Nine Years in Bangkok: Lessons Learned

Nine Years in Bangkok: Lessons Learned

by Sharon Bazant
Nine Years in Bangkok: Lessons Learned

Nine Years in Bangkok: Lessons Learned

by Sharon Bazant


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The magic of living and traveling in exotic locales doesn’t insulate anyone from a crisis of the soul. Nine Years in Bangkok: Lessons Learned is a memoir of Sharon Bazant’s adventurous, roller-coaster life as an ex-pat in Thailand.

Her path to self-discovery and acceptance is illuminated by a very real cast of characters:

  • a Russian Shaman
  • a spell-casting Thai massage master
  • a Scottish hairdresser named Frankie Love
  • a maid named Boom
  • a spirit-channeling ambassador’s wife
  • and Andrew who became Annie.

As a westerner in Southeast Asia, she pulls back the covers on such topics as traversing culture shock, long-distance parenting, marital breakdown, workplace betrayal (and revenge), mid-life career change, and more.

Read how Sharon overcame these challenges and underwent a spiritual transformation during her nine years in Thailand. And, perhaps, see a path for yourself.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781644389973
Publisher:, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/30/2019
Pages: 324
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.73(d)

About the Author

Sharon Bazant is a retired Drama and English teacher living near Vancouver, Canada. She has donned a variety of professional and personal hats throughout her life including Thai massage therapist, U.N. research consultant, world traveler, and long-term expatriate. Some of her greatest adventures occurred during her time in Thailand.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1—Changing Gears

Chapter 2—The Beginning

Chapter 3—A Solstice

Chapter 4—Travels

Chapter 5—The Learning Curve

Chapter 6—Eyes Slightly Opened

Chapter 7—Scandals, Travels, and Lessons

Chapter 8—Sow’s Ear to Silk Purse

Chapter 9—Waters Rising

Chapter 10—Travels and Lessons

Chapter 11—The Care Package

Chapter 12—Pride and Pressure

Chapter 13—The Turning of the Screws

Chapter 14—Travels and Lessons

Chapter 15—Trouble Brewing

Chapter 16—Fire Burns

Chapter 17—Cauldron Bubbles

Chapter 18—Scandals, Travels, and Lessons

Chapter 19—Millennium Madness

Chapter 20—Bad Blood and Secrets

Chapter 21—Know When to Walk Away

Chapter 22—The Bitter End

Chapter 23—Healing and Discovery

Chapter 24—Travels in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco

Chapter 25—Travels to Paris and Vancouver, Stories & Lessons

Chapter 26—Up the Down Escalator

Chapter 27—Twist and Shout

Chapter 28—Travels and Lessons

Chapter 29—Giving and Receiving

Chapter 30—Cosmic Healing and Rainy Days

Chapter 31—Travels and Lessons

Chapter 32—Come Fly with Me

Chapter 33—Travels and Lessons

Chapter 34—The Dark Side

Chapter 35—Disintegration

Chapter 36—Awakening

Chapter 37—Travels in Sri Lanka and Lessons

Chapter 38—Dispossession

Chapter 39—Letting Go and Looking Forward

Chapter 40—Travels and Lessons

Chapter 41—Getting Settled: Bumps in the Road

Chapter 42—The Homecoming

Chapter 43—Travels and Lessons

Epilogue: Looking Back


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