My Dog, My Buddha: A Spiritual and Empowering Approach to Dog Training (Animal Training Book, Puppy Training Book, for Fans of Rescued)

My Dog, My Buddha: A Spiritual and Empowering Approach to Dog Training (Animal Training Book, Puppy Training Book, for Fans of Rescued)

by Kimberly Artley


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#1 New Release in Animal Behavior & Communication ─ 100 Ways to Be a Better Dog Parent

What your dog wants you to know: Our furry friends reflect the love and affection we pour into them. But any pet parent who is struggling with puppy training or ongoing behavioral issues knows that it’s easy to get frustrated. My Dog, My Buddha offers one hundred life lessons that will help you build a better relationship with your pet and get the behavior you want.

We get what we project: Kimberly Artley, an expert in canine psychology will teach you how to truly understand dog behavior. She knows that our dogs look to us for cues, guidance, directives, and how to feel about each and every situation they enter into. Dog care is a dialogue. My Dog, My Buddha will show you how to manage that conversation with your pet from a calm and centered place.

Unlike other dog training books: My Dog, My Buddha is meant to educate, empower, and equip the human end of the leash. In this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Bridge the disconnect between human and canine
  • Find personal growth through the years with your dog
  • Build a relationship on trust, love, and respect

If you liked Training the Best Dog Ever, For the Love of a Dog, Dog Training for Dummies, or Rescued, you’ll love the empathetic approach to pet care and dog training in My Dog, My Buddha.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781642500028
Publisher: Mango Media
Publication date: 07/15/2019
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 1,014,071
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Kimberly Artley is the founder of Pack Fit, a DC Metro dog training and behavior company, and has been described as the "Mary Poppins of dog training". Her background in human health and behavior blends seamlessly with her work in canine health and behavior to offer the most effective and comprehensive approach to a wide spectrum of challenges. Everything is interconnected, each influencing the next. She's writes for several blogs and magazines, and is also co-editor for the "Not A Bully" campaign and mission.

Table of Contents

1 We Get What We Project 16

2 We Teach Others How to Treat Us 19

3 Self-Awareness is the Gateway to Change 19

4 The Importance of a Mulligan 21

5 We Breed What We Feed 23

6 The Importance of Moving Forward 26

7 It's All a Conversation 29

8 Follow Your Instincts 31

9 Practice Makes Awesome 34

10 Believe in Yourself 36

11 The Art of Grounding 39

12 Clarity Fosters Understanding 41

13 Don't Give Up 43

14 Stand Your Ground 45

15 Who We Are 47

16 Consider the Source 49

17 The Power of a Good Walk 53

18 Imperfection = I'm-Perfection 56

19 Love is Understanding 58

20 Every Step Counts 60

21 Faith it 'Til you Make it 62

22 Never Judge a Book by its Cover 65

23 Respect my Personal Space 67

24 Don't Overthink It 70

25 Trust and Respect 72

26 We're Built for Motioni 74

27 To Effectively Teach, We Must First Understand 77

28 Be Sure to Stop and Smell the Roses 79

29 We Tell Our Story Through Our Responses, Reactions, and Behaviors 81

30 Remember Your Purpose in Life 83

31 Timing is Everything 85

32 Be A Leader, Not a Boss 86

33 Keep Your Sense of Adventure! 89

34 Shake it off! 91

35 Let Me Know When I've Done a Good Job! 93

36 Bribery vs. Reinforcement 97

37 Patience is, Indeed, a Virtue 100

38 Be Content with all you Have 102

39 Pick and Choose your Battles 104

40 Sometimes the Best Thing to do is Absolutely Nothing at all 105

41 The Power of Routine 107

42 We Always Get the Dog We Need 109

43 Change is a Part of Life. Growth is Optional 111

44 When We Return to Nature, We Return to Balance 112

45 Do and Do with all Your Heart 113

46 Make Time to Play! 114

47 Every Day is a Gift 115

48 We Get by with a Little Help From our Friends 116

49 We're all Connected 117

50 Forgiveness 118

51 Just Say "No" to Helicopter Dog Parenting 120

52 Become a Better Listener 122

53 Be Willing to Trust Again 123

54 A Little Politeness Goes a Long Way 124

55 Adversity Can Strengthen us 125

56 Don't Sweat the Small Stuff 126

57 Be the Parent, Not the Friend 128

58 Everyone Deserves a Second Chance 130

59 Respect Your Elders 132

60 Family is Behavior, Not Entitlement 134

61 There's a Time and Place for Everything 136

62 Change Happens When We Step Outside Our Comfort Zone 138

63 Setbacks can Discourage and Deter, or Encourage and Fuel 140

64 Don't be Afraid to Get a LiL' Dirtyl 141

65 We, Literally, are What We Eat 142

66 The Importance of "Presence" over "Presents" 145

67 Put The "Commit" in "Commitment." 146

68 The Power of a Good Stretch 149

69 Take Control… or I Will 150

70 Keep Digging for Buried Treasure 153

71 Naps Aren't Just for Cats 155

72 Invest in Personal Development 157

73 Avoidance as a Coping Mechanism 158

74 Negativity is Toxicity 160

75 Take Care of Me, When I'm Here and Should the Unforeseen Happen 163

76 Become the Calm You Wish to See in Your Dog 168

77 The Importance of Following Through 170

78 One of the Greatest Gifts We Can Give Is Our Undivided Attention 172

79 How to Receive 173

80 Just Roll with It 174

81 Deal With Frustration in a Constructive Way 175

82 The Difference Between "Can't" and "Won't" 177

83 Stay Curious. Question Everything 179

84 We are Products of Our Environment… to a Point 181

85 Express, Don't Suppress 183

86 Stumble. Fall. Dust off. Keep Going! 185

87 Don't Try to Force me to be Someone I'm Not 187

88 Challenge Fosters Growth 189

89 Size Doesn't Matter 191

90 The Thrill of the Chase 194

91 You Pull, I Pull 196

92 Carpe Your Diemi 201

93 See Yourself the Way I See You 203

94 Length of Time Is Not The Same as Quality of Time 206

95 Obedience Training Won't Solve Behavioral Issues 208

96 The Skinny on Tools 210

97 Be The Change You Wish to See in Me 212

98 Breath Is Our Barometer 213

99 What We Allow Will Always Continue 214

100 Love. Unconditionally 217

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