One Night in the Spa

One Night in the Spa

by Kathy Lyons

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ISBN-13: 9781622662449
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 08/26/2013
Series: Entangled Ever After
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 96
Sales rank: 356,515
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Kathy Lyons is the fun, contemporary side of USA Today Bestselling author Jade Lee. She loves sassy romance with lots of laughter and sex. Spice is the variety of life, right? Okay, so maybe two kids, two cats, two pennames, and writing over 30 books has messed with her mind, but she still keeps having fun. And in her new Dream Nights series couples share erotic dreams that lead to a sizzling reality.

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One Night in the Spa

By Kathy Lyons, Stacy Abrams

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2013 Kathy Lyons
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-244-9


"So I'm trying to bulk up, but without ..."

Kim Castillo tried not to strangle her client. He was a middle-aged bodybuilder, a man who'd spent thousands on personal training, and who was currently doing nothing more than asking her advice. It wasn't his fault that she felt as though she was about to crawl out of her own skin. He was droning on about different supplements, shifting into poses to show off his progress.

Can you say midlife crisis? He was a jerk, but he paid well, and damn it, she couldn't stop looking. Not just at his impressive pectorals, but at the guy doing squats a few feet away. There was an adolescent in the corner who had really nice calf muscles, and even the old guy near the cardio machines had broad shoulders. Old, young, athlete, or not — if the body was male, she was looking. And that made her absolutely insane.

That was her. Miss Ogle-the-Weight-Lifters.

It's a medical condition, she reminded herself. There were fancy words for it, even a chart with hormone levels and the like, but it all boiled down to two words: super horny. Yup. That was her: twenty-four years old and suddenly a female horndog.

She ground her back teeth, trying to force herself to focus on her client. Besides, there was nothing new out there for her to see. She was no stranger to the male form. She'd practically grown up in various gyms around Chicagoland, she'd aced all her anatomy classes, and then she'd become a personal trainer while building a pro racquetball career. She knew bodies — male and female. And yet for some reason, completely out of the blue, she abruptly couldn't stop staring at them.

"Kim? Kim, what do you think? Can you see a difference?" Frank Johnson struck another bodybuilder pose, flexing his pecs and bunching his abs. At some point, he'd pulled off his shirt just so he could show off for her. And damn it, he was impressive for a middle-aged guy with a wife, a mortgage, and three kids.

"Very nice," she said, unable to keep the throaty purr from her voice. Where the hell had that come from? "But you need to put on your shirt. We've got a policy on that, and I am the manager here."

"Oh. Right," he said as he took his time getting dressed again. "Um, hey, I know you have brochures and stuff on the supplements the club recommends. Do you mind if we go grab a few?"

She blinked. "No problem. I'm sure Danni can —"

"But I want to go over them with you." He flashed her a charming smile. "Do you mind? I'd really appreciate it."

She blinked. It was against the rules to take a member upstairs to the office suite. The club was open until eleven, but the office suite closed at seven and it was now after nine. As manager here, she had to stick to the rules. "Tell you what, I'll grab what we have and bring them down while you shower."

He rubbed a hand over his head and looked rather charming, with the way his pecs bunched as he did it. "Come on, Kim. You've known me for years. I just want to talk to you about them."

She looked at Frank, feeling jittery and lustful all at once. God, she was sick. She just wanted to get home so she could climb the walls there. But then her business mind kicked in. Yes, Frank was a jerk, but one who paid very well. And — bonus — if she made nice with him now, she could probably get him to sign up for the elite training and sports massage package. Sales were sluggish; her job here at John's Fitness depended on that promotion going well. And all of that — the forms and the brochures — were upstairs.

"We just have to make it quick," she said with a smile. "Follow me." She breathed a sigh of relief as they left the main weight room. Her eyes had been roving so much, she'd given herself a headache.

Frank kept talking as she led him up the stairs. Kim tuned him out, her mind already churning over ways to blow off steam. Maybe a sauna. Her knee injury meant she couldn't exercise except for yoga, and frankly, turning herself into a pretzel hadn't worked for her.

She unlocked the door to the office suite, flipping on the light as she went to the bank of filing cabinets. Beyond her were the offices — hers included — completely dark at this late hour. Frank was following a step behind her, gabbing all the way. But at his first pause for breath, she went into her sales pitch.

"You know about the spa attached to the club, right? Pamper Me Spa. Have you thought about our new fitness massage package? It's perfect for elite athletes like — Ump!"

Suddenly, Frank had shoved her up against the filing cabinet so hard the breath was knocked from her lungs. Then before she could do more than gasp, he had flattened himself along her back. His hands turned into tentacles, groping her everywhere while his erection started shoving rhythmically against her butt.

She couldn't believe how fast it happened. One second, elite athletics, the next — pinned.

"Frank! Stop!"

"Yeah, baby, show me how you like it," he groaned in her ear.

WTF? Fury pounded in her ears, and she started to move on reflex. She slammed backward with her elbow and stomped hard with one foot. But she was flattened, and worse, he had about a hundred pounds on her. She had little leverage and he was just too damned big.

She was just gathering breath for a really good scream when suddenly, the bastard was off her. She barely registered an umph of sound before she was staggering backward, abruptly free of the asshole.

She stumbled then caught herself, her knee suddenly blossoming in pain. She ignored it. Spinning around, she watched in stunned surprise as David — her best friend David, the spa manager from next door — proceeded to pummel her client with lightning-fast rabbit punches.

Damn, he was amazing. She'd never seen fists fly so fast. Frank was a big guy. A really big guy, but David had him down and whimpering like a child. He had the guy pinned with one knee while he kept delivering blow after blow.

She took a ragged breath, telling herself to call security, but she couldn't manage to move. Her legs were too weak, her knee was screaming, and so she stood there staring. Frank was down, she was safe, and David was ... Blood was starting to flow — all of it Frank's — and yet the fury she saw in her friend's face wasn't fading.

"David. David! Stop!"

She moved forward and tried to grab his arm. But not only was he fast, damn, he was strong. A lot stronger than she expected.


He froze for a second, then rapidly twisted around to look at her. His blue eyes were dark and intense as he scanned her from head to toe. "Are you all right? Did he hurt you?"

She gaped at him. "Hurt me? You were on him like a ton of bricks. He just ..." She looked down to the still-whimpering Frank, feeling a surge of satisfaction at the man's battered face. One eye was already closed from swelling, his nose was broken, and he was working his jaw as if it might have popped out of place. But no fractured bones.

She took a deep breath, trying to steady her pounding heart. She had to think. She looked to her best friend, hoping for a little clarity. His sandy-brown hair was wild and his lean body was as taut as a guitar string. And what she saw in his eyes both terrified and reassured her: he was blisteringly furious, all too ready to start pounding on the bastard again.

That made her feel safe. The drama was over.

Not so good was the fact that once Frank recovered some of his equilibrium, he was going to remember that his brother was an attorney. One who could make life uncomfortable for her, the club, and most of all David. Especially since she'd broken the rules in the first place by bringing Frank up here. What an idiot she'd been. And thank God her best friend had been here to save her.

"It's over, David," she said, as much to herself as to him. "Frank was just confused about something, right, Frank?"

The asshole nodded, the motion jerky. He mumbled something like "Sorry," but it was David who gaped at her.

"You don't seriously think —"

She squeezed David's arm, gaining strength from the heat of his skin and the corded power in his biceps. He was here. She was safe. The whole thing was over. "I think," she said, her tone filled with underlying meaning, "that Mr. Johnson behaved inappropriately and that I'm considering calling the cops. And telling his wife."

"I'm really sorry," Frank said through swelling lips. "Big mistake. No need ..."

"Your wife?" David pressed. "You know, I think she's scheduled an appointment for tomorrow in the spa —"

"No!" Frank was practically apoplectic.

Kim crossed her arms and glared down at the man. "I'm so sorry, Mr. Johnson," she said drily. "I find we will have to terminate your membership, effective immediately. I'll be writing a full report on this incident, but I suggest you leave now."

The man nodded, though the gesture obviously pained him. Meanwhile, David just glared. His fists were still tight, his biceps impressively bulked, and his teeth were bared. Damn, she'd never seen her friend looking so fierce. Or so ... hot? She never got into the testosterone and blood scene. Never. And yet ... Kim swallowed. Suddenly, her best friend in the world was looking like an action star. And she couldn't stop staring.

Sadly, this wasn't the time or place for her to be thinking like that. So she cleared her throat and tried to get a handle on her raging hormones.

"Uh, David," Kim said.


"You should probably get off him now. I don't think Mr. Johnson will be causing us any more problems."

David looked down as if surprised that he was still straddling the guy. "Oh. Um, okay." He got up, taking his time and "accidentally" stumbling as he moved. One of his knees dropped straight onto Frank's solar plexus. "Oops," he drawled.

Kim choked back a hysterical laugh. This wasn't a funny situation and she wasn't amused. Her nerves were stretched taut, her illness was making her look at her best friend as if he were a really chiseled bar of expensive chocolate, and ... well, there was no and. She was insane, and there was nothing else to it. So she turned to the nearest desk phone and hit the number for security. They appeared with gratifying swiftness and ten minutes later, Mr. Frank Johnson was peeling out of the parking lot as if the hounds of hell were on him. And given the way David still seethed, it wasn't a bad decision.

"I hope this doesn't come back to bite us," Kim said as they stood at the door watching Frank drive out.

"I hope he does come back. I'd love a second go at him."

She smiled, the power in her friend's voice steadying her as nothing else could. It was over. Everything would be fine. "Was it really necessary to destroy his face? He's going to be plotting revenge every time he looks in the mirror."

Normal color was coming back to David's skin. The flush of fury had faded to the light golden tones that were all part of his usual boyish good looks. "Are you kidding? He's lucky I didn't tear off his nuts."

She snorted, another thoroughly inappropriate sound. "I'm glad you didn't. Imagine the paperwork for that."

Then he turned to her, his eyes warming, though the fierceness never left his expression. "Seriously, Kim, are you all right?"

She nodded. "I'm fine. And I could have handled him, you know."

"He's twice your weight and had you pinned. Damn it, you know you can't bring guys into the back office like that. Not alone. Not at night."

She swallowed and ran a shaking hand through her hair. "I know, I know. I've just been so distracted lately. Normally, I would never make a mistake like that."

He grunted, and it wasn't even remotely a nice sound, but she liked it. Apparently, she was way more off-kilter than normal.

They started walking together to the back office. There was no reason for him to follow her, but she was glad of his company.

"God, if I hadn't been there ...," he muttered.

She touched his arm. It was a friendly gesture, one that she'd done a thousand times, but this time they both jolted at the contact. Clearly, they were both still hyped up from the adrenaline. "I'm fine," she said firmly, more to herself than to him. "And I would have screamed, you know. Someone would have heard and come running." She took a deep breath, blowing it out as she steadied herself. "Besides, I know a ton of self-defense moves. I do teach that class."

He shuddered, his body actually shaking as he seemed to throw off the horror of what might have happened. In the end, he blew out a long, frustrated breath. "Just ...just don't do that again, okay?"

"I won't. I promise." Then she frowned, her mind finally kicking in as she looked around the empty office suite. Mentally, she replayed every moment of the attack. She'd been standing by the filing cabinets, Frank was coming up from behind, and then David had saved her. But he'd saved her from the wrong direction.

She narrowed her eyes. If he'd rushed in from the hallway, she would have heard the door and Frank would have gone flying in the opposite direction. But the men had gone sprawling the other way. Which meant David had come from ... her office? But that couldn't be. The office suite had been dark. She was sure of it.

"Why were you here, anyway?" she asked. "I'm grateful, of course, but how did you come to be my knight-errant?"

She watched his eyes widen and he looked away. "Uh ..."

Now this was the David she knew, the coworker who had been part of every day of her life for the last three years. This floor of the office high-rise had two businesses: John's Fitness and Pamper Me Spa. Though the companies were entirely separate, she and David worked together constantly on joint promotions and the like. There was a pass-through from one business to the other, and members had extra discounts. Add to that their shared love of all things sports, and they'd been best friends from almost the start. And right now, she was seeing the man who had been at her side nearly every day for the past three years. He looked half goofy, half boy-next-door friendly. And right now, he was all embarrassed. "Oh, I smell intrigue!" she said with a laugh. "Come on, Dave, what were you doing?"

"It's, uh, kinda embarrassing."

"Really? Do tell." She leaned back against the desk, her arms folded as she waited for him to answer.

"I, uh, came looking for you."

"I was with a client."

He flashed her an annoyed look. "Yeah, I know. Mr. Bastard Johnson with the tiny —"

"So, we were talking about you?" she interrupted. "In my office?"

"Yeah, well, I was looking for you about an hour ago and then I ... well, I fell asleep."

She blinked. "You what?"

"I wanted to talk to you about next week's spa promotion. I was hoping to tie it to a back-to-school theme or something." He shrugged, looking completely embarrassed.

"Don't you have a perfectly good couch in the spa area? Plus recliners and —"

"Yeah, I do, but the cleaning crew's there and it was all quiet back here."

"You just fell asleep? In my chair?"

"On the floor, actually. I decided to wait for you and stretch out my back at the same time. Then the overhead light was buzzing, so I turned it off. And then ..."

She snorted. "And then you zonked out. Really, David, you've been working way too hard if you fell asleep on my office floor."

He sighed. "It was a really long wait. I woke up when I heard you and Bastard —"

"You don't have to keep calling him that."

"Oh, yes I do," he shot back. Then he took a deep breath, and what lovely things that did to his chest. When had David gotten so He-Man buff?

Meanwhile, he was looking down at his shirt, grimacing at the blood splattered there. "Damn," he muttered as he ripped off his spa polo and threw it into the trash. His motions were abrupt and still angry. The suppressed violence of the motion startled her. And gave her a secret thrill. When the hell had her best friend gotten all ... manly?

"You could have washed that out," she said, her throat suddenly very dry.

"It's garbage. I don't want anything of that asshole anywhere near you."


Excerpted from One Night in the Spa by Kathy Lyons, Stacy Abrams. Copyright © 2013 Kathy Lyons. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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One Night in the Spa 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked the idea of the book but it just was not what I wad expecting.
Bitten-By-Love-Reviews More than 1 year ago
What starts out as a simple massage treatment for spa manager David’s best friend Kim, turns into a night of seduction and sexual Discovery. Always relegated to the friend zone, David is determined to show Kim what she’s been missing…one erogenous zone at a time. Sure, their friendship is on the line, and sure, David’s hiding a motive larger than either him or Kim. But the second his hands touch her smooth skin, he doesn’t care anymore. Kim’s been so focused on the loss of her sports career that she’s had no time for romance or sex. But her response to David can’t be denied is it just that her body’s been missing out, or could her heart be involved too? What a great book. I fell in love with the characters they have such great personalities. I love that they became friends working side by side in their businesses and that over the years they fell in love and did not know that the other one felt the same way. This book was written with great details. So good that you could picture every move that the characters were making. I love the part when David saves Kim from the Frank Johnson and tells her that he fell asleep on her office floor waiting for her. I really enjoyed this book and will definitely read it again.
Megz_0711 More than 1 year ago
One Night at the Spa is a fun, flirty story that brings the heat. Though the book is a short read, the characters are developed in a way that feels natural and unrushed. Kim is a 24 year old racquetball player and has spent most of her life training 10 or more hours a day. When she is sidelined for a knee injury and unable to workout, things start to change for her.  Her activity level has slowed her development, and without the harsh routine, puberty starts accelerating. David is her best friend and co-worker. He has been in love with her for the last 3 years, though she hasn't thought of him in that way at all, until now.  She has never experienced lust quite this strong, and it scares her. David, not wanting to scare her away, hatches a plan of seduction. This book is so hot I thought my nook was going to melt.  David is most certainly one of the sexiest leading men in a book of this length.  He is protective, loving, and selfless.  David is yet another example of why I will always have unrealistic expectations of men in my life.
Lagalloway More than 1 year ago
3 Stars I really truly liked the premise and theme behind Kathy Lyons’ One Night in the Spa. It was a storyline that has been around for ages, but the detail she adds, the characters and the complications they face on a day to day basis is something I have never encountered before. I liked the easy friendship between David and Kim, their similarities and their differences, their opinions and ideals, and their support for one another. They were truly best friends to end all best friends except for the small fact that David is trying to take over the company she works for and illegally accessing the finances through her account. If she ever found out, she would assume he faked everything between them. But then one night, things heat up and go past any and all boundaries that have forever surrounded them. So why didn’t I rate this book higher than 3 stars? Because the story never reached its full potential. Understanding that this is a novella, it was incredibly well paced most of the way through until it got to page 80 (of 92, might I say) when the story became incredibly rushed, a lot of information and emotions packed into 12 short pages which left me feeling like I was hung out to dry. I didn’t grasp the anger, hurt, betrayal, love, lust, or any emotion they displayed because I wasn’t given the chance to be on that emotional level. Anticipation is everything, but when the most crucial part of the story is placed on fast-forward, I kind of went “Wait, what?” Not in the “I don’t get it kind of way”, but in the “I could have used more there” kind of way. The ending was exactly how I had hoped it would end, unfortunately, that ending came like there was a page limit and was almost to the end without realizing it until it was too late, but still had to pack in the rest.  I would really love to see this story as a full length novel and experience the rush of emotions David and Kim share as well as their journey to get to the end. (I received an ARC for my review and this is my honest-to-goodness, straight from the heart review!)
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kim for Read Your Writes Book Reviews One Night in the Spa is full of surprises. Kim Castillo is the manager of John's Fitness. David Pepke is the spa manager of Pamper Me Spa. The two have known each other for three years, every since Kim started working at John's Fitness, and are now best friends. For a twenty-four-year-old, Kim has overcome a tragedy that has shaped her life. With the loss of her professional racketball career, Kim's life is spinning out of control. Things are happening to her and she isn't sure how to deal with them. David comes across her journal and figures out what's happening with Kim. He thinks that this is his chance to let her know how he feels about her and move out of the "friend" zone to something more. When David offers Kim a facial and massage at Pamper Me Spa, both will get more than they bargained for. This is the story of what happens when you go for what you want and throw caution to the wind. But sometimes, things are not always as they seem. It's going to take a strong friendship and an undeniable love to get these two through a betrayal and a secret. Source: NetGalley
Lexi_13 More than 1 year ago
David and Kim have always been best friends...but one night EVERYTHING changes!  David is determined to show Kim what she's been missing.  I enjoyed this story it was a cute story.  Short and very sweet....sometimes I just need those type of stories!
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
One Night at the Spa by Kathy Lyons was an amusing and sweet short read. What it lacked was heat between the characters. While David (who is a beta hero) insists he has been in love with Kim for some time, there was little sizzle between them. The relationship as friends, and later as lovers, was too comfortable. Kim’s issues with her own sexuality might be technically correct, but it was too easy an excuse and the reason given made her seem too conveniently ignorant of sexuality in general. The tension and drama are more from external forces, not the inherent issues with moving a good friendship into a different sphere. This is a shorter read and it seems to have caused a lack of depth in both the characters and the plot. Where there is backstory, it seems to be built in for the express purpose of explanation rather than organically part of the whole. Actions and motives seem to be more designed to move the story to an inevitable conclusion than what feels right for the characters. Had this been a longer story, it might have had the space to expand into better characterization with fewer convenient excuses. RATING: 3 Heat Rating: Mild REVIEWED BY: Monique Neaves
CaseyMB More than 1 year ago
One Night In The Spa is a contemporary romance novella by Kathy Lyons. What originally drew me in was the cover and the blurb. I was excited to read this one because of the friends to lovers trope. I am definitely a sucker for a guy who has the feelings and is determined to win over his heroine. However for me, this story just didn't work. This story was very short, almost so short that if you blink it is over. Despite the short length, I found it hard to finish as it just didn't keep my interest. After an injury, Kim has to give up her professional racquetball career and goes to work for a gym. She is the manager of the gym and her best friend David is the manager of the spa next door. They have known each other for 3 years and he has wanted her since the beginning. Kim has no clue that he feels more than friendship for her. Recently Kim has started to feel things that she never has before. Since she hasn't been as active and constantly training to stay in shape, her body has started to go through puberty and she has begun to look and want every guy around her. After David finds this out, he is determined to be the guy to show her what being an adult is all about. When she arranges a facial and massage, he views this as the perfect way to seduce her into wanting more with him than friendship. But after their night together in the spa and some secrets are exposed, is a relationship together possible? David was a nice enough character. He seemed to really care for Kim, and he looked out for her. I didn't really care for Kim. I felt like she was extremely immature for her age of 24. The fact that she thought she was seriously ill because she was horny all the time was just over the top for me. Most of this story just seemed far fetched and ridiculous to me. I felt like even though there was chemistry and steam between Kim and David that their relationship progressed at an alarming rate. There was no transition from friendship to love, which seemed unrealistic to me considering that Kim had no romantic feelings for him before their night together. I just didn't feel the connection between the two of them and I didn't feel as though I had connected with them at all. For some reason, these characters just didn't interest me. The fact that David was spying and committing an illegal act by obtaining secret financial documents from Kim's computer and the entire thing was just glossed over was also something that I didn't care for. I also would have liked to have seen some of Kim's past have some resolution. Kim has some damage from things that happened at a young age and they are like the rest of the big things in this story in that they just seem to be brought up and dropped. There were just too many things going on in such a short amount of time, that I felt as though everything was crammed into a few pages. Things were either forgotten or happened instantly. I know that things typically happen rather fast in novellas, but this one was just way beyond that. This story just wasn't for me. I just couldn't get into all the silly things that bordered on ridiculous with this one. If you read for the sole purpose of being entertained, and don't care about how realistic the story is you will probably enjoy this one.  **ARC Provided by Publisher**
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great, steamy read! I just love unconventional locations besides the bedroom! This was an enjoyable read for me. Kim was an ex-athlete who devoted her life to racquetball. When her career ended because of an injury, she was left dealing with things she ignored before - like her sexuality for example. From the beginning of the book, she was a woman in heat! This is also the time she started noticing how hot her best friend David was. David was a great friend. He wanted what was best for Kim and was always there for her. He was the perfect man - sometimes almost too good to be true. He had a hidden secret, though. When everything came out in the open, I was impressed how David handled it. He was gallant and a total gentleman. The ending was refreshing and I truly enjoyed it. I think if this book has a lot of potential to be a full novel if given the chance.
TeenBlurb More than 1 year ago
One Night at the Spa is a sexy, flirty story that really packs a punch. Kim is an athlete that injured her knee and now cannot play. Before she knows it her body starts betraying. Apparently she is a really, really, REALLY late bloomer. Now she has the hormones of a teenager and all she can think about is sex. David has wanted Kim for a long time but she really never seemed interested. She was focused on her career and school with no time for anything else. When he finds out it was because her hormones were dormant he is ecstatic. He starts planning how to seduce her, to claim her, and to love her. He doesn’t want to mess it up. She is too important. So he starts we a massage…. Kim and David are great, realistic characters that really steal your heart. Being able to see things through David’s perspective was great. He worries about messing up their friendship, but he wants her with a passion that is barely contained. When he gets his chance to convince her they would be perfect for each other he lays claim to her body and soul! A must read that will leave you wishing the story was longer! I was given a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.
austhokie More than 1 year ago
There is just something sexy about a guy giving a girl a massage, the closeness between the two, the intimacy of the act. And I loved that part of the book, but for the most part, I was kind of disappointed. Kim kinda of drove me nuts quite a bit during the story – I just struggled to find anything that I liked about her – she was a tad self-obsessed and too woe is me, for me. but I did like David – even though, he was a bit of a jackass in places (i mean, there is one thing he did, which is like oh heck no, you didn’t just do that). But at the same time, he was there for Kim when she needed him – so it kind of made up for his potential douche-bagginess…(and yes, that is a word, or at least I think it is…) I’m not sure if I would personally read any more books by this author – while cute, it just didn’t quite work for me. Overall, I gave it 2.5 stars.
andreea-deea More than 1 year ago
Lately,I read book`s about love.Many.And I'm not complaining.I`t a perfect book.Not long.but I think I want to be a little ling.I want to know more,but It was pefect like that too. Kim is a manager and a trainer.His career in sport was finish.About tree years ago she made a friend,Davis who is a employee on the spa.The fist day that there meet David fall in love for Kim.But she was to bussy with all the things that happened to her and her career.But one night will change everything.One night in spa,when David will get a massage on Kim.Tha chemistry between them will not be ignored anymore.I love the book so much.And I loved the very happy ending.I love that it is not “to push”.The events are under normal.It is a perfect book.A perfect love story book.
northamericanwordcat More than 1 year ago
Really Interesting Heroine!  This book surprised me with its depth and uniqueness, then charmed me, and this let me down a bit because of the constriction of the  novella on the love story.  Lets talk about the surprises and uniqueness. The title makes it sound like this book is going to be a quick erotic read with romance in  there. We have a friends to lovers story. We do get this but because of the nature of our heroine. She is a ex professional athlete who's  sexual/physical life has been delayed because of training. Her backstory is just as interesting.  Our hero is also great. He just flat out loves the heroine.  The sweet comes when he helps her and heals her in a way. It is really moving.  The too bad is this could have been great in that the hero is just as interesting as the heroine as he has a non traditional career in massage and other spa services. However, the depth of his character isn't really explored and the happy ending long with the wrap  up of important sub plots is whiplash fast. I like Lyons writing and look forward to more.  I was given this book for my honest review. So, there you have it.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed Kim and David's relationship, and the scenes at the spa were well done--a nice blend of compassion and steam. Plus, they really left me wanting a massage. Even the regular variety would be fine. ;) Where the book started to lose me, though, was the secondary plot. Without spoiling anything, let me say that there's something else going on with David besides his hidden feelings for Kim...and the novella really could have done without that detour. It gets resolved in the end, but everything there felt a little bit too pat and nice and quickly wrapped up with a bow. For a novella of this length, I would have liked to see more about David's character revealed in those pages, and that aspect of the plot dropped. In a nutshell: an entertaining read from an author I'd be glad to see more of in the future. C+ rating. I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I found this book to be ok. It didn't blow my socks off. First off, I am not a fan of short books/novellas. This aside, I felt that this story was just silly in many ways. Without revealing any spoilers, I felt that several parts of this story were so unrealistic. This book just didn't do it for me. I couldn't connect to the characters. It was ok for a fast read, I guess. *** this ARC was given to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review.