My Lord God Jesus Christ

My Lord God Jesus Christ

by William Furr


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ISBN-13: 9781456761363
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/19/2011
Pages: 548
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By William Furr


Copyright © 2011 William Furr
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-6136-3

Chapter One



This universe in which we live is teaming with life abound. It matters not how many heads a being has or how many arms they possess. What matters is the love for the Lord Jesus Christ within their hearts and souls. Forget how a flesh-bearing organ looks. As long as that being has the love of Jesus in his life, it does not matter to God what someone looks like. Just as many people have deformities in their appearance on this earth, so does life throughout God's universe. All that matters is not how your flesh-bearing appearance is, but what is in your heart. Don't worry, though, we won't be scared or shaken when we see another being in God's paradise. There will be no fear. We will love those souls and praise God, and they will also love us.

I know that my material is repetitive in sort, but I want to reiterate that fact that this universe in which we live is not forever. What is forever is Christ waiting outside this time for all to enter who have loved Him and kept the faith.

As time ends for many, many systems in space each and every day, human beings such as ourselves will one day understand why our Holy Father put us in His grand exhibit upon which He hath envisioned for us. If space were forever, there would be no more area to hold God's paradise. Space one day will come to a grand halt and be no more.

Friends, paradise is forever and is waiting for us just outside this limited universe in which we abide. After the last of universal material is entering the void around which we are all in, there, in essence, will be no more time for anyone, anywhere, anymore. One has to have two or more features present for there to be time.

My math is simple. The void in which we live is the symbol (V). The arrangement of every visible glimpse of matter in space has been here and will be for years. After all happenings have been resolved—the sum product is Ø. All void, matter, light, and energy are gone forever. The only product left shall be paradise forever with Jesus Christ.

Not only will there be no more earth time, there will also be no universe time as well. Everything shall be changed forever and ever.

Please don't think I am a mad man with delusions of grandeur. I am a rather humble creature of our Lord's, doing what He is telling me to do and say. If it were not for Him, I would not be alive to pen this script throughout His time frame.

I hope that you have enjoyed this humble writ from a simple person. As I pen this following episode of what is real and not real, I ponder as to why all the displays of systems are so very distant. Even if we could travel at tremendous speeds, we would never be able to be on all the systems of matter because of our great distance apart from this entire encroaching dilemma.

As God's sun rises over the landscape of Planet Earth, this total feeling of sharing our great experience with one another comes through as a full feeling of expectation on our souls' agenda. These bodies in the void will, of course, not abide forever. One day they will all pass away and will be dissipated by God's holy approval of ingenuousness and brilliance.

As you, the reader of this humble script, find enlightenment upon this verse of thought, I want you to know how very, very much I appreciate your taking the time to try and understand all God's blessings upon us all.

—William Furr July 18, 2010


Deliberations have led me to believe the following—by focusing a large, powerful telescope on the universe where the light stops and by marking the light years in distance, one could find out exactly both the size and shape of God's creation. This would answer several pressing questions.

By measuring the entire range of degrees of rotation, one could see the size of God's void and could construct a model of how it looks in shape and size. All one would have to do is measure every five (5) degrees around both North and South and East and West. One could tell in distance where the "void wall" is and would realize that he is truly looking at the end of time.

God's law is that one can never exceed the speed of light. Light always travels exactly at the same speed. One cannot speed light up or slow light down; only God can do this. This law is His and not man's.

I hope this deliberation leads to a better understanding of Jesus Christ and His creation. God bless you all.

July 18, 2010


My equation is a re-arrangement of changed prolongations of concepts. This grand total of dimensions that surround us is stated as an equation set forth—

V = MC2/E = 0

This is the mathematical equation to prove that Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit are real.

I do not think that anyone has ever done anything like this. I am humbled that I am the one chosen to put this proof on paper. It all makes sense. Outer space is not eternity. I repeat—outer space with all the systems in it is not eternity. The universe is expanding at a tremendous rate of speed—three hundred million meters per second. Everything is going outward. This is the same prolongation of 186 thousand miles a second.

All systems will eventually collide with what I term the "void wall." As soon as these heavenly bodies collide with the "void wall," their time has ended. They will never come out again. That is the end of their matter.

As these heavenly bodies go into the "void wall," the only thing that continues past that point is the soul of man or its counterparts. There, in their presence, is Jesus Christ waiting on them to enter into His paradise. Non-Christians, at this point, will either be placed in damnation or eternal darkness.

The last two heavenly bodies in existence that continue into this "void wall" are the only physical bodies depriving the end of time. You can only have time if there are two or more bodies left in the creation. All time has ended at that point, and the universe will be no more. All those of Christian faith will leave their existence and go from physical to spiritual. They will be with Jesus Christ forever. It all makes sense. I have to try to explain this fully because Albert Einstein stopped at E= MC2. I take up with my equation and see the Creation to the finish.


V (void) = (matter times the speed of light2) MC2 = 0 E (energy)

As one perceives this universe, one wonders where all this space came from and where it is all going. I have tried in my simple dialogue to shed some existing light on this mammoth question. As this poor, poet fool hath reasoned out this math of cosmos around us, I have heard from Jesus a definitive purpose for all of us.

We are living in an ever-changing universe that consists of everything from comets to black holes to worlds unknown. This void in which we live was stated plainly in the Holy Bible and goes on to expound to us "darkness upon the face of the deep." We are moving out from our domain at the speed of light 300,000,000 meters per second or 186,000 thousand miles per second. We are being propelled at this speed and are getting closer and closer to our rendezvous with what I term to be God's "void wall." This is an invisible barrier that we will never see, and this "void wall" covers the entire systems of all matter.

Our astronomers have been fooled by what they perceive at the end of light. This determination of some scholars is considered to be the area where systems are moving away in all directions faster than the speed of light. This is wrong. The astronomers believe that these systems are moving so fast that we shall never see them.

They have underestimated what they are seeing. Some astronomers believe that they are looking at systems in space that are accelerating faster than the speed of light. What they are actually seeing is the universe to one complete end of light.

Since the "void wall" is invisible to the human eye, astronomers are reluctantly wrong by what they are seeing. They should stop viewing with their powerful refracting and reflecting telescopes and use their eyes to measure the light years traveled. Measure the light years traveled by viewing from earth's dead center to the end of light. Then measure the light years traveled by turning the telescope 180 degrees. They can calculate within several thousand light years the width of the universe. There is God's "void wall" that surrounds this entire universe and holds it in place. As systems, galaxies, suns, moons, and planets enter the "void wall" of God, they are erased into the end of their time by God Almighty.

By viewing the light in the opposite direction, 180 degrees, the width of the universe in light years can be calculated. As each system of matter enters the "void wall" at 300 million meters per second, it is totally gone, effervesced, or disintegrated. The only thing left that will be allowed to pass through this "void wall" are the souls and spirits of mankind. Each one who passes through this dimension is met by Jesus Christ Himself holding out His nail-scarred hands to receive all who truly love Christ and kept His truths. My Friend, this is Paradise for all who enter and for them shall be no more time.

As the last of all God's matter in space is entered into the dimension of the void, it is truly the end of time; and there never will be a universe again. God has made this experiment with Christ and the angels of this vast arena of lights that litter our night's sky.

You know, some people will say that this hypothesis is all fantasy and the reasoning of a lunatic's mind. But they are so fooled again with misgivings in their own little selves. As this vast time frame is now explained to the average person, God is surely telling me to write a prelude to His vast array of love and joy for all the believers in Jesus Christ. God help those poor souls who were given their chance but got lost in the little reasoning of earthly man.

All you have to do to prove this dialogue that I have worded is to look as far as you can and see light in one direction. Again, I ask you to estimate how many light years you have crossed to the end of time. With the most powerful telescopes available the light is truly at the end of vision of this void of space, all in one direction. This is as far as our universe extends in this area.

Again, turn your telescope 180 degrees to look in the other direction. When you no longer can see God's lights, you have now viewed the other side of His creation. Write down how many light years you have crossed in this other direction. Add up both sets of light years at 300 million meters per second, and you will know exactly how far a distance you have now viewed with your eyes.

Now you know how wide our universe is in this space of time and light. Repeat this process in the other two directions that are yet to be viewed and add their light years also at the rate of 186,000 miles per second. You can go from East to West and North to South with your viewing of this grand array of lights and matter. You now know how wide the universe is, so that one human being could construct a large model to be viewed as to what God's grand void is all about.

I could go on for years expounding my observations that God has granted me. In this one little space of writing I do hope I have touched some hearts, minds, and souls.

There is a total of two problems presented and seen to conclusion in the math drawings. First, there is the classic problem of "Where did we come from?" and "Where are we going?" This question is answered in the several pages of math presented here for you to read.

There is this "void" that our Lord made, and He put all of us inside of it. He is watching to see how His creation will turn out. Also, He will know who truly are His friends and loved ones. This void goes on from Christ's creation to ending and is several times as compelling as Einstein's theory. He stopped at (E); and I not only started my equation ahead of this, but God compelled me to start at the beginning and continue on through the equation that Einstein finished.

I have changed Einstein's writings somewhat and continued on this math until the end of our time frame. The completion of all of this is seemingly out of my hands, for God has been talking to me and guiding my pen to His conclusion.

Now, I want to tell you my next set of math. I have God to thank for the inherit knowledge I have penned in this next set of quotations. First, I have drawn on this one page the four spiritual conclusions that have baffled the human mind for eons.

On this page are the answers to four problems that have provoked the thoughts of mankind for centuries. There is God's beginning to end to His holy creation. It tells the whole story that He hath presented to me from creation to the end of our eluded time frame. This is math from creation to end—North to South and East to West.

All one would have to do is to put his reflector or refractor telescope lens in one direction until all light is gone from view. Then, stop the magnification until all light is totally gone and invisible. The discerning view that one would see is God's "void wall."

Without realizing it, at this point the viewer is now seeing the very end of the universe in one direction. The viewer needs to estimate how many light years he has crossed. From the beginning of our vision to the black end, no more light should be seen. This is God's "void wall" area.

Stop at this point and write down the other estimate of how many light years have been crossed. Then, turn your telescope 180 degrees in the opposite direction. Repeat the same initiative once again by looking until there is no more light visible. That is the other side of the "void wall" or dimension of God.

The galaxies are not traveling faster than the light speed but simply have crossed over in the direction of God's vast "void wall." They are now gone forever into the entry of the dimension our Creator envisioned.

When you have finished estimating how many light years you have traveled in this other direction, write it down in light years or 300 million meters per second or 186 thousand miles per second. You have now asked God, our Holy Creator, for four different points in time. Add the number of light years in each direction together, and you get a grand total of how large God's void is. You can now repeat the process of not only 180 degree angles but 8, 16, 32 degrees as well, in all different directions. You have now figured out in light years God's holy creation in time.

Christ hath envisioned this for all of us. By careful calculations, you now have the total approximate size of this vast set of light and space. The information derived from this would be sufficient to create a large model.

Lastly, this discussion into God's void should answer a lot of questions about how great God is. It would settle the question of the age-old dilemma on whether the universe is warped positive, negative, or not at all. This discussion provides insight to settle many questions.

I will now conclude this writing as matter in space continues in many directions. This discussion should have taken us from the beginning to the end of matter, time, space, and light. I have Jesus Christ to thank for this knowledge to be shared with all. God bless you. —June 25, 2010

A SUPPOSITION God Bringing His Creation Home

This intriguing aspect of mankind dictates my personal views now into its anointed time.

FIRST—There is definitely an end to the black abyss of space time, the heavens that you observe at night with all its starry overcast of a cosmos sea. This emphatic observance ends and is contained in a large encompassing dimension I call the "Void."

SECOND—The void that I have thus named one day will be measured for curvature, length, width and all relenting aspects that have occupied the so-called minds of intellectuals throughout our earthly reigns.


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