NETWORKING 2010: 9th International IFIP TC 6 Networking Conference, Chennai, India, May 11-15, 2010, Proceedings

NETWORKING 2010: 9th International IFIP TC 6 Networking Conference, Chennai, India, May 11-15, 2010, Proceedings


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ISBN-13: 9783642129629
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 06/07/2010
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #6091
Edition description: 2010
Pages: 410
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

P2P and Overlay Networks

Using Torrent Inflation to Efficiently Serve the Long Tail in Peer-Assisted Content Delivery Systems Niklas Carlsson Derek L. Eager Anirban Mahanti 1

Network Distance Prediction Based on Decentralized Matrix Factorization Yongjun Liao Pierre Geurts Guy Leduc 15

Topology-Awareness and Reoptimization Mechanism for Virtual Network Embedding Nabeel Farooq Butt Mosharaf Chowdhury Raouf Boutaba 27

Survivable Virtual Network Embedding Muntasir Raihan Rahman Issam Aib Raouf Boutaba 40

Toward Efficient On-Demand Streaming with BitTorrent Youmna Borghol Sebastien Ardon Niklas Carlsson Anirban Mahanti 53

Synapse: A Scalable Protocol for Interconnecting Heterogeneous Overlay Networks Luigi Liquori Cédric Tedeschi Laurent Vanni Francesco Bongiovanni Vincenzo Ciancaglini Bojan Marinkovic 67

Performance Measurement

A Longitudinal Study of Small-Time Scaling Behavior of Internet Traffic Himanshu Gupta Vinay J. Ribeiro Anirban Mahanti 83

Measurement Study of Multi-party Video Conferencing Yue Lu Yong Zhao Fernando Kuipers Piet Van Mieghem 96

Quality of Service

Passive Online RTT Estimation for Flow-Aware Routers Using One-Way Traffic Damiano Carra Konstantin Avrachenkov Sara Alouf Alberto Blanc Philippe Nain Georg Post 109

A Flow Scheduler Architecture Dinil Mon Divakaran Giovanna Carofiglio Eitan Altman Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet 122

Stateless RD Network Services Maxim Podlesny Sergey Gorinsky 135

Wireless Networks

Multicast in Multi-channel Wireless Mesh Networks Ouldooz Baghban Karimi Jiangchuan Liu Zongpeng Li 148

Ambient Interference Effects in Wi-Fi Networks Aniket Mahanti NiklasCarlsson Carey Williamson Martin Arlitt 160

A Zone Assignment Algorithm for Fractional Frequency Reuse in Mobile WiMAX Networks Michael Einhaus Andreas Mäder Xavier Pérez-Costa 174

Addressing and Routing

Handling Transient Link Failures Using Alternate Next Hop Counters Suksant Sae Lor Raul Landa Redouane Ali Miguel Rio 186

Efficient Recovery from False State in Distributed Routing Algorithms Daniel Gyllstrom Sudarshan Vasudevan Jim Kurose Gerome Miklau 198

IP Fast Reroute in Networks with Shared Risk Links Yan Li Mohamed G.Gouda 213

EAU: Efficient Address Updating for Seamless Handover in Multi-homed Mobile Environments Yuansong Qiao Shuaijun Zhang Adrian Matthews GregoryHayes Enda Fallon 227

Applications and Services

Speculative Validation of Web Objects for Further Reducing the User-Perceived Latency Josep Domenech Jose A. Gil Julio Sahuquillo Ana Pont 239

Dynamic Service Placement in Shared Service Hosting Infrastructures Qi Zhang Jin Xiao Eren Gürses Martin Karsten Raouf Boutaba 251

Evaluating the Impact of a Novel Warning Message Dissemination Scheme for VANETs Using Real City Maps Francisco J. Martinez Manuel Fogue Manuel Coll Juan-Carlos Cano Carlos T. Calafate Pietro Manzoni 265

Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

Resource Optimization Algorithm for Sparse Time-Driven Sensor Networks María Luisa Santamaría Sebastià Galmés Ramon Puigjaner 277

Routing Protocol for Anycast Communications in a Wireless Sensor Network Nancy El Rachkidy Alexandre Guitton Michel Misson 291

Fault-Tolerant Power-Aware Topology Control for Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks Harichandan Roy Shuvo Kumar De Md. Maniruzzaman Ashikur Rahman 303

Work in Progress

Server Guaranteed Cap: An Incentive Mechanism for Maximizing Streaming Quality in Heterogeneous Overlays Ilias Chatzidrossos GyörgyDán Viktória Fodor 315

End-to-End Throughput with Cooperative Communication in Multi-channel Wireless Networks Zheng Huang Xin Wang Baochun Li 327

Cost Bounds of Multicast Light-Trees in WDM Networks Fen Zhou Miklós Molnár Bernard Cousin Chunming Qiao 339

Bidirectional Range Extension for TCAM-Based Packet Classification Yan Sun Min Sik Kim 351

Estimating the Economic Value of Flexibility in Access Network Unbundling Koen Casier Mathieu Tahon Mohsan Ahmed Bilal Sofie Verbrugge Didier Colle Mario Pickavet Piet Demeester 362

Intercarrier Compensation between Providers of Different Layers: Advantages of Transmission Initiator Determination Ruzana Davoyan Wolfgang Effelsberg 373

Application of Secondary Information for Misbehavior Detection in VANETs Ashish Vulimiri Arobinda Gupta Pramit Roy Skanda N. Muthaiah Arzad A. Kherani 385

Path Attestation Scheme to Avert DDoS Flood Attacks Raktim Bhattacharjee S. Sanand S. V. Raghavan 397

Author Index 409

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