Mine to Save

Mine to Save

by Diana Gardin

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ISBN-13: 9781455571604
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 12/08/2017
Series: Rescue Ops , #3
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 151,314
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

Diana Gardin is a wife of one and a mom of two. Writing is her second full time job to that, and she loves it! Diana writes contemporary romance in the Young Adult and New Adult categories. She's also a former Elementary school teacher. She loves steak, sugar cookies, and Coke and hates working out.

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Mine to Save 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
intriguing and enjoyable MINE TO SAVE is the third instalment in Diana Gardin’s contemporary, adult RESCUE OPS romantic, suspense series focusing on the men and women who work for Night Eagle Security (NES). The Rescue Ops series is a spin-off from the author’s Battle Scars series and several characters cross over for cohesion and familiarity. This is former Special Forces explosive specialist/ bar owner Bennett Blacke, and computer hacker Sayward ‘Viper’ Diaz’s story line. MINE TO SAVE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary. Told from dual first person perspectives (Sayward and Bennett) MINE TO SAVE follows the building romance between computer hacker and NES agent Sayward ‘Viper’ Diaz, and new team member and former Special Forces explosive specialist Bennett Blacke. Years earlier, Sayward’s mother was killed by the Columbian cartel, and in the ensuing years Sayward’s father has kept hidden his daughter’s whereabouts. Fast forward to present day wherein Sayward’s father has been murdered, and her brother Marco has come looking for his sister to give her the news. Enter Bennett Blacke, NES’s new security agent, and the man who volunteers to play bodyguard to the woman that calls to his heart. What ensues is the building romance between Bennett and Sayward, and the potential fall out as the Columbian Cartel have placed a target on the Diaz family-a target aimed at our story line heroine. Sayward Diaz was diagnosed with autism-lowest end of the spectrum- at the age of two, and therefore struggles with differences that separate her from everyone else. With a keen knack for computer hacking, Saywar is the perfect IT guru for the NES Security firm. Unable to look people in the eye, and afraid of people’s touch Sayward finds her savior in the newest member of the NES team-Bennett Blacke-a man who is willing to risk his life to protect the woman with whom he is falling in love as the Columbian Cartel sets its sights on Sayward Diaz. Bennett Blacke is the ideal man for the job as his patience and understanding go a long way to ease Sayward Diaz through the uncomfortable social and personal interactions. There is a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including Saywards’ brother Marco Diaz; NES boss Jacob Owen; Grisham Abbot and his fiancé Greta (Saved by the Seal), Dare Connors (Last True Hero) Jeremy ‘Brains’ Teague and his wife Rayne (Sworn to Protect); Ronin Shaw; bar manager Kandie; as well as the requisite evil Pablo Suarez who seeks vengeance against the Diaz family. MINE TO SAVE is a story of family and friendship; revenge and betrayal; romance and love. The premise is intriguing and enjoyable; the characters are colorful, dynamic and real; the romance is passionate and seductive. MINE TO SAVE is a wonderful addition to Diana Gardin’s RESCUE OPS romantic suspense series. My only complaint is the amount of redundancy and repetition throughout the story.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
When Bennett is offered a trial position with Night Eagle Security he is hesitant about taking it, full well knowing some of the men who will have his back, have doubts about him and his abilities, and are questioning how much he deserves the shot. But before Bennett can say no to the deal, and send them packing, Sayward Diaz gets involved and he just can't say no to her, especially when he learns her life is in danger. The thought of something happening to her and him not being there to help prevent it is more unnerving than he cares to admit... so he agrees to give it a shot, and winds up finding far more than he ever expected to. When it comes to computers Sayward Diaz can handle anything that they throw at her, when it comes to people unfortunately that is not the case, people scare her, unnerve her, and leave her feeling downright uncomfortable... well except one person anyway. The moment Bennett comes into her life she begins to experience things she never knew were possible, he understands her need for distance, her paranoia about being physical, and he accepts it, but also helps her to understand the benefits of it too. Their relationship is a little unconventional, but it works for them, so they embrace it as best they can, all while trying to keep themselves safe from the cartel that is determined to hunt Sayward down. Mine To Save is an emotionally rich story about two troubled souls that come together in desperate times and wind up finding a missing piece of themselves that they had no idea needed to be found. The moment these two appeared on the page I was taken with them and their beautifully crafted, yet sometimes tragic, story, it had Ms. Gardin's trademark emotional depth, and nail biting action, but it also had a very palpable feel to it that I just could not ignore. Since meeting Bennett and Sayward in a previous installments and learning all their little intricacies I was anxious to see how they would blend together, how they could function as a couple, and I have to admit I was pleased with their pairing. This might just be my favorite installment to this series yet, it had everything special that the previous installments had, but this one just spoke to me on a different level, and left me so moved...and also left me quite anxious to see what is in store for these characters in the next addition! Highly recommend this one, it is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through!! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
sayward díaz is not your average romantic heroine, after all it's not every day your lead character is on the low end of the autism spectrum. sayward has problems reading social cues, and she's never understood the need for physical intimacy, but something about bennett blacke calls to her. and when he says she's beautiful, she's stunned to realize that he makes her feel that way. he's a man who has been through unspeakable stress, violence, danger. and while there is a darkness that resides deep in his soul, the way he cherishes everything about sayward in mine to save is totally worth swooning over. he's a man who whose ptsd is sparked by betrayal. loving someone, giving over that much trust to another person feel unthinkable, but he doesn't hesitate with sayward. even when he knows that being with her could set off all his triggers he knows that being without her is not an option. they just work together so beautifully. sayward's life is at risk, her past with a columbian drug cartel has caught up to her in wilmington. and bennett will do everything in his power to keep her safe. he would lay down his life, because she is everything to him. from the moment he realizes she is in danger he keeps her in his sights. she belongs to him from that moment. and even though sayward tries to deny it, tries to fight it, the truth is she loves how he makes her feel. she knows he will always protectt her. that if she were lost, bennett would always be the one to find her. i really loved these two leads. i loved their story, i loved how they see each other, i loved how they fall in love. my only complaint is that i've never met a columbian who'd name their kid sayward or james. i mean, i guess it's possible, but those are not at all spanish names. and they sound really weird in spanish . i loved sayward's columbian heritage, but it didn't feel entirely authentic because i kept thinking in order to have that name one of her parents had to be american. and this was a thread that i had to ignore because it was going to drive me crazy to pick at it. **mine to save will publish on december 8, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/grand central publishing (forever yours) in exchange for my honest review.
Marie-Elizabeth More than 1 year ago
Disclaimer: ARC received in exchange for an honest review Mine to Save by Diana Gardin pairs reclusive bartender Bennett Blacke with the socially-graceless Night Eagle Securities tech savant Sayward Diaz in a fast-paced, high-stakes romance that will ensnare readers. This is the third book in Gardin’s Rescue Ops series, and for my money, it’s the one that stands out the most. The highlight of this story isn’t the mounting suspense or the plot that sucks you in, but rather the romantic pairing of the prickly, ex-Special Forces soldier and the moderately autistic hacker. Bennett is the prototypical alpha male. But despite his broody, dominant, demanding demeanor, Sayward is able to slip past all his defenses; he’s instantly taken by the woman known as Viper. Conversely, Sayward is a unicorn, the absolute definition of unique; she’s awkward, unrefined, unrepentantly honest, and one-of-a-kind. But her diagnosis, her residence on the spectrum, is what makes her so truly rare. And it’s Gardin’s innate ability to imbue ALL of her characters with dignity and respect, regardless of their issues or baggage, that makes her characters authentic and relatable and her stories leap off the pages, despite situations that defy every day scenarios. It was a thing of beauty to watch Bennett gain Sayward’s trust, to witness their relationship grow despite the personal issues each of them carried and all of the hurdles they faced. Credit to Gardin for imagining both male and female protagonists so vastly different from the typical romance-novel stereotypes. Sayward was charming and, despite her oddities, accessible to all readers. And readers won’t be able to deny Bennett’s magnetism, despite his stand-offish behaviors. Plus, the chemistry between these two was explosive (and not just because that was our boy Bennett’s military specialty). Once again, Gardin brings her A-game, delivering another sexy, swoonworthy story that’s the perfect blend of action and romance.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mine to Save is the story of Bennett Blacke, who thought his time working with special ops was over. He is now a bar owner and ex con. But, an offer from NES could bring him back into the fold of security and rescue, giving him a chance to use his skills honed in the military. That chance could bring him back to a dark place that landed him in prison though. Sayward is a computer hacker for NES. She was rescued from Columbia when her family was targeted by a drug cartel. Jacob, the head of NES has made sure Sayward was safe and taken care of. However, she just received word that her father has died and she is planning to return to Columbia. The danger is that the son of the cartel leader who kidnapped her may still be looking for her. Sayward is on the Autism spectrum. As a special education teacher, I am very critical of character portrayal with disabilities. While the author said Sayward was on the low end of the spectrum, her character portrayal is more mid spectrum. She has the social struggles of someone with Aspergers, but some of her emotional issues and behaviors are more severe than a low spectrum Autism diagnosis. Would that bother anyone who ISN'T a special education professional? Probably not. The author uses the classic, stereotypical symptoms of Autism that people are familiar with. Overall, the plot of Mind to Save was interesting and the relationship between Sawyward and Bennett was engaging and entertaining! These two have more baggage than LAX so seeing them wade through it all was satisfying.