Montreal, City of Secrets: Confederate Operations in Montreal During the American Civil War

Montreal, City of Secrets: Confederate Operations in Montreal During the American Civil War


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During the American Civil War, the Confederate government’s largest foreign secret service base was in Montreal. Montreal, then the largest city in British North America, has kept secret its unique role in the American Civil War ever since. Based on original archival research, Barry Sheehy challenges core tenets of the American Civil War narrative.

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Publication date: 10/15/2017
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About the Author

Barry Sheehy is an accomplished speaker, business consultant and author whose works have appeared along side of those of Presidents Clinton and Bush, Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin and business leaders such as Lou Gerstner, Jack Welch, and Michael Dell, Edwards Deming, Stephen R. Covey, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Gary Hamel, Peter Senge and Tom Peters. Cindy Wallace is a photographer and an art and photography professor with a Master’s in Fine Arts from Georgia Southern University.

Table of Contents

Prologue: Silence: The Confederacy and Montreal 7

Introduction 13

Chapter 1 Montreal and the Confederacy 19

Hub of Confederate Secret Service Activity 19

Confederate Operations Mounted out of Canada 21

Chapter 2 Confederate Montreal 1861-1865 29

Turning Point - The Trent Crisis 36

Drama on the High Seas 38

The Evolution of the Confederate Secret Service in Canada 43

The Beginning 44

1864: The Confederacy Shifts Strategy 51

Complementary and Conflicting Agendas 65

Confederate Secret Service Fades Away 67

Chapter 3 Confederate Couriers 71

A Hall of Mirrors 79

Separating Slater from Brown 82

St. Lawrence Hall and St. Catharines 83

Chapter 4 American Power Comes to Montreal 93

Powerbrokers 96

Politicians 97

No Questions Asked 102

Into the Ether 102

Chapter 5 Trading with the Enemy 107

Lincoln and Patronage 109

A Faustian Bargain 110

The Frenzy in Montreal 112

Brokers, Agents and Speculators 116

How Much Cotton? 118

Chapter 6 Montreal, Halifax, Matamoros, and New York 121

New York's Dirty Little Secret 122

Halifax, New York, and the Montreal Connection 124

Matamoros and New York 126

Chapter 7 The Hidden Hand - John Wilkes Booth in Montreal 129

Kidnapping the President 133

A "Secesh" Town 137

The Names Surrounding Booth 138

The Mysterious Sarah Slater 140

American Politicians and Newspaper Men 141

Double-Carom 142

The Hidden Hand 144

Chapter 8 Leaks, Anomalies, and Questions 147

Overlooked Footnote in History 152

Perjury the Norm? 154

Dunham and the Secretary of War 155

John Surratt and Sarah Slater 157

Links and Linkages 159

Stanton's Detectives in Montreal 161

Unanswered Questions 163

Chapter 9 The British Players and Their Stories 165

Lieutenant Colonel Garnet Wolseley Visits Robert E. Lee 165

Lt. Colonel A.E. Clark-Kennedy and the Great March Across Canada 168

British Captains L.G. Phillips and E. Wynne at the Battle of Fredericksburg 170

Chapter 10 St. Albans Raid 177

Legal Dream Team 181

Chapter 11 Jefferson Davis in Montreal 187

Appendix A Characters in Montreal: Ten months in Montreal from June 1864 to April 1865 193

Appendix B Thomas Barnett's Museum Visitors' Book Listings, June-November 1864 215

Appendix C Jacob Thompson Reports to Judah Benjamin 221

Appendix D Blockade Runners with Ties to Montreal 227

Appendix E Cotton Pass Signed by A. Lincoln 231

Appendix F Map of Confederate Montreal Sites 233

Notes 237

Bibliography 269

Acknowledgements 285

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