Must Love Cowboys

Must Love Cowboys

by Cheryl Brooks

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"MUST LOVE COWBOYS is a smorgasbord of hot cowboys with a healthy dollop of succulent romance and intriguing mystery"—Fresh Fiction

When Tina Hayes visits a Wyoming ranch to deliver her grandfather'ss letters to his old friend, she decides to stay on for a while because some good old-fashioned ranch living is just what she needs...and because Wyatt McCabe'ss dark-eyed glances are impossible to resist.

Shy computer specialist, dog lover, and amateur chef Tina Hayes has a thing for firefighters, but when she travels to the Circle Bar K ranch on family business, the ranch's cowboys have no trouble persuading her to stay on as their cook. Especially not when she learns that brooding Wyatt McCabe—a man who makes her heart gallop like no one else can—is also a former firefighter.

Wyatt's sizzling embraces leave Tina breathless. But being surrounded by a passel of smokin' hot ranch hands can be complicated. With so many cowboys courting Tina all at once, Wyatt must prove to Tina that she belongs with him.

Praise for Cowboy Heaven:
"The best of both worlds—a steamy, wild fling and a second chance at real female fantasy fulfillment and full of to-die-for cowboys." —Fresh Fiction Fresh Pick
"Awesome read...not just hot and sexy, it's intelligent, witty, and well-written." —Long and Short Reviews

Cowboy Heaven Series:
Cowboy Delight (Novella)
Cowboy Heaven (Book 1)
Must Love Cowboys (Book 2)

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781492631378
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 04/05/2016
Series: Cowboy Heaven , #2
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 781,708
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.90(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Cheryl Brooks is a former critical care nurse who resides in rural Indiana with her husband, two sons, two horses, three cats, and one dog. She is the author of the ten book Cat Star Chronicles series, the Cowboy Heaven series (two books and one novella), the Soul Survivors trilogy, the four book Unlikely Lovers series, and several stand-alone books and novellas. Her other interests include cooking and gardening. Cheryl is a member of RWA and IRWA. You can visit her online at or email her at

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Chapter 1

Bunkhouse cook wanted.

Experience preferred.

Must love cowboys.

"You're looking for who?" The eyes beneath his dark, forbidding brow were an indeterminate hazel, yet I'd never seen a more intense gaze-or one that was more intimidating.

"Mr. Douglas," I replied. "Calvin Douglas. He's supposed to work here. This is the Circle Bar K Ranch, isn't it?"

"Yeah. He's here. Just never heard him called ‘Mr. Douglas' before."

Anyone else would have smiled at that point, but his expression didn't soften in the slightest. From beneath the brim of a dusty brown cowboy hat, his eyes bored into me like a pair of drills, setting off an attack of nerves that made my hands shake and my throat go dry. He was precisely the kind of man I tended to shy away from.

Who am I kidding?

I shied away from all of them.

"M-may I see him?"

Getting out of my car had already taken most of the courage I possessed, even with Ophelia by my side. A mix of German shepherd and several other breeds, Ophelia had been rescued from an abusive home and taken to the shelter where I had worked as a volunteer during my senior year in high school. For the most part, she was fairly timid and tended to cringe at loud noises. But she could turn into a fierce, growling protector whenever she thought I was in danger-as several suspicious characters I'd encountered while walking near the park could attest. Surprisingly, she didn't growl at this man.

Obviously, she didn't consider him a threat.

I disagreed. I couldn't even look him in the eye, much less argue with him.

Not that he was arguing.

He nodded toward a long, one-story building near the enormous barn. "He's in the kitchen fixing dinner."

That occupation certainly fit with what little I knew about my grandfather's old Army buddy. According to the letter I'd received from him, their friendship had begun in boot camp and continued on through active duty. Calvin had served his unit as a cook, while Grandpa became a combat soldier. While I could only guess at Calvin's current state of health, Vietnam and Agent Orange had certainly left their mark on my grandfather.

Grammy had been pregnant with my mother when Grandpa was drafted, and she'd had no other children even after he returned. Five years later, unable to deal with the way the war had changed him, she divorced him and remarried. As Grandpa's only child, my mother eventually wound up being the one to deal with the mood swings and poor health that were the legacy of his tour of duty. Although Grandpa wouldn't talk about the war, I'd seen the scars and witnessed the sickness, both mental and physical, that had only worsened with the passage of time.

All of that was over now, and his ashes had been scattered in the Tetons as he'd requested. When his demons got to be too much for him, those mountains had been the only place he could find peace. I had often wondered why he'd never gone there to live, but I suspected even they were only a temporary fix. No doubt he became immune to their effect after a while, just as he'd become tolerant of so many of the drugs used to control his illness.

The tall cowboy tipped his hat in a gesture that struck me as being more dismissive than polite and headed back toward the barn without another word, leaving me to find the kitchen on my own. I watched him go, wondering what his story was. Why he had been so abrupt and unfriendly.

Not that it mattered. I wouldn't be there long enough to find out anyway. I was simply there to fulfill yet another of my grandfather's dying wishes.

"Come on, Lia," I said, giving my dog a pat on her broad head. "Let's do this and get going."

I wrapped my coat more tightly against the chilly wind. Grandpa had died the first of September. No doubt autumn in Wyoming would've been fine weather-wise, but with so many things to do in the aftermath of his death, I wasn't ready to pack up and go before winter set in. Even he had suggested I wait until spring to scatter his ashes.

"Go in April," he'd advised in one of his more lucid moments. "The weather will be better then." As cold as it still was in the mountains in late April, I wished I'd waited until July.

I stared at the building the cowboy had indicated, unable to decide which of the three doors led to the kitchen. Scanning the roofline, I spotted a wispy vapor rising from a vent above the door near the center and headed toward it.

Grandpa had come to live with us when I was a child, and since his bedroom and mine shared a wall, I often heard the rattling of my closet doors as he pounded away on the old Woodstock typewriter he'd inherited from his father. I had always known he corresponded with someone on a regular basis, I just hadn't known who he was writing to until I read his will.

To be honest, I hadn't expected the address to be current, but my letter to Calvin Douglas had received a reasonably prompt reply. In it, he thanked me for informing him of Grandpa's death and offered his condolences, stating that he hadn't heard from his old friend in more than two years.

I hadn't been surprised to learn that-the timing was about the same as when I'd given up my job and my apartment and moved back home to help care for my deteriorating grandparent. By then, he'd been in no condition to write letters, his dementia having progressed to the point that we probably should have put him in a nursing home. Mom simply couldn't handle him. God knew I was no nurse, but I'd managed fairly well until a few weeks before the end.

Despite being too weak to get out of bed, he was still a danger-to himself and everyone around him. I could never decide which hurt worse, his grip on my arm-and once around my neck-or the maniacal hatred in his eyes when he'd been overcome by a bout of paranoia. The memory made me shudder as I climbed the two steps up to a small wooden landing.

In response to my knock, a tall, rail-thin man with sparse gray hair opened the door. "Tina Hayes?"

I nodded, holding out a hand that was still trembling from my encounter with the cowboy. "You must be Mr. Douglas."

"Calvin," he corrected. He looked even older than Grandpa had when he died, but his handshake was firm and he was at least smiling. Smiling men had become something of a rarity in my life, except for those who existed solely in my imagination. I'd become accustomed to Grandpa's wild-eyed glares, his doctor's solemn mask, and then there was the funeral director's grave countenance. Even the lawyer hadn't smiled much. On the other hand, my favorite firehouse fantasy had seen me through many trials and tribulations. Cooking for a bunch of handsome, hunky firemen, laughing with them, making love with those who weren't married, and flirting with those who had wives.

I wish...

"Thanks for your directions," I said, yanking my thoughts back to the present. "I might not have made it here without them-even with the GPS on my phone."

I'd driven across the country with Grandpa's ashes in a box in the trunk and Calvin's letter taped to the dashboard. Having lived in Kentucky all my life, Wyoming's vast open spaces and rocky terrain were completely foreign to me. Now that I'd finally seen the Tetons in person, I wished I'd found the time to accompany Grandpa on some of his trips out west. Unfortunately, school and work had always gotten in the way.

Always too busy.

And now it was too late.

"Those fancy gadgets don't help much out here," Calvin admitted. "Come on in. Dinner will be ready shortly."

Ophelia whined and gazed at me with anxious eyes, just as she'd done when we'd arrived at the lodge in Jackson Hole. "Don't worry, sweetie," I'd said. "I'm not gonna make you climb those mountains."

As if I would even consider it. My dog was my best friend, and she wasn't getting any younger. I wasn't about to risk losing her in the wilderness. Her life had been tough enough before I adopted her.

"I'm sure we can find something for her to eat too," Calvin added.

"I have food for her in the car. Besides, I hadn't planned on staying that long." I hesitated. I had no desire to sit down to dinner with a bunch of rowdy, uncouth cowboys. If the one I'd met was any indication, they wouldn't want me to-nor did I want to seem rude.

I'd had no idea how this meeting would go. Calvin hadn't heard from Grandpa in two years. A lot had happened in that time, and none of it good. Surely he wouldn't want to hear all the gory details. I certainly didn't want to talk about them, especially over dinner.

"Do you really think I'd let John Parker's granddaughter come all this way and not stay for dinner?" Narrowing his eyes, Calvin gazed at me from beneath bushy gray eyebrows and shook his head. "Ain't gonna happen, young lady."

I started to protest being called that. Granted, twenty-eight wasn't old, but the last two years had seemed like triple that number, and no doubt they showed in my face. Still, Grandpa had been sixty-eight when he died, and since he and Calvin had been drafted at the same time, I assumed they were fairly close in age. Given the way the draft had been organized, they might've even been born on the same day.

The more I thought about it, the more peculiar selecting soldiers on the basis of their birthdays seemed. Imagine an entire platoon of Geminis or Capricorns. Clearly, an astrologer hadn't taken part in the decision-making process.

I caught myself smiling for the first time that day.

Calvin apparently took my smile as acceptance of his dinner invitation. "That's more like it. In honor of your visit, I'm making my famous chili and cornbread." He shot me a wink. "It was your granddad's favorite, although I work with better ingredients now than I did when we were in the Army."

I had the strangest feeling this man knew my grandfather better than anyone. I'd never noticed Grandpa having a preference for that particular meal. But then, perhaps none of us made chili the way Calvin did. What sort of things had they discussed in those letters? I hadn't a clue, but I'd found three full shoe boxes of them in Grandpa's closet after the will was read.

A will that instructed me to do what I was about to do now.

"Sounds great." Several moments went by before I found the words. "I guess you're wondering why I'm here."

He shook his head. "Not really. You have something to give me, don't you?"

I nodded. "In his will, Grandpa asked that I give you back the letters you'd sent him, and these." I handed him the two small boxes I had tucked in my purse.

Tears filled Calvin's eyes. "He saved my life, you know. Saved a bunch of us." He opened one box and then the other. "He got this one for saving us, and this one for nearly dying in the process."

I blinked back a few tears of my own. "A Purple Heart and a Silver Star." I shook my head slowly. "I never even knew he had them."

"John was like that. Kinda shy, really. Never one to toot his own horn."

That description also fit his granddaughter. However, I kept that tidbit to myself.

"I really looked forward to his letters. When they stopped coming..." Grimacing, Calvin pressed his fist to the center of his chest. "I knew I'd lost the best friend I'd ever had."

"I guess it's true what they say about brothers-in-arms."

"It sure is."

"The letters are in the car," I went on. "There are quite a few of them."

"I kept the ones he sent me too. Funny, us both keeping them." He smiled. "Your granddad certainly had a way with words. He wrote some great letters."

That much I knew. I'd kept some of the letters he'd written to me when I was in college. Now I wished I'd kept them all.

Calvin slid the two medals into his pocket, then went back to his stove and began stirring a huge pot of chili. The heavenly aroma of chili combined with baking cornbread soon had my stomach growling, making me very glad I'd agreed to stay for dinner.

I hadn't cooked anything like that for Grandpa in a long, long time, if indeed I ever had. Special diets and a steady decline in appetite had made pleasing him nearly impossible. Knowing I liked to cook, Mom had finally given up and left it to me. Sometimes he ate what I fed him, and sometimes he spit it in my face.

I tried to remember him the way he'd been when I was younger, but even that person wasn't the one Calvin knew.

Voices from the next room broke the silence, accompanied by the scuffling of booted feet and the scrape of chair legs on the wooden floor.

"That'll be the men coming in for dinner," Calvin said. "Go on into the mess hall and have a seat."

Mess hall. I doubted the term was exclusive to the military, making me wonder what the dining room had been called before Calvin had taken charge of the kitchen. "Can I give you a hand?" I didn't want to admit that being the lone woman in a room full of strange men brought out the nervous Nellie in me like nothing else could.

"Sure." His smile suggested he either understood my reluctance or at least acknowledged the reason for it. "I'll dish up the chili if you'll get the cornbread."

Grateful for a task to occupy myself, I took off my coat and laid it on a chair next to a small corner table, then snatched up a pair of slightly singed oven mitts. One by one, I removed two cast-iron pans from the oven, each of which was divided into seven sections containing round loaves of lightly browned bread.

"Smells great," I said. "Love the pans."

Calvin snorted a laugh. "Keeps the men from fighting over who gets the most. They each get two."

That meant there were at least six other men-including the surly fellow I'd met first.

Oh, joy...

"Don't worry," Calvin added. "You can have one of mine."

Since the miniature loaves were easily twice the size of the typical muffin, I doubted I would go hungry, but that wasn't what concerned me. I cleared my throat, hoping to ease the tightness that anxiety had caused. "Nothing wrong with their appetites, huh?"

"It's practically a full-time job keeping them fed." He grinned. "Kinda like keeping the hogs happy."

"I heard that!" someone shouted from the mess hall. Good-natured laughter followed.

"You boys get on in here and grab a bowl," Calvin called back. "Or should I just pour the chili in the trough?"

"We're coming." After more scraping of chairs and scuffling of boots, the men descended upon the kitchen.

I should have turned around and smiled, but I simply couldn't face them. I would be gone in an hour anyway. No need to make friends with everyone. Not that I could...

Apparently, Ophelia wasn't interested in making friends, either. With a whine, she darted between me and the stove, sending me stumbling backward only to slam into a rock-hard body and be gathered up by a pair of strong arms.

"Good thing you'd already set down that cornbread." His breath stirred the hair lying against my neck and morphed the tickles into goose bumps that skittered down my back. "Wouldn't want to make a mess."

This wasn't the same cowboy. The voice was as different as the attitude. Heat flooded my cheeks.

He relaxed his hold but didn't let go. Nuzzling my neck, he drew in an audible breath. "Mmm...your hair smells even better than the bread."

"Oh, way to go, Dean," another man jeered. "That's sure to go down in history as the best pickup line ever."

"Give me a break, Nick," the one called Dean said. "I wasn't expecting a gorgeous blond to fall into my arms."

Positioned as I was, he couldn't see my eye roll or my red face-yet. I stiffened as he spun me around. My gaze landed on the base of his neck where it met the open collar of a plaid shirt. Placing a loosely fisted hand beneath my chin, he tilted my head back.

His smile stole my breath before the other details even registered. Freckles, dimples, big blue eyes, and an unruly thatch of sandy hair. Men might have made me nervous as all get-out, but that didn't mean I never looked at them. This one was worth a second glance. And a third. And a fourth...

"Enough of that, now," Calvin barked. "Tina's my best buddy's granddaughter. I won't have you teasing her."

"Didn't know you had a best buddy, Calvin," another man said. "Always thought we were your best buddies."

"Me and John go back to way before you were born, Sonny," Calvin snapped. "You don't know nothin' 'bout it."

In response to Calvin's reprimand, Dean released me, although he certainly took his time doing it. Another wave of tingles raced over my skin as he traced the length of my arms with his fingertips.

He scanned my face with appreciative eyes then glanced at Calvin. "Never woulda guessed an old coot like you would be friends with a girl like this."

In the space of ten minutes, I'd been called a young lady and a girl. Clearly, these guys didn't get out much.

"Yeah, well, I just met her myself." Calvin waved his ladle at Dean as though about to swat him with it. "Back off and I'll introduce you." Placing a hand on my shoulder, he used the ladle to point at each man in turn. "Let's see now... I imagine you've already figured out which one is Dean-his last name is Wayland, by the way. The bald guy with the handlebar mustache is Bull Russell. Sonny Ferguson is the kid with the curly hair. Nick Reno's the one with the ponytail and the smart mouth." He pointed at a rather tall, homely fellow. "That's Joe Knight, the foreman." I followed his gesture to the last man, who stood framed in the doorway. "And that mean-looking varmint over there is Wyatt McCabe."

Without his hat, he was even more formidable, and his eyes weren't the only feature contributing to that impression. Tanned skin, dark beard stubble, and thick black hair in a crew cut gone wild with a rather prominent widow's peak marked him as the rugged outdoor type. The sharp planes of his nose and the grim set of a small mouth with a full lower lip that should have been sensuous but wasn't-at least, not at the moment-suggested he was not a man to be crossed. And then there were the eyebrows. Now that I could see them clearly, they reminded me of a seagull's outstretched wings-if there was such a thing as a black seagull.

One of those extraordinary eyebrows rose ever so slightly. "We've met."

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Must Love Cowboys 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
DebsIN More than 1 year ago
"Must Love Cowboys" is a mix of a who done it western romance with a bit of sex. Tina looks for and finds her grandfather's friend and moves into the bunkhouse with a group of cowboys. I really enjoyed the camaraderie of the bunkhouse cowboys and Tina.The back and forth with they boys made for some fun reading. What I had a hard time believing was a very introverted shy virgin would start working in a bunkhouse as the cook with cowboys she never met, make out with a cowboy she didn't know, then a day or so later, move on to the cowboy she wanted, and lose her virginity. He doesn't even realize she lost her virginity until she tells him. All of this in the space of a week or so. I will grant there is not explicit sex, but I would like to see some sensitivity when having sex for the first time. The storyline was really good although a bit rushed, but I did enjoy it. Thank You to NetGalley and SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca for gifting me with an ARC and only asking for an honest review. 3 Stars!
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
Must Love Cowboys is the second novel in the Cowboy Heaven series. It is a fun, sexy story about a young woman Tina learning about her grandfather after he has passed away. She travels to Wyoming to reconnect with his old war buddy Calvin and meets a trio of hot cowboys. When Calvin has a heart attack, Tina fills in as cook and housekeeper. She flirts with all of the cowboys, but forms a special connection with Wyatt, a former firefighter. They begin to investigate strange events that occur around the ranch and grow closer as a result. Will their relationship be a fun fling or a forever relationship? I liked this book. It was a great mix of sex, suspense, and comedy. Ms. Brooks did a great job of portraying life on a ranch and I liked both leading characters. I was given a free copy for an honest review.
Barb-TRC More than 1 year ago
Must Love Cowboys by Cheryl Brooks is the 2nd book in her Cowboy Heaven series. I did not read the first book, and this works very well as a standalone, though I think one day I would like to read the first book. Tina Hayes is our heroine, and after spending a couple of years taking care of her grandfather, she arrives at the Circle Bar K ranch to honor the instructions in his will. Tina brings her grandfather’s ashes and sentimental possessions to Calvin, the ranch cook and former war buddy. Planning to return home right away, Tina ends up staying as the cook, after Calvin has a heart attack. The ranch has quite a few hot cowboy hunks that Tina can’t keep her eyes off. Wyatt McCabe is our hero, and is one of those hot sexy cowboys, and in a short time he finds himself attracted to the beautiful new cook. But even if she feels the attraction to Wyatt, Tina is courted quickly by Dean, another hot cowboy, forcing Wyatt not to act on his feelings. But soon that will change, and in no time the romance between Tina and Wyatt begins to heat up. Besides the romance, Tina is happy cooking for everyone at the ranch, as she loves to cook, and is also a computer expert. All the guys, as well as the owners all want to Tina to stay permanently, since they all care about her, not to mention her great food. Tina also is determined to discover who might be trying to kill Calvin, dragging Wyatt and the other cowboys in helping her read all the old letters from her grandfather and Calvin to find clues. Must Love Cowboys was a fun read, sexy and also a mystery. I thought, particularly early on, that some things did not feel realistic. Tina was very shy around men, and within a few hours she was making out with Dean, and eyeing Wyatt. She did not come across as shy at all. Overall, I did enjoy this story, thought the characters were all fun; the romance between Wyatt and Tina was sexy and sweet; the mystery was well done. I am sure there will be future stories upcoming with the remaining hot cowboys.
Sailon More than 1 year ago
Tina Hayes, computer specialist, travels to Circle Bar K ranch to fulfill her grandfather’s dying wish to have his ashes scattered at the ranch. Soon after arriving, her grandfather’s best friend has a medical emergency leaving the ranch cookless and Tina steps in. It ends up that her grandfather’s best friend wasn’t sick but someone tried to murder him. Tina goes from living and working at home computer geek to temptress when all the men start buzzing around her like flies to honey. Wyatt McCabe, the one man Tina is truly interested in is somewhat aloof…the silent hero type. They must discover who is sabotaging the ranch and why before someone really gets hurt. I honestly loved the overall mystery and picturesque landscape Brooks paints with her writing. For as much as I was in love with some, I was completely unhappy with Tina’s character flip flop and the insta-love portion of the story. I also have to give an A+ for the overall steaminess, boy do these pages burn with passion. But this is where I find myself completely divided on this one, add in more character development and it would of been awesome but I have to go with 3.5 stars.
Pure_Jonel More than 1 year ago
Hot cowboys, romance that sizzles, and enough chemistry to overheat your e-reader. Yup. This novel has it all. Top that off with a suspenseful plot and genuinely real characters and you have a story that you’ll definitely fall for. Wyatt was the perfect hero for this story. He’s the strong silent type that everyone takes note of. Yet under it all he’s just as damaged as the rest of us, if not more so. He’s the guy that you can’t help but fall for. The hint of danger in a man who’s all heart. Tina’s shy nature covered an inner strength that was formidable. At the same time, she was so out of her element, yet trying so hard. It was priceless. Surrounded by the rest of the hilariously diverse cast of this novel, it was near perfect. I love how everyone brought new to the table. With this novel, not only did Brooks create a vividly picturesque tale but also a whodunit that had me trying to guess the why’s and piece together the clues throughout. backed up with characters that you can’t help but fall in love with, this was definitely a winner. Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
After her grandfathers' passing Tina Hayes heads to Wyoming to carry out her grandfather's last wishes, she is in search of the Circle Bar K ranch, and the man her grandfather befriended in the Army many years ago. Calvin Douglas and her grandfather met during the Vietnam war, struck up an instant friendship, and have been exchanging letters ever since, and now that he has passed her grandfather requested all of the letters he received from Calvin be given back to him. So, Tina plots out a little travel plan and heads to Wyoming to grant his wish, and also do a little sight seeing along the way... but the best sights of her trip are discovered upon her arrival at the Circle Bark K ranch, in the form of six very enticing cowboys. She has never been around so many handsome men at one time, nor has she had so many men vying for her attention, but she is quite certain it is something she could definitely get use to!! She has always had a thing for firefighters, but after seeing all these enticing cowboys she is starting to see the appeal to them too... especially when she learns one of them use to be a firefighter! Could there be anything hotter? As soon as Wyatt McCabe sets his sights on their beautiful visitor he knows he has to convince her to stick around, there is something about her that intrigues him and has him dying to know more about her. She was only planning on a quick visit, but unforeseen circumstances have her becoming their new temporary cook, so Wyatt figures that the situation gives him ample time to win her over...but he soon discovers he's not the only cowboy vying for her affections! This was my first experience with Ms. Brooks writing and I have to admit that her enticing group of cowboys totally won me over, and have me VERY anxious for a return visit to the Cowboy Heaven series. Barely a chapter into it and I was hooked and on a mission to learn more about this very eccentric group of cowboys! Between the cowboys competing for Tina's attention and the mystery surrounding Calvin's illness I couldn't flip the pages fast enough, I was addicted and I knew there was no way I was putting my tablet down until the last page was turned!! This is by far one of the best first reads I have had in a while and I look for ward to reading more from this author, spending time with her well crafted cowboys was DEFINITELY time well spent!! If you like your reads with sexy smooth talking cowboys, a touch of mystery and A LOT of heat... then this is the perfect read for you!! ARC requested through NetGalley and kindly provided by Sourcebooks Casablanca in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.
JackieBCentralTexasJB More than 1 year ago
Read from February 19 to 20, 2016 Book Info Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages Expected publication: April 5th 2016 by Sourcebooks Casablanca ISBN 149263137X (ISBN13: 9781492631378) Edition Language English Series Cowboy Heaven #2 Other Editions None found Source:Netgalley EARC Book Buy Links Amazon B&N BOOK SYNOPSIS Shy computer specialist and amateur chef Tina Hayes travels to Circle Bar K ranch to scatter her father’s ashes in the Tetons of Wyoming. Once there, her grandfather’s old army buddy and his cast of cowboy ranch hands persuade her to stay on as the ranch’s cook for a while. It’s not a hard decision, especially when she meets Wyatt McCabe, a man who makes her heart gallop like no one else. But with so many cowboys to choose from, can Wyatt show Tina that he’s the only one for her? My Thoughts Tina Hayes never expected to feel so at home in Wyoming, but she also never expected to end up cooking for a rowdy bunch of cowboys either. The Circle Bar K is home to her grandfather’s old army buddy, Calvin who is the current cook until a medical emergency puts him out of commission and leads her to be the logical choice to take over until he can recuperate and resume his duties. Tina loves to cook and has long held a fantasy about cooking for a firehouse full of firefighters, cooking for a bunkhouse full of cowboys soon surpasses that fantasy and leaves it in the dust when not one but three of the men show their appreciation for her kitchen skills. The main object of her own appreciation turns out to be Wyatt McCabe, one look or word to her on his part proves more exhilarating than the praise heaped on her for her desserts and main dishes from the rest of the cowboys combined. Again author Cheryl Brooks takes chances with certain relationship taboos that could very well have backfired under other circumstances but worked out fine for this set of particular characters as they all took things in stride as rational adults rather than behaving badly when they did not get what they wanted. Prequel Cowboy Delight and book 1 Cowboy Heaven were just appetizers but book 2 Must Love Cowboys is a full-blown 9 course meal, reading it has you hungry for more as Tina serves it up hot in the kitchen as well as hotter in the bedroom. This story shows us an example of taking life changing risks that will totally make one a believer that there is no such thing as too many cowboys! [EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review]