One Leg Too Few: The Adventures of Peter Cook & Dudley Moore

One Leg Too Few: The Adventures of Peter Cook & Dudley Moore

by William Cook


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The first full-length dual biography of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, and the first to be written with the consent and cooperation of both of their estates

This is a book about an extraordinary relationship: a friendship, a partnership—almost, at times, a marriage. Like a lot of marriages it ended badly, but for nearly 20 years, between the first date and the inevitable divorce, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore were the funniest thing on three continents.They were Britain's greatest double act, and their influence is immense. They inspired several generations of comics, from Monty Python to Ricky Gervais, and they were stars in America and Australia. Yet their partnership fell apart when they were barely in their forties. Dudley went to Hollywood and became an unlikely sex symbol, while Peter remained in England, his occasional striking cameo punctuated by increasingly long periods of semi-retirement. This is the story of their relationship, and the comedy that came from it. It features an extensive range of fresh interviews, previously unpublished archive material, and a wealth of information about the most creative (and explosive) double act that British comedy has ever produced. 

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ISBN-13: 9780099559924
Publisher: Random House UK
Publication date: 09/01/2014
Pages: 720
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.70(h) x 1.90(d)

About the Author

WILLIAM COOK is the acclaimed author of Ha Bloody Ha — Comedians Talking (Fourth Estate), The Comedy Store — the Club That Changed British Comedy (Little, Brown), two bestselling collections of Peter Cook's writing, and most recently the extravagantly well-reviewed Kiss Me Chudleigh: The World According to Auberon Waugh. He has worked for the BBC and written for the Guardian, the Mail on Sunday and the New Statesman.

Table of Contents

One Leg Too Few xiv

Introduction 1

Dudley By Peter 7

Peter By Dudley 9

Part 1 Hoi Only …

1 Ad Nauseam 13

2 Dagenham 21

3 Radley 43

4 Oxford 65

5 Cambridge 81

6 Before The Fringe 105

7 Edinburgh And After 119

8 Brighton Or Bust 133

9 Beyond The Fringe 147

10 The Establishment 161

11 On Broadway 181

12 Homeward Bound 207

13 Not Only … But Also 219

14 The Wrong Box 237

15 Bedazzled 255

16 Goodbye Again 275

17 Poets Cornered 295

18 Where Do I Sit? 317

19 Down Under 335

20 Behind The Fridge 347

21 Good Evening 365

22 On The Road 379

23 Derek & Give (Dead) 391

24 The Hound Of The Baskervilles 403

25 10 419

26 The Two Of Us 429

27 Get The Horn 445

28 Goodbyee 463

Part 2 … But Also

John Bassett 482

Michael Bawtree 486

Francis Bennett 491

Michael Bilhngton 495

Gaye Brown 500

Michael Burrell 503

Elizabeth Cook 506

Judy Cook 512

Wendy Cook 522

Peter Cork 531

David Dearlove 537

Eleanor Fazan 541

Rena Fruchter 545

John Gale 553

Nicholas Garland 555

Patrick Garland 561

Vera Grigg 564

Jonathan Harlow 567

Tony Hole 570

Barry Humphries 572

Suzy Kendall 576

Chris Langham 583

Roger Law 591

Elisabeth Luard 595

Gillian Lynne 598

David Maclaren Webster 602

Joe McGrath 603

Barbara Moore 607

Robert Ponsonby 613

Peter Raby 615

Sarah Seymour 617

Barbara Stevens 624

Bernard Stevens 628

Peter Way 632

Teresa Wells 635

Norma Winstone 637

In Heaven 641

Bibliography 643

Notes 647

Index 685

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