Nitric Oxide Protocols

Nitric Oxide Protocols

by Aviv Hassid (Editor)

Paperback(Softcover reprint of hardcover 2nd ed. 2004)

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ISBN-13: 9781617374432
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, LLC
Publication date: 11/10/2010
Series: Methods in Molecular Biology , #279
Edition description: Softcover reprint of hardcover 2nd ed. 2004
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.35(d)

Table of Contents

Measurement of Nitric Oxide by Reconversion of Nitrate/Nitrite to NO
Reinhard Berkels, Svenja Purol-Schnabel, and Renate Roesen

High-Resolution Capillary Electrophoresis of Nitrite and Nitrate in Biological Samples
Dmitri Y. Boudko

Nitrite and Nitrate Measurements in Human Urine by Capillary Electrophoresis
Edward Morcos and N. Peter Wiklund

In Vivo Nitric Oxide Measurements Using a Microcoaxial Electrode
Yoshiichiro Kitamura, Hirosuke Kobayashi, Kazuo Tanishita, and Kotaro Oka

Measurement of Exhaled Nitric Oxide
Peter A. Steerenberg and Jan G. C. van Amsterdam

Nitric Oxide Imaging in Neurons Using Confocal Microscopy
Xiaoxiang Zheng, Gangmin Ning, Dihui Hong, and Mu Zhang

Measurement of Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity In Vivo and In Vitro by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Dimitrios Tsikas

A Nonradioactive Assay for Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity in Tissue Extracts
Hazel Sutherland, Olga Zolle, Roba Khundkar, Alec W. M. Simpson, Jonathan C. Jarvis, and Stanley Salmons

Measurement of Nitric Oxide-Related Enzymes in the Brain by In Situ Hybridization
Olivier Braissant

Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction to Quantify mRNA for Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase
Yi Chu and Frank M. Faraci

Dioxygen-Dependent Metabolism of Nitric Oxide
Paul R. Gardner, Anne M. Gardner, and Craig K. Hallstrom

Proteomic Method for Identification of Tyrosine-Nitrated Proteins
Kulwant S. Aulak, Thomas Koeck, John W. Crabb, and Dennis J. Stuehr

Immunohishemical Detection of S-Nitrosylated Proteins
Andrew J. Gow, Christiana W. Davis, David Munson, and Harry Ischiropoulos

Gene Therapy Techniques for the Delivery of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase to the Corpora Cavernosa for Erectile Dysfunction
Trinity J. Bivalacqua, Weiwen Deng, Hunter C. Champion, Wayne J. G. Hellstrom, and Philip J. Kadowitz

Adenovirus-Mediated Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene Transfer Into the Nucleus Tractus Solitarius in Conscious Rats
Yoshitaka Hirooka and Koji Sakai

Gene Therapy in Cancer Via Use of a Retrovector Having a Tumor Specificity and Expressing Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase
Masahide Kuroki

Gene Transfer of Nitric Oxide Synthase Via the Use of Adeno-Associated Virus Vectors
Yoshikazu Maeda, Kazuyuki Shimada, and Uichi Ikeda

Adenovirus-Mediated Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene Transfer
Kathleen G. Raman, Richard A. Shapiro, Edith Tzeng, and Melina R. Kibbe


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