Never Too Late

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Never Too Late 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This anthology is fabulous, if you love regency you will love this book. All the authors have there special take on each story and they all are written very well. I laughed, she'd a few tears and smiled all the way thru each story. If you haven't read some if the authors work before this is the book to start at the beginning to the end. Swoon worthy to me. These ladies rock with regency romance.
georgia1 6 months ago
This compilatio of novellas is truly amazing. Each author on their own has many books to their credit, but together you get a taste of how good each one writes. The Piper’s Lady -Sherry Ewing -This is a sweet novella that will warm your heart. If you have read Sherry’s books this story will fall right into place. But this is fine as a stand alone. Lady Coria has spent many years traveling with and taken care of her grandfather so has had no opportunity for courtship. After he is gone she travels to Berwyck Castle to stay with the Laird and his wife. Unexpectedly, she meets Garrick, a knight ( or so she thinks!) and they have an instant attraction. But misunderstandings and ghostly sightings might hold them apart. Can they find love and be happy? As with all of Ms Ewing’s stories you will be enchanted until the last page! Her Wounded Heart by Nicole Zoltack - Mary was desperate. Winter was upon her, she had little to eat it to keep her warm and her home was crumbling around her. What to do? Doran had been out hunting but the weather had turned bad and he sought shelter at Mary’s. House. Unable to turn him away, he ends up staying and helping her. Secrets and mystery surround Mary but Doran helps her as much as he can around the house. Can a broken knight and a scared lady find happiness? This was an enjoyable read and a good addition to this anthology A Year Without Christmas by Jessica Cale - Love can happen anytime. Earl Edward Rothschild returns from War almost a broken man. His best friend Henry Virtue was killed and he finds Henry’s widow, Lillian as only one of two people left at his estate. Lillian has been his ever faithful housekeeper for a long time and she has always held a special place in his heart. Lillian has always love the Earl but of course she is a servant. Can Lily and Ed find each other and celebrate Christmas that has been banned by the King? Such a sweet story of wounded hearts finding redemption and caring The Night if the Feast by Elizabeth Carter - Michael St John was hoping he was in the right place. A spy deep in the French Revolution he is trying to make use of his life by helping the town of Vendor to counter the enemy. His contact was Fl be met in a tavern that was owned and run by Jacqueline Archanbeau, a women who is wary and feels she will not feel love again. Surprise is the least of what Michael feels when he finds out Jacqueline is his contact ! Can two lonely hearts save each other as they help their country? A lovely story of hearts found The Umbrella Chronically by Any Quinton - What a delightful story!! George St Vincent was at the Marquess of Dansbury’s house party. At he walked out of his room, there was the dreaded Black umbrella leaning against the wall!! It had been making its rounds of the ton and the Rumor was having the umbrella meant you were fated to be married!! Indeed the umbrella was owned by none other than Lady Harriet Ross who was renowned for her matchmaking! Miss Dorothea Wythe seemed fated to be his target when he found her in the library, while her was looking for a book he misplaced. Dory was not much noticed by society due to her Bluestocking mind and intellect. George found her very interesting and Dory has felt half in love with him for years. Can these two be able to find love? I think this author should take the umbrella and Lady Harriett ( which I found delightful) and make an entire series!! Really enjoyed this story! A Malicious Rumor by Susana Ellis - Alice Crock