Modern Development Paths of Agricultural Production: Trends and Innovations

Modern Development Paths of Agricultural Production: Trends and Innovations

by Volodymyr Nadykto (Editor)

Paperback(1st ed. 2019)

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This book presents the latest trends and challenges in the development of general engineering and mechanical engineering in the agriculture and horticulture sectors.

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ISBN-13: 9783030149208
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Publication date: 07/04/2019
Edition description: 1st ed. 2019
Pages: 814
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

​Improving the Efficiency of Fruit Tree Sprayers.-

Refractory Materials Manufacturing Based on Sewage Sludge.-

Increasing the Efficiency of the Technological Process of Processing Castor-oil Seeds Into Castor Oil.-

Mechanism of technical service investment in agriculture.-

Location of social capital in the labor protection of the enterprise.-

Defining Stability of Technological Process of Growing Fruit Crops Seedlings.-

Design of Functional Surfaces in CAD-system of SolidWorks via Specialized Software.-

Seed Material Size Influence on its Uniform Sowing Unit Delivery.-

Agrobiological as well as Mechanical and Technological Framework of Development of the Harvesting Technology with the Method of Grain Crops Combing in Standing Position.-

Simulation of Cereal Crops Harvesting Using the Method of Grain Crops Combing in Standing Position in Conditions of Farming Enterprises.-

Software development for the security of TCP-connections.-

The Formation of Orthogonal Balanced Experiment Designs Based on Special Block Matrix Operations on the Example of the Mathematical Modeling of the Pneumatic Gravity Seed Separator.-

The Parameters Substantiation of Seed Drill Capacity for Stone Crop Seeds.-

Methodological Aspects of Determining Parameters of a Scalper-Type Air-Sieved Separator Airflow.-

Theoretical Aspects of Plant Material Sealing in a Wedge-Shaped Canal.-

Study of Hydromechanical Parameters Part of the Water Solutions Household in Running Flows.-

The Efficiency of Tractor Application with Articulated Frame for Cultivating Arable Crops.-

Operating Conditions Influence on the Change of Functional Characteristics for Mechatronic Systems with Orbital Hydraulic Motors.-

Increase in durability of motor crankshaft pin surface by vibrorolling.-

The Coefficient Determination of a Damper Washer Hydraulic Resistance for Reducing а Technical Module Oscillation Amplitude.-

Generalization of Factors of Milk Homogenization.-

Setting Ground Dimension-Type Series-Tillage Fertilizing, Sowing Complexes for Growing Grain Crops.-

Consulting Services in Agriculture.-

Development of Technology for the Hemp Stalks Preparation.-

Theoretical Studies of Stable Exploitation Conditions of a Three-wheeled Tractor on the Fields Slopes.-

Research of the Cereal Materials Micronizer for Fodder Components Preparation in Animal Husbandry.-

Grains Dynamic Strength Determination and the Optimal Combination of Components of a Diamondiferous Layer of Grinding Wheels.-

Application of Phenoclimatographic Models in Stone Fruits Protecting From Spring Frosts.-

Vacuum cooling technology for pre-cooling of cherry fruits.-

Sowing Units for Drilling Vegetable Crops.-

Examining the creative potential of engineering students.-

Development of communicative competence as a precondition of competitive software engineer formation.-

Analysis of Main Process Characteristics of Infrared Drying in the Moving Layer of Grain Produce.-

Geometrical Parameters for Distribution Systems of Hydraulic Machines.-

Mathematical Model Changing the Value of the Process of Leakage Current in 0.38 kV Networks.-

Experimental Study of Positive Influence on Growth of Seeds of Electric Field a High Voltage.-

The usage of electricity charged aerosol for greenhouse cooling: problems and prospects.-

Development of a Motor Speed Observer for an Electrified Soil-Cultivating Motoblock.-

Experimental Investigations of Functional Properties of Biofuel Processed in the Electrotechnological Complex.-

Hybrid Power System Shastic Optimization.-

Energy Saving in the Technological Process of the Grain Grinding.-

Determination of the Duration of Spherical Shape Berries Freezing Under the Conditions Stationary Heat Flow.-

Energy-Saving Control of Asynchronous Electric Motors for Driving Working Machines.-

The Role of Social Capital in Development of Agricultural Entrepreneurship.-

Methodological Aspects of Forming Mathematic Models of Management of Social-Economic Systems Development.-

Modeling innovative economic activity of peasant farm.-

Prospects of Ukraine on the World Market of Dairy Desserts.-

Cognitive modeling in the regional strategic management.-

Managing Competitiveness of the Enterprise: Theoretical-methodological Aspect.-

International Ranking and Clustering Systems in Complex Evaluation of Demographic and Migration Processes.-

Ukraine in the context of the world organic production of agricultural products.-

Development and incipience decentralization of authority in Ukraine and formation of its impact on local budgets financial capacity.-

Analyses of Personnel Usage at Agricultural Enterprises.- Methodical approaches to implementation of financial bank stability.-

Accounting and analytical methods for identifying risks of agricultural enterprises’ sustainable development.-

Managing of the Living Quality of Population in the Social Sphere.-

Accounting essence of amortization policy.-

Problems and prospects for development of family households in Ukraine.-

Comprehensive Assessment of the White Roots Aroma.-

Influence of the Growth Regulator Application Method on Antioxidant Plant System Activity of Winter Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.).-

Effects of Different Dietary Selenium Sources Including Probiotics Mixture on Growth Performance, feed Utilization, Serum Biochemical Profile of Quails.-

Influence of Oat Seed Extract Bioflavonoids on the Antioxidant Status of Geese.-

Screening of Agricultural Raw Materials and Long-term Storage Products to Identify Bacillary Contaminants.-

Development of Formulation and Quality Assessment of Fast-Cooking Grain Composition for Pregnant Women.-

Innovative Technology of the Scoured Core of the Sunflower Seeds After Oil Expression for the Bread Quality Increasing.-

Effect of Living Mulch on Chlorophyll Index, Leaf Moisture Content and Leaf Area of Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium L.).-

Modification of Modeling Methods Toxic Hepatodistrophy in Rats.-

Technological Properties of Winter Wheat Grain Depending on the Ecological and Geographical Origin of a Variety and Weather Conditions.-

Multicriteria Optimization of Quality Indicators of Sweet Cherryfruits of Ukrainian Selection During Freezing and Storage.-

Effect of Preparations Methyure (6-methyl-2-mercapto-4-hydroxypyrimidine) on Corn (Zea Mays L.) Biological Productivity under Saline Soil Conditions.-

Sweet Ices with High Nutritional Value.-

Nitrogen in Soil Profile and Fruits in the Intensive Apple Cultivation Technology.-

Technological Indices of Spring Wheat Grain Depending on the Nitrogen Supply.-

Use of Alternative Types of Fuel for Grain Drying.-

Effect of Seed Sowing Period on Antioxidant Protection of Basil (Ocimum Basilicum L.) under Greenhouse Conditions.-

Determining the Risks of the Production Environment of an Agricultural Enterprise.-

Development of Emulsion Sauce Technology for Preventive Nutrition.-

The Influence of AKM Growth Regulator on Photosynthetic Activity of Oilseed Flax Plants in the Conditions of Insufficient Humidification of the Southern Steppe of Ukraine.-

Investigation of the Grinding Mode of the Enriched Wheat Products in the Rolling Mill 1- Grinding System of the Milling Mill of Wheat Grinding.

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