Our Shared Stories: An Afghan Diary

Our Shared Stories: An Afghan Diary


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ISBN-13: 9781513613956
Publisher: Our Shared Stories: An Afghan Diary
Publication date: 08/29/2016
Pages: 274
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.58(d)

Table of Contents

Editors' Introduction
Belonging and Home amongst the Afghan Diaspora, Deepali Gaur

Chapter 1 - The Departure
Of Sunshine and Ghosts, Shakieb Orgunwall
The Decision, Layma Murtaza
I Forgot My Toys, Jacob Ayubi
The Divine Whole, Rokhshana Daudi
"And still, a part of your heart is in this world", Najla Ayubi (written by Gabrielle Clifford)

Chapter 2 - Hyphenated Identity
The Inevitable Experience of Afghan Diaspora: Acculturation, Dr. Nahid Aziz
Fighter, Frishta Bastan
Stuck, Frisha Bastan
The Full Price, Qais Akbar Omar
Afghan-American, Hoda Sana
My Grandfather's Ghost, Reza Hessabi
Art, Ali Baluch

Chapter 3 - Culture
What's in a Name? Joan Kayeum
Sarina: An Afghan Girl, Betsy Arsala
I Am a Girl and I am Free, Roia Shefayee
What is Afghan Culture? Suleiman Wali
A Soft, Beautiful Sound, Nawa Arsala

Chapter 4 - Family
Under Your Crescent Moon, Krystle Ahmadyar
From Coche Ali Reza Khan to the White House, Jahan Shahryar
Jamila, Shakil Nooristani

Chapter 5 - The Motherland
Freedom, Ariana Delawari
Back Home, Dr. Mohammad Ali Aziz-Sultan
Fighting the Good, Baktash Ahadi
A Visitor from Hollywood, Masuda Sultan
Inside the President's Circle, Ajmal Ahmady

Chapter 6 - Innovating for the Future
Educating Girls: The Power to Change a Nation? Shabana Basij-Rasikh
Technology as an Agent of Change for Our Women, Roya Mahboob
Afghan Girls Inspire Future Brilliance, Sophia Swire
Building Afghanistan 2.0 with Afghan Girls Who Code, Fereshteh Forough
The Almighty Tylenol, Ahmad Bassam
The Present Afghanistan Needs Your Attention More Than the Past, Mina Sharif

Chapter 7 - Reflections
Lyrical Devotion for My Rusty Áina, Sara Wais
Wakhan Adventure, Ambassador Ronald E. Neumann
A Dream of the Grand Canyon, Nang Attal
My Adopted Home: A Country in Transition, Lael Mohib
Counting Hope, Yasmeen Gailani
Killburn to Kabul, Dr. Thomas Wide
Remembering Who You Are & Where You Are Going, Krystle Ahmadyar

Chapter 8 - The Departure Part II
I Was Shot, Shakeela Zarin
Ravenna, Hyphen Pending, Jasmine Afshar
People of Nowhere: Inside the Refugee Crisis, Freshta Poupal
In Transit, Dr. Shinkai Hakimi

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