Ouroboros: Continuum Book Four

Ouroboros: Continuum Book Four

by Ardyce West


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Ardyce West's Continuum Series weaves numerous interlinking stories through each book, blending a bit of self-help with metaphysical historical fiction about unsung heroes and sensitive souls from the present day and the past. The task of her dynamic and engaging characters is simple - to shift the consciousness of the world - one thought, one word, one act of love at a time. Their seemingly ordinary lives are, at times, quite astonishing through the mystery and intrigue of their mystical experiences, with interwoven stories and tales told with humor, romance, suspense, intrigue, and timeless universal wisdom.

Ouroboros - Book Four . . .
Following the death of their beloved mentor and spirit guide, White Buffalo, the members of Apeiros discover a stunning revelation about him that will forever change the course of their lives and Apeiros itself. As they try to comprehend all that has happened, Sophia and Michael invite them to journey to Ireland, where they uncover secrets of prehistoric Eire and yet another talisman that enhances Sophia's power to reach into the mystical world of the Réalta.

In her most ambitious effort yet, Ardyce West's fourth Continuum novel delves ever deeper into the remarkable world of Sophia and her spiritual circle of shamans, healers, and mystics. She dreams of a prehistoric past life among the Druids of Eire, and taps into the life of the ancient seer and mystic, Nostradamus. Along the way, the Order of Apeiros is honored to have an audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Gaston reveals much about his past, and we come to learn more about the colorful lives of the members of Apeiros.

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ISBN-13: 9780996954464
Publisher: Kc Lonewolf
Publication date: 09/25/2019
Series: Continuum , #4
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 5.24(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.96(d)

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