
So Lord what do I do
when there is no one I can turn to for help
Your help lies with me (Jesus)
There is no mistake your needs are not
in a cancellation state
I've got you this time, next time and always.


Excerpted from Matter of Thoughts by Edna Pressley. Copyright © 2014 Edna Pressley. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Volume 1 Number 1,
Words of Thoughts, 3,
An Expression of Love to You Mom, 5,
The Best A B C's, 7,
The Cross of Calvary, 8,
The Elevator!, 9,
"For You", 11,
God is Blessing Me, 13,
"Happiness", 14,
Holy is His Name, 15,
"I Gave My Life", 16,
Is Your Light Bulb On (Watts), 17,
Lost and Found, 18,
Pharisees, 19,
Rejoice!, 21,
Song of Praise, 22,
What Lord?, 23,
Volume 2 Number 2,
Bought With a Price, 27,
Break Away, 29,
Don't Worry about a Thing, 31,
En Route, 32,
Garden Thought, 34,
Grandparents, 36,
His Name is Jesus, 37,
I'm Gonna to Keep on Loving You!, 39,
"The Insignificant Missed", 40,
Just Jesus, 42,
No Rhyme!, 43,
"Recognition", 44,
Shout for Joy, 45,
We Bless Your Name, 46,
Where is the Temple, 47,
Our Town, Our Town, 49,

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