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Meaning and Happiness: Overcoming STRESS, FEAR & PAIN

Meaning and Happiness: Overcoming STRESS, FEAR & PAIN

by Roy Masters


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The principle of this extraordinary book is to help you uncover and neutralize the programming of your past by conquering the negative emotions in the present. Roy Masters claims that the present holds the key to the past and the future, and that to continue reacting to cruel authority in an infantile way keeps alive what was implanted in you as a child.

Somewhere in your distant past, there was an original upset or trauma-perhaps many of them. Someone or something that you deeply resented changed the course of your whole life. After that, you couldn't grow to be your real self. This is the reason for all of your conflicts and unhappiness.

Everything that has ever gone wrong in your life, or ever will, is caused by your being upset. Lost in your thoughts, the wills of half-forgotten people and events, operating through a pool of repressed feelings and desires, act out their drama through your personality, as though they were your very own ambitions and dreams.

This book guides you on the journey back from despair to truly live happily ever after.

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