by Patricia Bossano

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A rebellious faery princess struggles with satisfying her own desires over what’s best for her loved ones. Following her heart in pursuit of the human she loves, Nahia hides her faery identity in order to enter the human dimension.

After giving birth to a daughter, Nahia's secret is revealed, as is the realization that she has forever altered the genetic human footprint. Faced with death, Nahia returns to the faerie realm only to have its dormant weight thrust upon her after the demise of its magical keeper.

To save her home and renew ties with both her human and faerie family, Nahia must find a way to reawaken the realm, become the new Faery Queen, and provide a royal descendant for the new Keeper of the Forest.

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ISBN-13: 9780999434628
Publisher: WaterBearer Press
Publication date: 11/20/2017
Series: Faerie Legacy Series , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 296
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Patricia Bossano is an award-winning author of several works that include the fantasy novels Faery Sight and Cradle Gift. Nahia is the third installment in her Faerie Legacy Series. Her acclaimed short stories (Carolina Blue, 205 ½ 25th Street, and Alison) are featured in the original, first edition of the Tales From Beyond anthologies. Patricia lives in Southern California with her family.

Table of Contents


World Wisdom on Faeries

Part I

Chapter 1: Funeral

Chapter 2: A Faery’s Blunder

Chapter 3: No Remorse

Chapter 4: Fresh Hopes

Chapter 5: A Faery’s First Kiss

Chapter 6: A Human’s First Kiss

Chapter 7: Unsettled

Chapter 8: Offspring

Chapter 9: Ambushed

Chapter 10: Exposed

Chapter 11: Good Riddance

Chapter 12: An Astral Visit

Chapter 13: Together at Last

Chapter 14: Anticipation

Chapter 15: Disenchanted

Part II

Chapter 16: Oihana’s Tale

Chapter 17: The Keeper’s Keeper

Chapter 18: The Weight of a World

Chapter 19: Restless

Chapter 20: Undeterred

Chapter 21: A Friend in Deed

Part III

Chapter 22: Caribbean Bound

Chapter 23: The Eye of the Storm

Chapter 24: Finding a Way

Chapter 25: Unexpected by the Sea

Chapter 26: The Long Way Home

Part IV

Chapter 27: The Willing Abductee

Chapter 28: Holding Back

Chapter 29: Enlightened

Chapter 30: Maité

Downplaying Reality

Chapter 31: Maité

Learning to Faery

Chapter 32: Incomplete Truths

Chapter 33: Maité

Unexpected in the Aspen Grove

Chapter 34: Not Again!

Chapter 35: Maité

A Mother’s Nightmare

Chapter 36: The Magical Vessel

Chapter 37: Maité

Piecing it Together

Chapter 38: Preparations

Chapter 39: Maité

The Seven-Day Search Begins

Chapter 40: Navigating Hidden Truths

Chapter 41: Maité

Acting Alone

Chapter 42: Solstice and Full Moon

Chapter 43: Tryst Gone Awry

Chapter 44: Unprecedented Cradle Gift

Chapter 45: Reawakened Realm


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Nahia 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
sarah swindell More than 1 year ago
Nahia by Patricia Bossano is the third installment of a series that follows the tale of the faery princess, Nahia. Illuminating readers on the broken relationship between the realms of humans and faeries, this magical royal finds herself at the center of an epic divide after her own reckless decisions borne out of love cause a total severing of the two world. These decisions all revolve her quasi-unhealthy love of a human named Calisto as she seeks to bring him into her world as her very own. Breaking promises and pushing boundaries, Nahia discovers what she will do out of love for another, and how far she will go to keep it. With the series non-linear and not specific to a single story, it was easy to pick this novel up without actually reading the first two. Thankfully, Author Patricia Bossano works from the very beginning to carefully set up her fantastical world. Aspects of the realm of the Faerie are meticulously covered, leaving no stone unturned, which makes the reader able to relax into the story instead of feeling lost between the lines of Bossano's imagination. Any feminist will also appreciate the matriarchal leadership that exists in these worlds. Igniting my inner love of girl-power, each character is flawed, which creates an authenticity not usually seen in magical beings like faerie characters in other novels. Even though Nahia is non-human, she has a relatable humanity that kept me interested in her as a protagonist. At the same time, the keystone of this book is female friendship. Nahia's relationship with Celeste is enjoyable to read, and was a large part of the reason I liked this story! The only reason I will not give this book a full five stars and just four is because this idea, the created world by Bossano is not entirely original. A little contrived at times, it reminded me of playing pretend as a little girl where I devised similar notions or characters. Still, that does not change the delight in reading something that reminds me of my youth! After this novel, Patricia Bossano will remain on my radar for new reads in the years to come.
Sheila Homer More than 1 year ago
When it comes to reading books in a series I do prefer to read the series in order, as I feel that by starting out of order you are missing some very important pieces of the book. Nahia by Patricia Bossano is the third book in the series, but it was the first one for me to read. I am not a huge fan of fantasy stories and I can honestly say I have never read a book about Faeries. The closest I have come to reading anything about faeries is through the Disney stories of Peter Pan, sleeping Beauty, and Tinkerbell. I really didn’t pick up this book expecting to like it, but I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. Even if you are not a huge fan of fantasy I strongly urge you to give Nahia a chance, trust me you will like what you read. Nahia starts off with the funeral of Nahia’s birth sister Celeste and how that impacts Nahia and the rest of the faeries. The story briefly talks about the relationship between the two and how it has affected Celeste’s offspring. As Nahia is the third book in the series, you know there is more to the relationship than what Patricia focuses on in this book. Although lacking in details the reader gets the idea behind these two’s relationship and how important it was. Nahia is a book focused solely on Nahia and her various relationships with various characters throughout the story. This story while focused on relationships and how important of a role they play in our lives isn’t exactly what you would expect it to be. As you read through the book you will understand that comment more, but let me just leave you with the thought that things are not always as they seem even in a fantasy story, as Patricia does a masterful job of keeping you guessing as to what is to come as you turn the page. No matter what genre I read I am not a big fan of varying view points. When the author’s shift the point of view in storytelling I often times have a harder time reading because I don’t always notice the shift in view. This holds true with Nahia, but that doesn’t take away from the story or how wonderfully it was told. Shifting viewpoints in story telling actually cause me to pay closer attention, as I find myself having to slow down so I am not missing anything. And trust me with Nahia, you don’t want to miss a word as you will fully enjoy the feisty main character and her many exploits.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just finished Nahia and what a wonderful story. Nahia is nonstop action with a lot of surprises. I really tried to guess how the book was going to end but I was unsuccessful. Patricia Bossano has a very good imagination which makes Nahia such a fun read. I was never bored with the story . Nahia is the third book in the Faery Series and Patricia Bossano really ties the other two books together. I do think one could read each out of order and still have a very good experience. Patricia Bossano’s writing style is very good and I am looking forward to her next book. I think Patricia has a bright future ahead of her. I most highly recommend Nahia the reader will not be disappointed.
Literary_Titan More than 1 year ago
Nahia, by Patricia Bossano, chronicles the turbulent efforts of the faery princess, Nahia, as she attempts to lure Calisto, her human obsession, into the faery realm and then maintain her relationship with him. This is the third installment of the Faerie Legacy Series and focuses on the tragically severed relationship between the human and faery realms--damage caused by Nahia herself. When she impulsively chooses to kidnap newborn Calisto, Nahia ultimately brings the wrath of his mother, Alaia, and a decision to ban Nahia from visiting the human descendants of her beloved companion, Celeste. Nahia’s swift and careless choice leave the faery realm in the tragic position of being cut completely from the lives of their human friends after an eighty-seven year connection with them. Having read the first two Faerie Legacy books, I was most interested to see how Bossano would incorporate her characters into a book that solely focused on the faery, Nahia. As with the jump from Book One to Book Two, the author spans several generations and moves through time very quickly. Book Three takes many steps back into the 1900s to visit again with Celeste’s children even though Book Two was set primarily in the present. As confusing as the order of the books’ settings may sound, it totally works. Bossano is a master at providing clear explanations regarding her full line of characters, and readers are able to follow and appreciate the storyline without having read the series in order. The character are all standouts. Quotes don’t often strike me in fantasy novels, but Bossano writes some truly beautiful lines. I could not help but be taken with the line she presents as a memory to Nahia as she begins to dwell and stress over what would have been and could be with her faery companion, Sendoa. As she frets away in the first moments of the new life she has concocted with Calisto, Nahia recalls her mother’s words, “Be done with the past and be present.” I truly love that line. The ties between Nahia and Celeste, from Book One, are clear and present in this book. Nahia and Celeste--faery and human--were as close as two can be without being sisters. Nahia’s undying love for her human friend is evident and touching throughout Book Three. Nahia’s insistence that only a female descendant of Celeste and Etienne’s marriage should be the heir to their possession and estate further shows her love for Celeste and beautifully weaves Book Two into the plotline of Nahia.  Nahia was a favored character of mine from the first book in Bossano’s series, but in this installment, she truly shines. Her fickle ways and her, pardon the pun, flighty ways make her an incredibly enjoyable character to follow. Bossano has succeeded in creating and, more importantly, maintaining a rich and well-developed character in Nahia. Nahia is easily my favorite of the three Faerie Legacy books. I recommend it to any fan of the fantasy genre and to any reader curious about breaking into the faery realm themselves. Bossano’s tales are highly readable, beyond imaginative, and wonderfully spun.
luvfantasy More than 1 year ago
Insightful and Revealing—a surprising look into the faerie world The faery Nahia is not even 70 years old when this story begins and according to the author’s World Wisdom on Faeries, at the beginning of the book, that is full young and immature, even for a faery princess. Nahia goes through many growing pains as she learns to value love and family above herself, just like any teenager. The fantasy element in the series of blunders contributing to Nahia’s maturity kept me turning pages; she’s a tough cookie who won’t be told what to do, which makes her difficult to like at times, but she processes her experiences and understands her shortcomings so that in the end, I felt ‘proud’ of her accomplishments—as if she were my child!
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite I just read the second book in the Faerie Legacy series and knew I would want to read more of Patricia Bossano’s books. Nahia: Faerie Legacy Series Book 3 is as transporting and as satisfying as the previous book in the series. Nahia of the faerie realm decides to pursue her heart’s desire. She enters into the human dimension and conceives a child with a human, masking her identity. But she’s hence altered the genetic identity of humans and, when her secret is laid bare, she has only once choice: escape to the faerie realm. But a greater responsibility awaits her after the death of the magical keeper of the realm. Can she accept her calling as the Faery Queen and reestablish the balance between the two worlds? A high fantasy and climactic visit to the world of the faerie, Nahia is a riveting story that explores the beauty of our world and its mysterious connection to other realms. Yet the story is told in a way that makes readers dream, makes them believe in magic, and makes them believe that they co-exist with other worlds. The writing is atmospheric, the characters elaborately developed, and the setting is a dream world, the perfect escape for fans of fantasy and the supernatural. There is an effusion in Patricia Bossano’s imagination that had me enmeshed in the narrative. She creates characters that are compelling and endows them with real human attributes. The tension that rocks the two realms defines the conflict in this narrative. This is another exciting entry in the series and it ends with questions that readers want to see answered in the next book. An exciting ride, indeed!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Patricia Bossano has done it again, this latest book in her amazing Faery series is absolutely brilliant and her best work yet, in my opinion. Nahia ties all three books in the trilogy together nicely and once again puts the reader right in the middle of the action with her deep and vivid style. From the first time Etienne lays eyes on Celeste at Moon Dancer Lake to the re-awaking of the Faery Realm in dramatic fashion, these stories have everything you could ask for and more. Someone from Disney, Warner Bros. or DreamWorks should put a Faery franchise together and make a few movies out of these tales. I totally see them on the screen in my mind playing out as I read them. Simply magical……I will too....