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One Little Secret

One Little Secret

4.7 4
by Allison Bottke

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Romantic Times
(Four Stars) Bottke's latest provides a glimpse into the dedication it takes to place love of family above personal aspirations. The characters are believable and interesting, and this well-written tale reminds readers that you're never too old to follow your dreams.

...I really liked Ms. Bottke's ability to draw you into the story, constantly making you wonder what's going to happen next, and leaving you wanting to know more. I think that the character's lives were portrayed fairly realistically, and the descriptions of the music were so moving that I was almost in tears! I also loved that the family-life portrayed by the author was what everyone --I'm sure-- dreams of having, so that is a big pull. Overall, a very good book that I didn't want to see end. Highly recommended!
—Jenn Simpson
Alison Bottke paints a realistic picture of a marriage that, although far from perfect, is based on God and therefore built on solid ground. She deals with the theme of long lost dreams and how they can be restored. She helps the reader learn that God's gifts are to be treasured and used, not ignored or buried. Bottke takes her readers into exhilarating, heart-palpitating moments where one has to remember to breathe. The story is one wonderful ride.
—Vasthi Acosta

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Bethany House Publishers
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5.60(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)

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One Little Secret 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Talk about dreams coming true! In ¿One Little Secret¿ Ursula Rhoades a suburban housewife and mom has the chance of a lifetime to sing with the great Nik Prevel an awesome rock singer in his own right ¿ son of the great Cristoff Prevelakis who is known as the love ballad king. There¿s only one small problem Ursula can¿t seem to tell her husband who is in New York for the summer working on the biggest case of his lawyer career the case that could lead to a senior partnership in his law firm. A dream that Ursula and her husband Don have worked towards all their married life. Yes Ursula had dreams of her own just as we all do. She dreamed of winning a Grammy. But she gave it all up for her husband and children, Victor and Valerie ¿ that is till now. Who would have thought just one innocent night of standing in for the singer in her son¿s band would lead to a chance of a lifetime invitation by Nik Prevel who wants to record a CD of love ballads with or without his father¿s blessing. Ursula agrees after much persuasion to do the project but no one is to know except Nik and his manager Arnie. So she becomes Alexandra Arcano or Alex the mystery woman. Ursula tries all summer to tell her husband but he¿s so busy they hardly have time for phone conversations. Ursula begins to wonder if God really wants her to tell her husband as something happens everytime she tries. Ursula knows she¿s lying to her family something she has never done. Deeply religious, all this is tearing Ursula apart. Wow! the author Allison Bottke does an amazing job on this her second novel the first being ¿A Stitch in Time¿ where we first meet Ursula. God is all over this novel! An awesome read for teen girls and adult women alike call it fiction, contemporary fiction or chick-lit this reviewer calls it God¿s light as this novel has more reference to God than most Christian fiction books I¿ve read in along time and that is so awesome. So find a comfortable chair, maybe some popcorn and sit back and enjoy ¿One Little Secret¿ as you won¿t want to put it down and I promise you¿ll come away never looking at your own life the same again!
Deborah_K More than 1 year ago
This was a really fun book to read. I enjoyed learning about what goes on in the music industry. Who hasn't had the dream of winning a Grammy? Even if you sing horribly, you always wish that you could be up there singing a duet with your favorite star and then getting rewarded for it. I liked how even though I know that there are negative influences in the music world, this story was able to stay in the positive area. I was proud of Ursula for not backing down with her priorities with Nik. I'm glad that she set down what conditions she was going to follow and not give in to him simply because he was famous. I know that there would have been many women who would have fallen for Nik's advances especially if their husband had been distant like Don. I'm glad that Ursula did not fall prey to him. Although I will admit, I got frustrated that she kept giving in to her family and Don at the end of the book. They keep getting mad at her for keeping a secret yet she didn't seem to explain to them the real reason why she did it. She just kept apologizing when I felt she shouldn't have to. But other than that minor quirk, I really did enjoy this book. Very fun and I learned a lot too! I really loved seeing all the famous celebrities stop by and make little cameos throughout the book. It's more fun than seeing fake names pretending to be stars. They didn't have to interact with the main characters but it was fun to not know who would pop up next. I would love to own a copy of Blissful Love. It sounds like it would be the perfect CD to listen to on a romantic evening or to kick back and relax
Guest More than 1 year ago
One Little Secret contains all the right stuff¿good writing, deep characterizations and a great story from an author who lives in the midst of it. Bottke knows L.A. and all its burbs. And it shows. The Southland, with its sun, beach communities and Hollywood, almost becomes a character in the book. Creating a twisting, totally non-predictable plot, Bottke infuses a witty chick-lit style to contemporary fiction. Her voice is fresh and unique. I was drawn into the story from the first page. Her characters are real and fall into the same traps we do. When the wife of one of her husband's law partners is condescending to her, Ursula wants to dig into the grocery cart, grab a fresh lemon pie and shove it in the woman's face¿but knows she can't. I laughed out loud numerous times at Ursula's thoughts and reactions. And I blinked back tears a few times, too. With characters I could relate to, I found myself getting angry at Nik, fearful that Ursula was heading toward trouble, and worried that Don, her husband, would be blind to a sexy new law partner's advances. There's conflict at every turn! A few times I wished I had Ursula's cell phone number. I'd call her up and yell at her. But as the story unfolds, Bottke kept surprising me with a new twist I hadn't expected. In Ursula, Bottke gives us a portrait of a Christian woman living in a fallen world. She faces temptations she sins but keeps going, assured of her Savior's love and forgiveness. How she shares her faith with those around her is well written, never schmaltzy or preachy. This reviewer gives it her highest recommendation¿a must read!
harstan More than 1 year ago
One Little Secret Allison Bottke Bethany House, Aug 2007, $12.99 ISBN: 9780764200588 Nik Prevel is a rising superstar in the world of rock music ambitious he will do anything to further his ascent. However he is irate when Bruce Springsteen takes the Grammy for song of the year that he felt he earned. Housewife Ursula Rhodes loves music, but gave up her dreams and chances to make it to further her husband Don¿s legal career and raise their two children (Valerie and Victor) she enjoys teaching people especially her talented son Victor. Valerie obtains an internship with Youth with a Mission and will shortly go to Australia for a month Victor is heading to Berkley for a Masters of Music Theory. When Nik and Ursula meet, he offers her a rare opportunity to perform with him on his next CD. She wants to, but fears what it will do to her beloved family even as her kids are soaring away from her and she faces an empty nest. So she takes the ¿summer job¿, but worries how will Don react. --- ONE LITTLE SECRET is a simple family drama with several powerful complex messages. Ursula is a terrific unselfish person trying to do what is best for her family at the cost of her dreams. Yet with one encounter she realizes she can try to achieve her dream if she takes the chance of becoming a suburban Cinderella although she has her doubts that midnight would come too soon with Don¿s reactions and her own fear she is too old. Fans will appreciate this fine character driven tale even when a Grammy makes choices easier. --- Harriet Klausner