Nevermore (Crossbreed Series #6)

Nevermore (Crossbreed Series #6)

by Dannika Dark

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BN ID: 2940161473061
Publisher: Dannika Dark
Publication date: 01/13/2019
Series: Crossbreed Series , #6
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 488
File size: 678 KB

About the Author

Dannika Dark is a USA TODAY Bestselling author and Audie Awards Finalist of urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels. Her books have sold millions of copies worldwide.

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Nevermore 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Anonymous 29 days ago
Anonymous 3 months ago
I love this series and this book did not disappoint! Action packed with fights, with romance, intrigue and best of all a beautiful storyline about what family means. Weather it’s biological or friends who become family by always being there when you need them! Dannika Dark is on of my favorite authors and writes wonderful captivating stories that you can wait to read. And I makes you impatient to wait for her next great book.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I think this book is so far my favorite in the series! We got to see more of her father and Raven and Christian finally declare their love and intentions! And love how he showed her that he loves and wants only her. If you enjoy kick butt women and strong characters then you'll enjoy this series or any of Dannika Dark's books.
Anonymous 3 days ago
Anonymous 9 days ago
Anonymous 15 days ago
Another great book from Dannika Dark!wonderful addition to the series.
Anonymous 17 days ago
I love Dannika Dark and this series is by far my favorite. I love the complicated but authentic relationship of the main characters. This book was probably my least favorite in the series. It was good but I felt it way centered to much around Crush. Didn't feel it had enough keystone in it. But after said that it's still a wonderful book and I cant wait till the next one.
Anonymous 18 days ago
Anonymous 18 days ago
Anonymous 18 days ago
Anonymous 22 days ago
Love this series, great book, lots of action
Anonymous 22 days ago
Every book I read in this series gets better.I have read every series she has written and every book is a treat.Try one book in any of her series you won't regret it.Interesting characters and page turning stories.
Mikky 24 days ago
* Beware of spoilers for past novels in this series. To tell you the truth I tried to make the audio book to this novel last. I didn't succeed very well considering I read it in 8 days but I sure tried to string this along and milk it for all it was worth. I have to say that I didn't dislike the road this novel ended up traveling. It was a departure from the loose formula past books have established. This was one of the more character driven books and considering I'm VERY invested in anything relating to this series I liked it regardless. Raven just had the rug pulled from under her by a person she trusts. The events in this novel shows how she deals with that while still trying to solve a problem that's come up later on. Things eventually work out but it's a long road to get there. The outcome of everything though was totally worth it! Christian kind of proved himself worthy in this novel. I don't want to come right out and say it but OMG IT FINALLY HAPPENED! I'm so happy and yet skeptical of everything at this point. I'm scared this may be the calm before the storm just like Gaslight was the calm before the ending to Blackout hit. I loved the new characters that have been introduced in this novel! So much fodder for even more spin-off novels. If only writing books were an easier and faster process. I'll take cliff notes at this point just to get a possible glimpse into what happens to them in the future! The ending was so sweet! I can't wait for the next book in this series. It sounds like the next book may resume with the pre-established formula of solving crime and developing characters in the midst of it all. The Audio Book: Nicole Poole is at the top of my favorite narrator's list. We got off to a rocky start but I've learned to appreciate her voice with its beautiful range of accents and realistic male and female voices. This narration was no different!
Anonymous 26 days ago
Anonymous 3 months ago
It wasn't the action story I'd expected from the series, but Nevermore held me captive for 300pages. After Keystone, the best book of the series.
valerie holm 3 months ago
These books keep getting better and better! The Crossbreed books can be read independently, but I always advocate reading each book in a series. Nevermore is book six, and many of the story-lines gain more depth when you experience them all. I love the Keystone group. They are a diverse family of supernatural beings, all trying to overcome painful pasts. This book veers away from the case per week format while the group spends some long needed vacation time. Since the introduction of Raven's father Crush a few books back, I have been eager to spend some time with him. Raven has been dealing with a great deal of guilt about how she left things with Crush. This book was Raven's second chance to show Crush how much he means to her. They have some poignant moments, ones that honestly brought me to tears. Having lost both of my parents this past decade, I understand Raven's desire to make things right with Crush. When a sudden event takes away the ability to see those you love every day, it magnifies prior interactions. The desire to make sure they know how you feel can be overwhelming. What Raven discovers is that Crush knows. Nothing changed the love he has for her, or his desire to see her safe and happy. It was cathartic for me. I enjoyed getting to see some of Christian's history in this book. Difficulties from Christian's past feel authentic to my perception of him. Sufficiently putting his issues to rest might prove difficult, but at least they are in the open. Raven and Christian come a long way by the end of Nevermore. The start of the book finds them at a crossroads in their relationship. It worried me that by the end a decision would not come to pass. But one did. And I am fully satisfied with what occurred. When Niko and Claude acknowledge seeing past the secret Raven and Christian were trying to keep, it cracked me up. Guess they weren't as sneaky as they thought. Which was, in all actuality, apparent before being stated. The rest of the gang continue to grow. Niko finally realizes the benefit of coming clean about his current predicament with Cyrus. Shephard bonding with Hunter is another moment of deep emotion for me. The two of them went through so much they deserve some peace and comfort. It is nice everyone has begun to see Keystone as a place of safety for them. The secrets they hold are no longer something they have to shoulder all alone. Some random, spoilery thoughts: Lenore is not done with Christian, and I think that could be very bad. I am a little scared about what Houdini is going to do next. We have never seen him truly mad before, and I think he is pretty perturbed with Raven. We have not seen the last of Switch, I hope. With his background issues, Keystone could be a good fit for him. Okay, Kira is a mystery that must be solved. Speculating about her is driving me crazy. I highly recommend any book written by Dannika Dark, but the Crossbreed series is my favorite. They are good for anyone who enjoys Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance novels. Read them all, you will not be disappointed. Then tell your friends to read them too!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Loved it. Each book is better than the one before.
valleymtz 3 months ago
I think I loved this book so much because it's what I was missing from the start. In every series I read (not just Dannika's books) the first book is the background, but this series is not. This series started off differently and I think that's why at first I couldn't emotionally connect. Although it took me some time to come back to this series, I've loved every book, BUT this one made me fall in LOVE with the series and made it all worth reading. This book steps back to the beginning without actually being a flashback. It gives us a lot of the why Raven and Christian are the way they are and introduces us to new characters who you will LOVE. Definitely worth the read.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Anonymous 3 months ago
This was a little different than the past novels. I enjoyed reading it and can't wait to see what happens next!
Debbie Turk 3 months ago
Wow, Just Wow. Absolutely Stunning!! I think this has to be the most heartfelt of the Crossbreed Series so far, so you've been warned from the start!! At the end of 'Blackout #5' Raven had discovered that Christian had kept the fact that her Dad, Crush, was a 'trusted human' in the Breed World, from her. She's devastated by what she sees as his betrayal & leaves the mansion to seek the comfort of her Daddy & home!! Christian is side swiped by a ghost from his past! He doesn't seem particularly happy to see her but it's clear their past may not be over in her eyes & maybe not his either!! Victor has decided Keystone all deserve a break & informs them he won't be taking on any cases for a couple of weeks. The teams deserve the time off, Raven - he informs them all - has taken some time to reconnect with her Dad & he thinks Hunter would benefit from the settling in period!! Raven & her Dad are so alike it's funny Both are stubborn as mules but loyal to their bones and that becomes more apparent the longer she stays with him & their truths are told in full!! Bond's of true friendship & loyalty have been forged over the decades but Crush is a proud man, he's hiding something from nearly everyone that could end him!! Once again the Author has pulled it out of the bag. There's no case to solve in this book but I didn't miss that aspect after the nail biter of 'Blackout', I think this shift in gears, although no less engrossing, was almost a relief!! This one is an emotional conundrum from page one. Figuring out people's motives, sincerity, loyalties & truths was just as difficult as figuring out a Keystone case & nearly as deadly!!, The heartfelt moments in this page turner are deep. I couldn't read it without losing a few tears They aren't out & out mushy but they touched a part of me that I think we all hold dear!! Keystone, however, is forever changed by the end of 'Nevermore'. It's to be seen if it's for the best of not I believe Raven has grown up as an individual but also an immortal too, during this book. Keystone, and it's members, have been slowly making a difference to her but I felt like the events throughout this particular book helped remove certain blinkers she continued to wear!! Roll on Book #7, I can't get enough of this Keystone Family Unmissable reading Debbie, 1970, UK
Anonymous 3 months ago
This woman knows how to white a book, and keep people involved in the world she has created!