No More Mr. Nice Guy

No More Mr. Nice Guy

by Jennifer Greene

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ISBN-13: 9781426891540
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 05/02/2011
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 419,891
File size: 419 KB

About the Author

      Jennifer Greene has sold over 80 books in the contemporary romance genre.  Her first professional writing award came from RWA--a Silver Medallion in l984--followed by over 20 national awards, including being honored in RWA's Hall of Fame.  In 2009, Jennifer was given the RWA Nora Roberts LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.  Jennifer has degrees in English and Psychology, and lives in Michigan.

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Whoops!" If she hadn't been precariously balancing a tray of champagne glasses, Carroll would have been happy to disappear from the kitchen again. As it was, she set the tray hastily on the counter with a rattling plunk. "I swear there isn't a room in the house safe from the two of you!"

Stéphane, her sister's new fiancé, removed his hands from Nancy long enough to offer a bold grin. Nancy just chuckled. "I can't control him," she confessed.

That Carroll already knew. Certainly a houseful of people hadn't inhibited Stéphane's amorous behavior where her sister was concerned.

It didn't matter. All that mattered to Carroll was that beneath the sophisticated trappings of red silk and a frothy hairstyle, Nancy was glowing.

Nancy was also leaving, with a not very subtle wink at Stéphane. "This is probably the only chance my two favorite people are going to have to get to know each other in this madhouse," she said deliberately. Seconds later, the door to the dining room was swinging shut behind her.

Silence swept through the kitchen on the back-swing. Carroll covered it by immediately and noisily filling her mother's sink with sudsy water. Normally comfortable with people, she was finding it strangely difficult to feel at ease with her future brother-in-law.

Twenty-four hours ago, Nancy had simply flown in from Quebec with Stéphane in tow. In itself, that wasn't surprising. Nance did everything in whirlwind fashion, a characteristic she'd inherited from their mother. And while the two other Laker women panicked, Carroll had spent the afternoon between the store, telephone and kitchen, organizing the impromptu engagement party that was now in full swing. Nothing to it, really. Carroll had always been the practical one in the family.

Being practical suited her. Being itchy-restless and irritable as she'd been all this evening certainly didn't, but banishing the odd mood was somehow harder with Stéphane standing there.

The small city of Lafayette, Indiana, didn't raise men like Stéphane, she thought. Men who looked as if they'd been born in tuxedos. Men with deliciously wild eyes. Men who exuded virility with the simple act of breathing. Men with slight French accents and a way of looking at a woman…well. Carroll held up a glass to inspect it for water spots. Hell's bells. How was she supposed to hold a conversation with a man like that? "You're surviving meeting every Laker relative from here to Poughkeepsie?" she asked lightly.

"Not Aunt Harriet."

"No one survives Aunt Harriet," she assured him.

"Then, too, my Nance does have her share of third cousins," Stéphane added dryly, tipping a glass of champagne to his lips. "On the other hand, you and your parents are the only ones who are really important to her."

"You're not worried, are you? You won over Mom and Dad in thirty seconds flat."

"Worried about your parents—no." Stéphane's midnight-blue eyes slid over her with the skill of a man who knew women. Lots of women. Carroll felt her cream-colored angora sweater and gray slacks promptly stripped and a naked twenty-seven-year-old speech therapist revealed, right down to the dimple on her fanny. "But I think you've reserved judgment about me so far, haven't you, Carroll?"

His perception embarrassed her. She'd never meant to let on that he made her feel uncomfortable. "I hardly know you."

"We met hours ago," he reminded her. "Long enough to form a first impression.

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No More Mr. Nice Guy 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Val-Pearson More than 1 year ago
There's nothing quite like an exhilarating read with a strong alpha male. Goodness knows that I look forward to all that dangerous yummy hotness but what about my "good guy" heroes? Give me a good guy any day of the week and I will be happy. However, finding some dependable cute guys is a bit hard to find in a romance novel. That is, until now. Alan's is your ordinary every day dependable, cute and loyal pediatrician. Whoa, wait, he's a doctor? Oh yeah! He's the established good guy who is tired of being so good. Alan wants to give Carroll everything she desires and sometimes that means being a man who brings excitement and passion. I loved Alan's character and my heart melted when he tried to change himself to get Carroll to marry him. Bottom line, he just wanted to marry Carroll. Alan's character was the kind that sticks around and do what it takes to keep his woman happy. Carroll felt like she was your ordinary "cute" yet average woman. Sure Alan was safe, loyal and dependable but at a certain point, Carroll craved excitement and passion. I loved her reaction when the new Alan stepped forward. It reminded me of the say, "be careful what you wish for". Although Carroll falls in love with the new Alan even more, a part of her wants "her" Alan back. The predictable Alan. One of my favorite scenes in the book is when Alan visits her at work. Carroll is a speech therapist and it's evident how well these two would work together as parents. Just a side note, how adorable is that cover? Yes, the book is as sweet/sensual as the cover suggests. Okay, back to the review. No More Mr. Nice Guy was a fun filled read that had me wishing more men would take the initiative to breathe a little bit of life into their romance. The characters worked well with one another and the ending had me saying "awwwww". I love Ms. Greene's writing style because she writes about everyday characters that I can relate to. I highly recommend you pick up this quick read for an exciting escape from an ordinary life. Ladies, when you're finished with the book, leave it around the house as a hint to your man of the little things he can do to sweep you off your feet.