by Colin Honert


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Bubbling up inside of us are ideas, ideas like sparks that ignite our imagination. However, if we didn't have the time or will to want them, we might not ever know they were there.

Unlike other books, this one is not just an assortment of writings. It is a collection of ideas contained within a larger one. Simply put, MindSpring can be defined as a wealth of creativity stored within each of us that may never be discovered.

So here I present to you my MindSpring—born from the unknown, developed in solitude, and having finally come to fruition. It may inspire you to find your own, while offering a way to awaken your imagination, taking you back to when your thoughts weren't overrun by daily routines and an ever-growing amount of responsibility.

Even though many enjoy reading for the simple pleasure, others do so with the desire to be intrigued or even challenged. The intent here is to appease the likes of both. Either way, are you ready to have your thoughts provoked?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781457561092
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Publication date: 11/20/2018
Pages: 420
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.93(d)

About the Author

Colin Honert was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Shippensburg University with a major in sociology and a minor in psychology. After college he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, for approximately ten years where he began his career in IT before returning to Lancaster. He began writing poetry in high school and, while living in Charlotte, decided to venture into short stories in order to put a collection together for a book. Even though most of his writing is fiction, he often taps into life's experiences, lived or imagined, in a way that allows many to connect with their underlying realism. His book title MindSpring is unique since it is also an idea he's created. MindSpring can be defined as a wealth of creativity within each of us that may never be discovered. So what might your MindSpring be?

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