Nietzsche for the 21st Century and Beyond

Nietzsche for the 21st Century and Beyond

by Rebekah S. Peery

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Nietzsche for the 21st Century and Beyond by Rebekah S. Peery

This book concentrates on Nietzsche's major legacy as a philosopher. Nietzsche's task, his mission, as he perceived it, was to challenge, to rethink, redefine, reinterpret, reconceptualize, revalue, any or all ideas — especially those traditional ideas which he increasingly came to believe were important in having the effects of stultifying any process of enhancing or enriching human life — the world we are continually creating and recreating. He sought to change the world by reinterpreting, and perhaps persuading, even propagandizing, others to his cause.
Prof. Peery's first two books emphasized Nietzsche's concerns and contributions as a cultural critic and cultural historian; this time, she concentrates on his major legacy as a philosopher. Taking a tender scalpel to his works, from 'Ecce Homo' and 'Thus Spake Zarathustra' to 'Beyond Good and Evil' and others, she gets inside to the heart of his writing and creates an intellectual dialogue involving everyone from Dionysus and Democritus to Jacob Burckhardt and GWF Hegel. "By dialectical process," she notes, "Nietzsche reasserts Heraclitus' views of the constant tension, or process, always occurring between two opposites, interacting elements, or forces." She also brings in the contributions of R. J. Hollingdale and other Nietzsche analysts to present a range of insights into these nuanced writings whose application to current reality seems perhaps more apt than ever.
During his lifetime (1844-1900), the impact of Nietzsche's thinking was dimly perceived, if at all, by most of his contemporaries or readers. Into and during the 20th century, however, the unexpected, the dangers, but mostly the possibilities, of his ideas began to be recognized, explored, and adopted — and resisted. There were exciting creative achievements far beyond Nietzsche's philosophy. These ideas continued to rapidly display their increasingly amazing and untapped resources.
Well into the 21st century appreciating, interpreting, and evaluating Nietzsche's thinking appear to be rising — still, or again. And he repays generously every effort, every investment.

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About the Author

Prof. Rebekah Peery earned her Doctorate in Philosophy at Vanderbilt University; she taught philosophy and religious studies at Radford University for almost two decades. Courses she led included the philosophy of Plato and Aristotle, Hobbes, Kant, Nietzsche and Heidegger, as well as ethics, aesthetics, the Continental Rationalists and British Empiricists, Political Philosophy, and Existentialism.
Her enjoyment of sharing the great thinkers with the general public led her to write the current book, which is intended to help readers take a fresh look at the challenges Nietzsche presents and to grasp the excitement of his philosophical adventure.

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