My Life Journey Through . . . with God: Reality and Facts of Life!

My Life Journey Through . . . with God: Reality and Facts of Life!

by Pauline Magauta Molokwane


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This is my true story: what reflected in my life and how I am still fighting for success with courage.

This is also outlines the reason of my survival through my faith and relationship with my creator, God.

Every family has a story to tell, and mine will bring hope to the broken families and individuals that God is always there. That there is reason to face some seasons and overcome them because we are still alive.

This book is

—to encourage families to have hope, love, and peace;

—to unite families;

—to instill the spirit of forgiveness in the journey of our lives; and

—to find ways to have peace and heal for a better life.

Life is too short to entertain the past.

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ISBN-13: 9781482877656
Publisher: Partridge Africa
Publication date: 03/13/2017
Pages: 348
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.72(d)

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Why I wrote this book. ...

This book's intention is not to insult or harm anyone feelings but to tell my story, the story of my life and my experience as a child to where I am today. This is the true reflection of what I went through which I call my past. The journey of my life and how I overcome many incidents that made me who I am and what I am. I believe readers would identify similar experience and create themselves hope that, we can go through many challenges, treated by people who sometimes are innocent to their behaviour but end up hurting people who never hurt them or cause them pain. We sometimes feel under privileged because of how people treat us, we also become disadvantaged in life that we can even lose hope to believe that death is better than life.

Our circumstances can make us think negative and from childhood I nearly grew with anger and bitterness. I hated many people from my family to my relative and to all people who I would perceive bad in terms of how they treat other people.

You will learn from this book that I hated, but I had to forgive. I loved but I did not receive love but had to love again to move on with my life.

Telling this story is my past and it does not hurt anymore. I am strong today because of my past. This includes the mistake I have made and the mistakes of other people, the failures that I did and how people failed me. The emotional trauma that left scars but the wound was healed. I fell but I had to rise up and recover, heal and live a restored life with greener pastures. I had to correct my past life with hard work. Sometime I would feel like giving up but I had to push to live a better life.

I had to learn after writing this book that we are not perfect in life but learn to become perfect, that God is the only one who can perfect us as He created us for His purpose.

When I write this book I was definitely in pain but after completing it, I had peace, for me it was a therapy. Some people overcome their pain through counselling, some through music, some through art-drawing and some through writing by becoming an author like me. I had to find a way to express my feeling so that I can heal, so that I can measure my forgiving heart as a true reflection of forgiveness. Writing this book made me to forgive and made me to survive situations that could have destroyed me, killed me or made me a useless someone who the world has given up on her. This experience could have crippled me physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. This experiences took, partly my socio-economic lifestyle where gaps where created to be filled so that I can have a successful life at the end.

I did not write this book with the aim of publishing it because I never saw myself as a writer or an author from childhood but the thought would come and not know where to start. This just came in and this became of first book as my healing process, neither did I know that it was also a gift that was hidden by my pains and how I grew. This was my best gift ever that I saw myself pursuing with many challenges and thanks to the new people in my life who gave me strength and hope that these books will be my breakthrough and a life time blessings. Thanks to the publishing company that recognized my gift as an author.

My healing process became a dream and a gift that I have never thought I show out. Sometimes we go through situations in order to find ourselves, our inner strength and the real you in the long run. Many people had to realise who they really are in the days of darkness when they had to come out of the pit of challenges. Sometimes, the challenges that we experienced are there to give us an opportunity to tell a story that will heal others and give hope that one can face them but you had to push to get out of every situation that you face in life, no matter what.

As for me, this experience was also a self-realisation to know that I can do many things besides being employed and or reporting under someone. This experience taught that sometimes we do not put more energy of knowing ourselves, what the inner man want, what makes us happy and what can make us the best achievers in the whole world.

I once forgot about myself and was committed more into other people's lives and it became a passion, which I still have but I had to train myself to also consider my priorities and fulfil them, whilst attending to other people and giving them my whole attention. I had to learn to challenge myself first with what I want and what will make me happy.

That means, I had to take care, love and make myself happy before others that I could do the same to them. I am telling a story to give hope to the hopeless. To encourage those who still are, angry with their past life and believe that they will never heal, move on and become something better than what they are and ever had. Life is full of unexpected things if you allow yourself to be free from your past. Make your experience a scar that will fade away where you will forget that you have it. Do not have the wound that will never heal or the scar that you will scratch again, because it is itching, until it develops into an abscess and becomes a wound again. We all need to heal.

It is because of my story that I am here and still alive with self-confidence. I am blessed that I can share it, some people died with their stories; some did not survive like me. It is a privilege and honour for me to become what I thought I would not be, just because of telling a story.

This gift was hidden by pains; many of us have special gifts that are hidden by our past pains. We cannot even know how to express our emotions but can allow our painful experience to expose us negatively and destroy us completely.

People that you see as homeless, prostitute, alcoholic, drug users, are the ones that can tell more about how they ended up in that situation. Being labelled by the world with this kind of names is the worst experience ever, some of us agrees to what the world is telling us of who we are or what we are. We even live the rest of our lives behaving according to these labels and confirming them. Even our anger can make us prove to the world that these labels are suitable for us and show them off until we are totally destroyed. These people who are given this kind of names, needs the strength to change, they are not born like that but also needs our support psychologically to overcome their situation because they could not do this on their own. These people could have been somebody in high positions and could have changed the world into better place. Some are so intelligent that you can cry but are trapped in their situations with pains, instead of helping them, we judge and laugh at them.

If you can sit with one of them, to tell you their stories, you can be shocked and stop in judging them. All that they need is our support. They have a story to tell and them to survive and overcome. They can go through their challenges as they come and face them with our help. It is a process, I know and I become a better person with the label that I was given by the world and its perceptions. We cannot even judge them, if you do, that means you do not have a story to tell and it does not mean if you did and you overcome, all can be strong enough to overcome, some people are born weak that they cannot manage but we can also become their strength through telling our stories with hope.

These people gave up and became hopeless, it was not easy for them to become what, who they are today. I know I could have been one of them, my mother, my sisters could have been one of them but My mother stood up for us and her strength made us survive till to date. This was a blessing of its kind, she is a legend and has left a legacy, her brand is in me and in my sisters, her brand will continue to her grandchildren who are also surviving the challenges that we still face even to date, with more understanding.

Some orphans do not have someone to stand for them out there and those who are abuse and help cannot reach them. Nobody can identify them especially in rural areas or countries with homicides, these we call disadvantaged in some countries around the world. Some dies without be recognised or identified, children, youth, women and disabilities and some can survive without anyone's help. There is no facility where they can address issues, no professional help near them but some of them survive on their own. It is not easy for them to can speak out. Some cannot even afford professional help but still survive through their inner strength. There is no one who is giving them hope. I want and wish my books to reach out to the disadvantaged who suffered emotionally, physically, psychologically, socially and economically especially in far area that are rural, to bring hope to survive challenges of life.

All that I know is out of many disadvantaged; there is a story to tell. Many successful people were underprivileged and became somebody out from painful experience. They never gave up their life, their gift and their dream. They never lose hope; they fought for a better life. Little as they could achieve but the have pressed on, sweating to become achievers. All of us can, yes we can and change the world to become a better place, for the generation to come.

I had to learn from this pain that I am born with a special gift and it will never die unless I do die. There is always one special dream that you can carry for a long time and can be disturbed by life obstacles, some stumbling block that can be created by people, how you grow and the environment that you live in but it will still remain in you. Wherever you go, it will still prevail inside of you, where you are crippled physically and become disabled, it will still be there inside of you. It depends on what you do with it. Either you show it out, expose it or make it dies without being recognised. Every gift can change your life, people around you and the entire world. You can make a difference with your special gift. These are doing or die fact of life, no matter what. This gift that is not yet realised can survive you.

My weaknesses and my past haunted me through my mind that it is not possible but I had to fight and work hard, push myself to what I want and to achieve.

My name kept on changing when I was growing and I would have nick names according to how people feel towards me and perceive my character, most of my nick names had positive impact until recently I was called mommy by everyone who were close to me. This started from my family with best memories that I always cherish and it started with my late mom. How she calls me with all these names would show and make me to become aware of how she feels about me and appreciates me. That would give me a sense of her emotional status towards me as a mother.

My mother became a single parent raising three daughters on her own. She then got married and gave birth to another two daughters and we became five in number as her children. She went again on being a single parent after a terrible divorce with bad memories that unfolded and which nearly affected all of us for the rest of our lives if we didn't fight the situation, support each other and became hungry to succeed in a positive way by fighting our past, our past pains. We all had to learn to forgive, that was also my late mother's key principle. We even called it her song with one lyrics, forgiveness till she left this world, she continued to say, forgive and forgive. She was blessed with additional grandchildren and only boys were first born to my sisters. She became a grandmother. This was not easy for her looking at her childhood experiences, but one thing that made me respect her to date, as an everlasting legacy is that, she made us strong, she imparted the spirit of bravery, she gave us a baton of faith, she changed to a level where no one expected by serving God in a way that no one could understand her until we understand more after she passed away. For us, it is also a legacy to her grandchildren.

All that I know in my heart today is she has made it for us. Whether she stumbled in her life journey, had her own mistakes that one can count or not, she made it for us to be who we are, what we have achieve to date being measured small or big. For us, she left a mark. I know she would like me to tell a story, she was into more in for me to make a movie of our life experiences because when she passed away. She had made peace with her past. I know she would be proud to see our movies because she was also open to tell her story, her experience to anyone who become close to our family. We would laugh about our experience with her because it was over, we all survived and had overcome many challenges with her. In my heart, I know she is proud that I manage to write this book and other books to follow.

The best thing that will make me to have achieved what she likes and for my entire family, is to tell our story, my story to give hope. I will also be proud that I made her life legacy proud.

As for me, I still wish I could still tell her more because most of my strength was drawn from her difficult life experiences to date. I still believe I strive and thrive towards overcoming the challenges now and ahead of me every time I put memories of her strength. It was through her life experiences that I will be a woman of my own kind to date. It is through her forgiving heart that I am still surviving people who can continue to cause pains in my life.

All of us, are her replica when it comes to become brave and pull the strength where no one expected that we would survive. Above all, she showed and taught us the principles of become close to God and how we relate with Him as our creator. He taught us the footprint of Jesus Christ as our believe to survive the challenges of life in her presence and after she passed away.

We are still pushing without her but with memories at heart of her hard work to survive us. We are still overcomers through her faith and her strength that we have learnt from her. As for me and all of us, she was a perfect mother ever The story that will never fades ...

I was 4lyears old when I started writing this book. It started when I was 25 years old with a vision of being an author, movie producer and a motivational speaker, but I did not have the time to write it by then due to my leadership committed in the company that I used to work for. I was also faced with financial challenges to can pursue my dream. My life priorities were many to can achieve. I did not have more time to think of what I want after work.

I was not sure of what I am and who I am to what I want in life. Something was still hidden until I had to reach to a point where I thought it was over with my life to realise the potential that I had inside of me. We are all capable of doing something; sometimes we need bad people in our lives to push us to our destiny. I would even say it was not yet the right time to write due to the stated below experience that I will share with you in this entire book.

I believe the story was not yet completed, until the year 2013 when I shared my life story with my friends and got deeper, with critical experiences of my life which also affected my entire family. Only God knew that I am an author but had His best time to release me in order for me to write these books. I now have stories to tell.

We all have secrets that can become a story to change someone out there's life. We also have a story to tell in the journey of our lives with happy and painful experience, the question is; can we be brave enough to share it. There is always the end to each story. I had to prophesise mine through my mouth to become a successful story at the end.

We chose to have a bad or good ending in the story of our life. We have to decide during the struggle and become achievers. Your bad experiences should become a step ladder to your success and to reach your destiny and not to become destroyed. Refuse to die hopeless and use what if and or if I ever knew or did this. When you are still alive, that means you still have a chance to ratify what you lost or what your parents lost in the past by becoming a better person than them, and then more than you in the past.

Some people have died with their life story, but as for me and as I/we promised to my late mother, I want to share my story to inspire someone out there. I know not all of you will be inspired; some will judge and perceive in their own ways but deep in my heart, I know someone out there need this. I know someone relevant will be saved from their situations because of me and my family survival. Some families will be revived and reconciled through these books.

All that I want and wish is to give someone out there, one out of ten a hope that, even if when life rejects you and it unfolds with its difficulties, it does not mean, we are going to die ... it is not the end of your journey but the beginning to live to the fullest your potential and purpose, that is hidden inside of you.


Excerpted from "My Life Journey Through ... with God"
by .
Copyright © 2017 Pauline Magauta Molokwane.
Excerpted by permission of Partridge Africa.
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Table of Contents

1 Greetings, 1,
2 My Relationship with my late mom. ..., 24,
3 My Anger ... my bitterness and hateracy. My hope to change. ..., 38,
4 My Worst work experience. My emotional Depression ..., 49,
5 My Pains, a process to forgiveness and an eye opening to my potential to reach my dreams ..., 67,
6 God holds my life. My purpose and my destiny ..., 83,
7 Can this stigma go and be restored ..., 85,
8 I will succeed one day ... For a job and for a business. Let God lead ..., 88,
9 The favour and blessings of God comes at His perfect time and will ..., 97,
10 My individual questions: Who am I before I became what I am today? ..., 101,
11 This is my journey with God ..., 103,
12 Facing the reality and facts of life...., 105,
13 This is all that I know that made me what I am today reasons to give reason to share. ..., 113,
14 The Lord my Comfort, My strength to face life responsibilities and be accountable to what comes before me...., 120,
15 Why God in my life ..., 123,
16 Devil is a liar to. ... My Health and Family ..., 127,
17 My family relationship with the relative members from both parents. ... Learn to forgive ..., 136,
18 My little sister, my strength and acceptance to survive her sickness ..., 142,
19 My Relationship, My love life ..., 146,
20 My Career. ... My job ..., 155,
21 My faith kept me going that is all that I wanted from my weakness ..., 163,
22 My extra mural activities through thick and thin ..., 164,
23 My Social Life was it enough to continue is affected by my family life ..., 168,
24 My Heart of Giving and offering ..., 175,
25 Why do we grow with anger and bitterness ...?, 179,
26 My favourite verses. ... They are a novel to me, they heal my heart, I find peace in them ..., 188,
27 My fears are gone and became my strength, I Became inspired ..., 190,
28 My new life style changed my mind-set, how I think and speak. My inspiration to people ..., 193,
29 My own favourites Quotes from my heart ..., 220,
30 I totally and nearly forgot myself and sacrifice for people ..., 223,
31 How long are we going to put grudges ... they do cause everlasting pain ..., 225,
32 My wish my healing process ..., 229,
33 I prove it to myself and not to the world ..., 246,
34 I have to learn to be calm in frustrating situations ..., 249,
35 How long will I think evil to the people who have hurt me ...?, 251,
36 I cannot go back, I cannot correct what my parents did with their decisions and choices but correct mine ..., 254,
37 We all need peace ... but we have to work for it ..., 260,
38 This one I wrote with emotions ..., 281,
39 My Inspirational Words ..., 288,
40 Poetry, 328,
41 Acknowledgement, 331,

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